Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

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Synopsis: Paul's college friend Mark Shepard (Bobby Darin) gets him to help out in his tourist business on the Riviera, and they become involved with smugglers when they earn a sports car for assisting May Huston (Eve Arden) and her daughter Marcia (Davey Davison). With Jeff Corey as Abe Lincoln, Jocelyn Lane as Brigitte Lemaire, Nicholas Colasanto as Benno Capalupo, Maurice Marsac as Delgado, Nadia Sanders as Poucette Clement, Thordis Brandt as Else Brandt, Peter Camlin as the First Croupier, Maurice St. Claire as the Second Croupier - CAST PHOTOS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE
Episode 22
First broadcast on March 7, 1966
Written by John Thomas James (Roy Huggins)
Directed by Leslie H. Martinson

From the diary about this episode:

Bangkok - en route to Paris
Tuesday, April 20

After the jungle, it's like stepping into a whole new life to be in Bangkok. When I connected with Pete, his first words were, “did you elope?” and “where's Kate?”
Glossed over his inquiries by saying we'd broken our engagement, adding something like, it seemed the right thing to do.
He gave a long moment looking at me as if he didn't believe a word.
Then he said I was very welcome, and didn't bring up the subject again. We've known each other too long for me to get away with more than one lie to him, but at the same time, the amount of trust that's been built up over 20 years means that I have come to a brother who will accept anything.
When I told him that I'd just been in New Guinea, he knew immediately that it had something to do with Doug. Their widespread lives meant that they seldom saw one another, but I knew that there was a strong bond between them.
Having maintained my own equilibrium since finding Doug's grave, everything shattered at this moment, but the words never had to come. Pete read my face.
It was a dark moment, and I almost told him about the diagnosis, but Pete saw the need for a change of subject, and asked if I'd like to go out to the track where the engineering crew were working on his car.
It was a good idea, but over lunch, I did reveal a string of thoughts that had been going through my head during all those air miles - about getting involved in motor racing
Tried to sound logical when explaining that I needed a break from the law, and wanted to postpone any attempt at elected office. “Take a year or two off instead of the few months planned,” I added casually.
To my surprise, Pete seemed to think it was an interesting idea  - though he always speaks approving words at things I say while simultaneously giving me a sceptical look.
Then he interrupted my flow of conversation by asking, “if you're not going to practice, who's going to be my lawyer?”
I moved forward by saying that I could continue to do that, and he gave me The Look. But nevertheless, when I dropped the bombshell that I wanted to sell my share of the practice and invest it in a racing venture with him, without missing a beat or telling me that I was mad he simply asked, “how much money are we talking about?”
Pete explained that, depending on the amount, there were various levels we could consider collaborating, then said, “this has something to do with Kate, doesn't it?”
I told him that he had to believe me that it had nothing to do with her. “In other words, are you investing to participate?” I told him that he knew that would depend on whether I was up to scratch, and we left the matter for him to think about for a while.
We could connect when he races in Sweden, but we made a definite date to meet in Berlin next month when he'll be driving at the AVUS, and I could get some informal time to navigate for him at a small rally afterwards.  If I pass the trial, he says I could take the seat beside him for a more formal test at Trieste, the race where Katie and I had planned to watch him drive on our honeymoon
Meanwhile, he's suggested that I get out on the road and do some long-distance driving, especially off main roads where I could work on the curves.
We were just deciding about dessert when a girl I know from San Francisco approached our table. Our firm occasionally did work for her father's companies. “You know June Bradley,” Pete said - rather sheepishly for him.
“Oh no,” I thought. The sister of one of Kate's best friends. But June made no remark, and greeted me warmly. Pete interjected that I'd come from New Guinea where I'd found about Doug's passing, and June's demeanor immediately became sober.
Apparently, though she's a high-powered trouble shooter for her father's business empire, June also manages to show up frequently at races where Pete is driving all over the world. I can't quite make out what he thinks of this, or where he finds the time amidst the constant flow of beauties that always seem to surround him.
After lunch we went over to June's apartment, one of apparently zillions she has all over the world, and it was agreed that I'd join them on this overnight flight to Paris.

Paris - Nice - Monte Carlo - Port d'Or
Wednesday, April 21

June was straight off to a business meeting on arrival in Paris, but not before inviting me to join her family in Palm Beach, were I in the area the first part of May. A very nice, intelligent and uncomplicated girl who has been good company for someone in my state.
Pete and I caught a plane for Nice where he collected his car, and gave me a dazzling drive to his high-rise apartment in Monte Carlo.
With his schedule full for the next couple days, he said the thing I needed right now was some time with our wacky classmate Mark Shepherd, so after a nap and a shower, I got a taxi for Port d'Or with an idea to surprise Mark. Got my own surprise when there wasn't a hotel room to be had, so had to go suitcase in hand to his office.
He wasn't lying in his letter. I did find him at the beach with two lovely maidens. Mark said I could stay at his place, but put me to work in the bargain, escorting two of his clients, May Huston and her daughter, to the night spots of Port d'Or and environs.
The mother is a cracker, but the daughter - Marcia - is a professional spoil sport. After the clubs we went to the beach and talked philosophy. It's amazing how Mark has blazed a trail for the life I thinking about living, so I supported his rather existentialist line, but  the daughter just branded us as not worthy of being allowed to abide on this planet.

Port d'Or,
Thursday, April 22

We took the ladies around the surrounding towns of the Riviera, and it was fun.  Just letting myself fall into whatever comes along might really be the way to go.
Stopped by Pete's when we were showing the ladies Monaco, and said I'd decided to take up his advice, and spend some time driving back roads in the States for a couple weeks before meeting him in Stockholm.
Had another philosophical talk with young Marcia tonight.  She had really been dragging down the tempo of everything we did, and each move I made to be the Prince Charming of all time had no effect. So I switched tactics to Latin Lover, and all her grumpiness just melted away.

Port d'Or
Friday, April 23

May came in this morning to pay her bill, and this lady who hasn't let up one moment from being a most delightful life of the party was even higher than usual.  She told us that Marcia had woken up a new woman, no longer wanting to marry the lad her mother considers the world's all-time drag and stuffed shirt.
I'll willingly take the credit, and May clearly agreed, as she gave us her snappy red sports car as a “little” token of thanks. Mark was on top of the world, and said I was a quick study at picking up the ways of the Riviera. But I reminded him that's why he was always so eager to copy my class notes when we were at law school.

Port d'Or
Saturday, April 24

Last night the craziest thing happened. May's sports car was stolen from beneath our window.  At first I thought it was Mark taking it out, but then saw him beside me.  We ran down to save the car, but the thieves had just gotten it started.
Because the car was going so slowly, we managed to summon up some vestige from our track & field days, and actually kept up with them until the car simply stopped - having run out of gas. When we approached, they started SHOOTING at us before running away!
Between the scare I had in the jungle, and last night, I can't help but wonder if, instead of this lifestyle being a way of making the time I have left appear more than it is, I may have found a way of cutting it short.
Mark insisted that the thieves must have been stealing the car for some special purpose, and got me to help him make a tooth and comb search of the vehicle, but we found nothing. He was convinced that the men would come back and try again, so I tuned the car down to make it perform poorly enough for us to follow behind on bicycles.
Now, we're just waiting to see what happens.

Port d'Or - Nice - Paris - en route to Chicago
Sunday, April 25

Sure enough, they did come back, and drove the car - sputtering - to the garage that fixed May's car when it wouldn't start the first night we all went out. Mark was right!  They had stashed something inside.  
Following them back to their hotel, we saw one drive our car away and the other go inside. We cased his room when he went down the hall to take a bath, but the second one surprised us, and we had only a moment to hide before he walked in.
I wanted to do some “living,” but think my heart might give out before anything else if I keep this up. Thought we'd be able to get away safely after they left, but Mark's wrist alarm went off, and we wuz caught!
No real acclaim is due for trying to defend ourselves. The two were so disorganized that they collided, and knocked each other out while going for us. We searched in the first guy's bathrobe pocket, and there was the pouch of diamonds.
Ours for about 30 seconds - until the police started pounding on the door. It appears that we bungled into their massive surveillance operation to break a Riviera-wide smuggling ring, and they were expecting the pair to lead them to the bosses. We were lucky to get out of the police station with nothing more than a reprimand.
Outside we ran into May and Marcia about to depart to the US, and Mark gave them the wrist alarm that got us into so much trouble a couple hours earlier.  Of course, he hid the fact that we didn't have the car anymore.
Went back to his apartment and had a good snooze before my flight to Chicago, to be wakened by a call from the police to say they'd found May's car - no worse for the wear.
Mark drove me to Nice, and we parted with a promise to do it again sometime.

Ben Gazzara and Bobby Darin in Run For Your Life
Mark tries to get Paul to join his business
Jeff Corey and Eve Arden in Run For Your Life
Abe Lincoln tries to buy May's sports car
Eve Arden and   Davey Davison in Run For Your Life
Mother and daughter have different temperments
Eve Arden, Ben Gazzara and Bobby Darin in Run For Your Life
May gives them her car for helping with Marcia
Ben Gazzara and Bobby Darin in Run For Your Life
They search for something hidden in the car
Ben Gazzara and Bobby Darin in Run For Your Life
The crooks collide
Maurice Marsac, Ben Gazzara and Bobby Darin in Run For Your Life
The police threaten to deport them
Eve Arden,  Davey Davison and Bobby Darin in Run For Your Life
Mark gives Marcia his watch


Bobby Darin as
Mark Shepard

Eve Arden in Run For Your Life
Eve Arden as
May Huston

Jeff Corey in Run For Your Life
Jeff Corey as
Abe Lincoln

Davey Davison in Run For Your Life
Davey Davison as
Marcia Huston

Jocelyn Lane in Run For Your Life
Jocelyn Lane as
Brigitte Lemaire

Nicholas Colasanto in Run For Your Life
Nicholas Colasanto
as Benno Capalup

Maurice Marsac in Run For Your Life
Maurice Marsac
as Delgado

Nadia Sanders in Run For Your Life
Nadia Sanders as
Poucette Clement

Thordis Brandt in Run For Your Life
Thordis Brandt
as Else Brandt

The Plot:

Having been unable to get a room in a Riviera town, Paul spots a tourist service owned by college friend Mark Shepard.

Delighted to see him and in need of an assistant, Mark provides him with accommodations at his own place, but also wants Paul  to help act as guide for client May Huston and her daughter Marcia, and saying what a great life it is, even join him in the business. Paul agrees to help out, but just for the one occasion.
When she returns to her hotel, a shady man calling himself Abe Lincoln tries to buy May Huston's flashy sports car, but she tells him that she's taking it back with her on the ship to America. When she gone inside, Abe signals his accomplice Benno, who disables the car while Abe keeps watch. Paul and Mark meet the ladies for a night on the town. May is full of fun, but daughter Marcia is totally uncooperative and miserable. They get in the car, but having been tampered with, it won't start. Benno drives up in a mechanic's van, and May happily leaves him to fix her car, and the couples proceed to a night of revelry.
As May and Mark enjoy themselves dancing, Marcia sits sullenly at the table with Paul, refusing each of his cordial invitations. May explains to Mark that it's because she wants to marry a dreary young man, and her mother dragged her off on this European vacation.  Meanwhile, the crooks have May's car, and are hiding diamonds inside it for smuggling to America. The couples go to a nightclub, and afterwards, for a swim. On the beach Marcia gets into an argument with Paul about the proper use of one's time, scoffing at the way she feels he is wasting his time.
In a dramatic turnaround by Marcia in the next scene, she gives a second thought to Paul's philosophy, and mother and daughter decide to fly back to the US. As a tip for their services, May gives Mark and Paul her elegant sports car, in light of the miracle they worked with her daughter.

Hearing about May's change of plans and fact Mark and Paul now have the car, Abe and Benno attempt steal it in the night from outside Mark's home.  He and Paul go chasing after the thieves on foot, and when the car breaks down, the crooks flee, but fire shots at Paul and Mark.
They decide there must be something in the car the thieves wanted, so try and take it apart in a search, but find nothing.

Then, in expectation that another theft will be attempted, they “tune down” the car in order to follow the thieves on bicycles without being detected. With the machine barely driveable, they are able to stay in touch with Abe and Benno, tracing them to his garage where they see the thieves removing the cache of diamonds from the car. While each would like to go in and get the diamonds, neither has the courage, so they wait and watch.
The thieves drive back to their hotel, and Benno takes the car away to dispose of. Paul and Mark follow Abe inside, hoping to get the diamonds. When he leaves his room to take a bath, they search it in vain until Benno returns, and they hide in closet and under bed respectively, Mark nearly crushed when Benno throws himself in bed.. Abe and Benno discuss finding a new carrier for the diamonds when Mark's wrist alarm goes off.  A fight ensues with Paul and Mark the underdogs, but in the clamor, the two thieves collide and knock each other out.
But just as Paul finds the diamonds in Abe's bathrobe, there is a knock at the door, and it is the police.

However, even their hope of a reward for returning the diamonds is met with anger by the detective who had been watching the men in expectation of finding the leader of the smuggling gang, only to have been thwarted when Paul and Mark blew the surveillance operation.

Escaping the police station with no more than shouts and threats, Paul and Mark meet May and Marcia outside.
Out in the street they run into May and her daughter, about to depart in a taxi.

 Marcia gives a goodbye kiss to both men, and Mark gives her his wrist alarm for her hope chest.

However, May confiscates it in exchange for the sports car whose whereabouts they lie about.

After the women's taxi leaves, Mark and Paul decide to put their heads together to come up with a plan to find the vehicle.

Notes & Comments:  

This comes as close to a Nothing episode as Run For Your Life could produce.  Light-hearted, fine, but it was really entirely too wispy.

Most regrettable was the minimal use of Bobby Darin's talent for brashness which had him reduced to a pussycat.  Only Eve Arden shone through, taking no notice of the bad material, and playing her part to perfection.

The script definitely belonged to some other series.

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