Ben Gazzara in Run for Your LifeBen Gazzara in Run for Your LifeBen Gazzara in Run for Your Life

Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

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Enjoy classic dialogue and editing in the Las Vegas Mafia episode of Run For Your Life where Paul uses psychological pressure to get back at the godfather who has had him beaten up.

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Jack Albertson (61)

Fernando Lamas (12)
Fernando Lamas (19)
Elizabeth Ashley (13)
Peter Lawford (31)
Ina Balin (28)
Carol Lawrence (3)
Cloris Leachman (64)
Anne Baxter (53)
Robert Loggia (42)
Karen Black (55)
Claudine Longet (1)
Claudine Longet (45)
Ernest Borgnine (38)
Carol Lynley (39)
Eric Braeden (28)
Murray MacLeod (44)
Rossano Brazzi (57)
Roddy McDowall (4)
Geraldine Brooks (14)
Dina Merrill (58)
Brooke Bundy (22)
Vera Miles (19)
Michele Carey (43)
Martin Milner (46)
Joan Collins (34)
Sal Mineo (9)
Wendell Corey (22)
Mary Ann Mobley (30)
Katherine Crawford (37)
Edward Mulhare (33)
James Daly (20)
Leslie Nielsen (56)
Kim Darby (24)
Jack Palance (11)
Suzanne Pleshette (63)
Bobby Darin (27)
Cliff Potts (44)
Ossie Davis (23)
Don Rickles (59)
Michael Dunn (53)
Sugar Ray Robinson (23)
Felicia Farr (32)
Gena Rowlands (36)
Sharon Farrell (21)
Katherine Ross (5)
John Forsythe (25)
Janice Rule (26)
Farley Granger (51)
Telly Savalas (6
Farley Granger (52)
Brenda Scott (50)
Peter Graves (40)
Henry Silva (18)
Harry Guardino (9)
Jeremy Slate (35)
Hans Gudegast (28)
Jan Sterling (60)
Joan Hackett (21)
Tisha Sterling (17)
Pat Harrington (15)
Harold J. Stone (18)
Julie Harris (49)
Susan Strasberg (8)
Chick Hearn (23)
Inger Stratton (15)
Tippi Hedren (62)
Franchot Tone (20)
Barbara Hershey (41)
Mel Torme (2)
Marianna Hill (9)
John Van Dreelan (15)
Sally Ann Howes (33)
Sam Wanamaker (48)
Diana Hyland (10)
Lesley Ann Warren (47)
Howard Keel (29)
Collin Wilcox (16)
William Windom (64)
Jack Kelly (63)
Dana Wynter (7)

1  Claudine Longet & Ben Gazzara ("Meditation")      
from "The Sadness of a Happy Time"

Claudine Longet sings Meditation at the end of a heart-rending phone call where her character declares love for Paul Bryan whom she's just left on their wedding day - believing that her constant presence will only remind him that he is dying.

2  I'll Remember April by Mel Torme
from his Run For Your Life screenplay     
from "The Frozen Image"

Jamey Burke (played by Mel Torme) sings "I'll Remember April" for himself as Paul Bryan (played by Ben Gazzara) listens in the shadows. Then the two hotly debate whether or not the entertainer has made a mess of his life.

3  Carol Lawrence & Ben Gazzara      
from "The Day Time Stopped"

When amnesia causes him to lose the knowledge that he is dying, Paul Bryan turns to the love of his life, Kate Pierce (played by Carol Lawrence) to discover why he left his old life. Her knowledge of the truth, and hope that he will not find out, puts Kate in an impossible position.

4  Roddy McDowall & Ben Gazzara      
from "Don't Count on Tomorrow "

A tour de force by Roddy McDowell, playing an inmate of an Eastern European prison, telling his cell mate Paul Bryan why he also was falsely accused.

5  Katherine Ross & Ben Gazzara     
from "The Cold, Cold War of Paul Bryan"

Paul Bryan tries to prevent Laura Beaumont (Katherine Ross) from running off with an evil dictator who was responsible for the death of his friend.

6  Telly Savalas & Ben Gazzara      
from "How to Sell Your Soul for Fun and Profit"

Paul Bryan is responsible for an Eastern European race driver being imprisoned on a political charge, and seeks out dissident Istvan Zabor (played by Telly Savalas) to help the driver escape. Zabor, however, believes Paul to be from the secret police.

7  Dana Wynter & Ben Gazzara      
from "Where Mystery Begins"

Tension reigns as Louise Brode (Dana Wynter), just declared not guilty of murdering her husband, faces Paul Bryan , the substitute lawyer who secured the verdict, but suspects he was compromised by her regular attorney, a man guilty of chicanery in the case.

8  Susan Strasberg & Ben Gazzara      
from "The Voice of Gina Milan"

An opera singer, Gina Milan (played by Susan Strassberg) escapes her entourage in a Paris thunderstorm, and Paul Bryan gives her refuge in his apartment. He recognizes the famous young woman, but she pretends to be someone else.

9  Sal Mineo, Harry Guardino, Marianna Hill & Ben Gazzara      
From "Sequestro" (Part 1)  

Abducted by Sicilian farmers for ransom, Paul Bryan tells the kidnappers the story of his grandfather who emigrated to America from Sicily "to see what was there," the meaning of the phrase having a touching twist

10  Diana Hyland Sings Jobim's "Meditation" in Portugese     
from "I Am the Late Diana Hays"

11  Jack Palance & Ben Gazzara in great comic scene     
from "I Am the Late Diana Hays"

In the second video from this episode ....
Extremely eccentric artist Julian Hays was on death row until the wife he was supposed to have murdered shows up alive. He describes their marriage -- and his first one -- in a verbal sparring match with Paul Bryan (his wife's lawyer) which is a knock out in the first minute

12  Fernando Lamas sings "Noche de Ronda"     
from "The Sex Object"

13  Elizabeth Ashley & Ben Gazzara      
from "The Grotenberg Mask"

On a transatlantic crossing tipsy Dena Fuller expresses her anger to Paul Bryan that the brother of her lover broke up the ski romance. When she passes his cabin, Dena suddenly goes in and attacks the brother, then is horrified by her actions.

14  Geraldine Brooks & Ben Gazzara        
from "The List of Alice McKenna"

After serving a prison sentence for murdering her husband, Alice McKenna inveigled childhood friend Paul Bryan to investigate the crime as a way of restoring her reputation in the community, and when he's done that, she admits the truth to him.

15  Pat Harrington, John Van Dreelan & Ingrid Stratton     
from "The Calculus of Chaos"

Racing driver Nick Cooper (Pat Harrington) has innocently volunteered to help a scientist escape Communist Czechoslovakia, pretending to be an American tourist named Wittner, with the scientist (John Van Dreelen) acting as his chauffeur, and girlfriend (Inger Stratton) posing as the tourist's wife, but the Czech couple are spies, and have plans Nick could never expect.

16  Collin Wilcox & Ben Gazzara     
From "The Treasure Seekers"

Persistent journalist Lisa Rand (Collin Wilcox) is trying to gain an interview with Paul who has won the Irish Sweepstakes. Her personal approach, inviting him to dinner at her home, however, will not get Paul to reveal that he's given all the money away to The Garms Clinic, the institution trying to find a cure for his terminal illness.

17  Tisha Sterling Sings     
in "It Could Only Happen in Rome"

Paul has become intrigued in the strolling singer Tia (played by Tisha Sterling), and she serenades him in the café where he first spotted her.

18  Harold J. Stone & Henry Silva     
From "The Savage Season"

Paul becomes a target of the mafia when a stewardess transporting cash for Las Vegas gambling interests asks for his help when her cargo disappears. Mob boss Angie Zeno and his henchman Frank Torre believe Paul has stolen the money, and have him beaten up. But Paul fights back with threatening phone calls that have Zeno spooked.

19  Vera Miles & Fernando Lamas     
From "The Inhuman Predicament"

Paul is cruising the Mediterranean on the palatial yacht of wealthy businesswoman Rachel Pike (Vera Miles), when his gigolo friend Ramon de Vega inveigles him into a lunch invitation while the ship is in port. Ramon has Rachel in his sites, but she's way ahead of him.

20  Franchot Tone  & James Daly     
From "Tell It Like It Is"

Though Paul has tried to stop his old friend and mentor, Judge Tolliver Wilson (Franchot Tone) from being a guest on the muckraking TV chat show of Jerry Haynes (James Daly), the judge is confident and trusting. He goes on the show to promote his new book, and Haynes destroys him.

21  Joan Hackett  & Sharon Farrell     
From "The Sex Object"

At a posh Mexican resort, Paul discovers that a girl he's met is a fortune hunter who has, Diana Murrow (Joan Hackett) him in her sites. She and her friend Louise (Sharon Farrell) then explain to him why women are just sex objects, and how they are going about redressing their disadvantageous situation.

22  Brooke Bundy & Wendell Corey     
From "The Committee for the 25th"

When Paul encounters the daughter of, former San Francisco Mayor Dwight Sinclair (Wendell Corey) in Las Vegas, he contacts his friend, and asks him to come and reason with her. The once promising student, Sarah Sinclair (Brooke Bundy) is now a casino go-go dancer, strung out on a cocktail of dangerous drugs, and being kept by a Mafia boss named Cappi.

23  Sugar Ray Robinson, Chick Hearn & Ossie Davis     
From "A Game of Violence"

Paul's old friend Duke Smith (played by Sugar Ray Robinson) is about to go for a middle-weight title. He's first interviewed by Chick Hearn (playing himself), then works out in the gym. At the end of training, Paul discusses the long road with trainer Frankie Morton (Ossie Davis) and the party he is throwing for Duke's victory.

24  Kim Darby & Ben Gazzara     
From "Hang Down Your Head and Laugh"

A brash runaway teenager (played by Kim Darby), whom Paul met on a cross-country bus, threatens to accuse him of rape if he doesn't drive her to California.

25  John Forsythe & Ben Gazzara     
From "A Choice of Evils"

Paul was asked by his good friend Spencer Holt (John Forsythe) to contact a girl who's written from Germany to say that she is his illegitimate daughter. Paul returns to America with the girl, determined to meet her father, but within four days of Holt's bid for election as Governor.

26  Janice Rule & Ben Gazzara     
From "The Exchange"

When the US cannot be officially represented in dealings with East Germany, CIA man Mike Allen gets Paul to pose as a friend of Alicia Stuyvesant (Janice Rule), and represent her to exchange a Communist spy for her husband, an innocent man convicted on espionage charges.

27  Bobby Darin & Ben Gazzara     
From "Who's Watching the Fleshpot?"

Paul's former classmate at Stanford Law School, Mark Shepard (played by Bobby Darin) has also stopped practicing as an attorney, but has gone into the travel business on the French Riviera, and Mark tries to get Paul to join his tour firm.

28  Ina Balin & Hans Gudegast (Eric Braeden)     
From "The Dead on Furlough"

When Paul travels to Israel, his friend Lisa Sorrow (Ina Balin), once an agent for the country, introduces him to archaeologist David Navan (Hans Gudegast - Eric Braeden), who asks Lisa to join his expedition as a photographer. Paul invites himself along on the dig for ancient scrolls, but David is really interested in rekindling his romance with Lisa.

29  Howard Keel & Ben Gazzara     
From "The Time of the Sharks"

Paul has arrived at a Tahitian island with his friends Hardy and Elizabeth Rankin for some deep-sea fishing, only to find a group of young Americans, diving for buried treasure, upset that Hardy will draw the sharks when he baits the water. Then one of the boys is killed by a shark. Paul nevertheless dives with them, but Hardy feels he's been exposed as a coward to Elizabeth, not to do the same.

30  Mary Ann Mobley & Ben Gazzara     
From "This Town for Sale"

Paul has been falsely arrested for murdering the son of Pine Grove's mill owner. When Clarice Newell (Mary Ann Mobley) provided Paul with some useful information, she lost her job at the mill, but still wants to assist him.

31  Peter Lawford & Ben Gazzara     
From "Carnival Ends at Midnight"

As part of a dream, Paul has been trying to trick Larry Carter (Peter Lawford) into returning to the United States to face charges of murdering the father of Paul's fiancée. But Larry became suspicious, and bowed out of a flight which might have taken him out of the country. Now he apologizes, and tells Paul why he didn't want to make the trip.

32  Felicia Farr  & Ben Gazzara     
From "Fly by Night"

When Paul's friend is suspected of murdering his wife and her lover, the man attempts suicide, and Paul investigates the crime, beginning with the lover's wife, Alicia Greenley (Felicia Farr).

33  Sally Ann Howes  & Edward Mulhare     
From "The Savage Machines"

Race driver turned team manager (and head of the Mastin sports car factory) Clive Darrell (Edward Mulhare), still in love with his wife Rhona (Sally Ann Howes), returns signed divorce papers to her in an amicable spirit, but she lashes out at him for ingratiating himself with her father to become head of the race car company, only marrying her with that goal in mind.

34  Joan Collins  & Ben Gazzara     
From "The Borders of Barbarism"

Paul and Gillan Wales (Joan Collins) are crossing into Yugoslavia posing as a British couple named Baker. (Though they say that they're ornithologists, they're actually planning to smuggle diamonds out of the country.) The border guard is suspicious of them, and tells them to take off their clothes, but an old friend of Paul's arrives in the nick of time with the UK Ambassador who vouches for the couple.

35  Jeremy Slate  & Ben Gazzara     
From "Keep My Share of the World"

Paul's racing partner Pete Gaffney (Jeremy Slate) has been going for a world speed record in Morocco, but has become fed up with the car's owner, a Greek magnate. When Pete tells Paul that he's leaving, Paul decides to go for the record himself.

36  Gena Rowlands  & Ben Gazzara     
From "The Rediscovery of Charlotte Hyde"

While Paul is participating in the Monaco Grand Prix, his friend Ramon de Vega is arrested for stealing a valuable bracelet he'd been given to repair by Charlotte Hyde (Gena Rowlands), a woman Ramon had been “courting.” But Paul believes Charlotte set Ramon up because he is a gigolo.

37  Katherine Crawford  & Ben Gazzara     
From "Rapture at Two Forty"

Paul has just left San Francisco, with the hope of squeezing 30 years of living into one or two when he encounters Leslie Thursten (Katherine Crawford), a woman he sizes up as indestructible, and the kind of person he needs to emulate. But they fall in love. For her, it's the first time.

38  Ernest Borgnine  & Ben Gazzara     
From "Time and a Half on Christmas Eve"

Stranded on Christmas Eve in the town of Bolten when his plane makes an emergency landing, Paul becomes acquainted with the taxi driver Harry Martin (Ernest Borgnine) who's ferrying him around - a man pretending to be happy, but quite the opposite, though he claims to be delighted, being free of a marriage that was strangling him.

39  Carol Lynley  & Ben Gazzara     
From "In Search of April "

When in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Paul met “April Martin” (played by Carol Lynley). He later learns that she is a girl suffering from multiple personality syndrome, and tries to help this young woman full of zest for life.

40  Peter Graves  & Ben Gazzara     
From "The Dark Beyond the Door"

When Paul observes that a good friend has been drinking heavily, he questions her husband (Peter Graves), who has no idea what  the cause is.

41  Barbara Hershey  & Ben Gazzara     
From "Sara-Jane, You Never Whispered Again"

Paul has searched the hippie communities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, looking for Sara Prentice (Barbara Hershey) on a mission given him by the girl's father to get her to return home. He finally finds her - in a court room, facing an obscenity charge for a book of poems she's published. However, like the judge, Paul is charmed by the young woman, and less eager than before to persuade her to go back to her father.

42  Robert Loggia  & Ben Gazzara     
From "The Cold, Cold War of Paul Bryan"

At an exclusive ski resort Paul encounters deposed dictator, General Carlos Portaz (Robert Loggia) who is trying to return to power. Paul attempts to thwart the evil man (responsible for the death of a friend) by staging a clever poker game, at which Portaz loses six million dollars to Paul. Money Portaz doesn't have. Exposing this fact has been Paul's point all along, and he faces up to the General when the Portaz threatens to kill him, should the fact become known.

43  Michele Carey & Ben Gazzara     
From "Tell It to the Dead"

Captured by rebels when they declare a new state on the Indian-Pakistan border, Paul and fellow captives endure a night of siege as government forces bomb the rebel stronghold. In the morning Paul locates Jennifer Palmer (Michele Carey) who feels in a confessional mood after the night of terror, and she admits to being a lingerie model as well as doing topless shows.

44  Murray MacLeod & Cliff Potts     
From "Three Passengers for the Lusitania"

Paul has met two young Americans (played by Murray MacLeod and Cliff Potts) who appear to be vagabonds, here singing “Life is for Living,” but the story behind their arrival in Acapulco is much more sinister.

45  Claudine Longet & Ben Gazzara ("Meditation")      
from "The Sadness of a Happy Time"

Paul falls hopelessly in love with Nicole Longet (Claudine Longet), and she sings Jobim's “Meditation” to him in French. (It was this performance which launched Claudine Longet's singing career when Herb Alpert saw the show, and immediately offered her a recording contract.

46  Martin Milner & Ben Gazzara       
from "Rendezvous in Tokyo"

About to attend a reunion with his Air Force buddies from the Korean War, Paul's mind reverts to a critical moment with one of them when then Lt. Mike Green (Martin Milner) had lost his nerve after recovery from injuries encountered in a crash. Admitting that he had faked a flame out over fear of completing that day's mission, Mike pleads with flight leader Paul to give him a chance to fly again the next day.

47  Lesley Ann Warren & Ben Gazzara       
from "The Last Safari"

As a mission from his doctor, Paul joins Julie Foster (Lesley Ann Warren) and her father on safari. Julie is dying, and her father initially decided not to tell her, but when he does, she reacts hysterically, and Paul tries to help her come to terms with the news.

48  Sam Wanamaker & Ben Gazzara       
from "A Rage For Justice"

Paul is assisting in the defence of a black soldier who helped him escape from Albania. Prosecuting the court-martial is Major Joe Rankin (Sam Wanamaker) who tells Paul that he relishes the opportunity to show he isn't guilty of positive discrimination, even though he has participated in Civil Rights marches.

49  Julie Harris & Ben Gazzara       
from "The Rape of Lucrece"

Failing novelist Lucrece Lawrence (Julie Harris), either demented or devious, acts out a scene from her latest manuscript, in which the heroine is raped by a younger man. Paul is her target, and she hopes that the publicity from her charges against him will make the new book a hit.

50  Brenda Scott  & Ben Gazzara       
from "Never Pick Up a Stranger"

Paul picks up hitch hiker Kathy Sloan (Brenda Scott), but then challenges her after catching the girl in a lie, and decides to return her home instead of giving her a ride, believing that she is under age.

51 Farley Granger & Ben Gazzara       
from "The Shock of Recognition"

Actor Charlie Harrod (Farley Granger) offers a classic drunk scene as he attempts to defy his managers who call all the shots in his life - including their attempt to keep him from marrying his beloved Anna Birrel (Marlyn Mason).

52 Farley Granger & Ben Gazzara       
from "The Shock of Recognition"

Actor Charlie Harrod (Farley Granger) arranges to fight a bull to test his courage, and in the act, finally realizes that he is under the control of his managers, telling them after the event that he will be in charge from now on.

53 Anne Baxter & Ben Gazzara     
from "Life Among the Meat Eaters"

When Paul informs wealthy Mona Morrison (Anne Baxter) that a man is marrying her to pay off his gambling debts, she tells him that she doesn't mind.

54 Michael Dunn & Ben Gazzara     
from "The Dark Beyond the Door"

A man with a secret, George Kowall (Michael Dunn) proves that his size doesn't keep him from being more than a match for Paul in their battle of wits.

55 Karen Black & Ben Gazzara     
from "Life Among the Meat Eaters"

Aware that he is dying, Jennifer Palmer (Karen Black) attempts to offer Paul "immortality."

56 Leslie Nielsen & Ben Gazzara     
from "The Last Safari"

Paul explains to Mark Foster (Leslie Nielsen), a man whose daughter is dying, how he is able to live with his own terminal illness.

57 Rossano Brazzi & Ben Gazzara     
from "Keep My Share of the World"

Greek magnate Alex Staphos (Rossano Brazzi) uses bribery, threat and subterfuge to persuade Paul to leave the woman Staphos is in love with.

58 Dina Merrill & Ben Gazzara     
from "East of the Equator"

When her artist husband left her, Carolyn Willins (Dina Merrill) wanted to believe that he was dead. Then a picture from Brazil showed up in a New York gallery that couldn't have been painted by anyone but he.

59 Don Rickles & Ben Gazzara     
from "Down with Willy Hatch"

Willy Hatch (Don Rickles) is a comedian accused of statutory rape, and approaching a nervous breakdown when Paul comes to help him in the small town which has turned against the entertainer.

60 Jan Sterling & Ben Gazzara     
from "The Cruel Fountain"

Jan Sterling plays an old friend of Paul's who is hiding the fact that her hands are crippled when he comes to visit her in South America.

61  Jack Albertson & Ben Gazzara     
From "The Treasure Seekers"

When an old friend tries to sell Paul a life insurance policy after he's had a huge lottery win, the dying man is placed in an impossible position with heartbreaking results.

62  Tippi Hedren & Ben Gazzara     
From "Someone Who Makes Me Feel Beautiful"

Tippi Hedren plays a woman who's world was briefly turned around by two men vying for her attention while she was trying to recover from a painful divorce - one a fortune hunter, the other Paul Bryan.

63  Suzanne Pleshette & Jack Kelly     
From "Baby, the World's on Fire"

The true character of Harry Bevins (played by Jack Kelly) is revealed to his fiancée Susan Church (played by Suzanne Pleshette) who learns that he is not only willing to steal a valuable component from their company, and pass it to Red China, but also sell out old friend Paul Bryan in the bargain.

64  William Windom & Cloris Leachman     
from "The List of Alice McKenna"

William Windom and Cloris Leachman play a couple obviously unnerved and having something to hide when old friend Paul Bryan tries to find evidence to exonerate their former classmate who's served a sentence for murder.

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