Ben Gazzara in Run for Your LifeBen Gazzara in Run for Your LifeBen Gazzara in Run for Your Life

Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

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By category we here present our Top Ten  favorite episodes - plus ten more for good measure (the actual ranking being the number beside the title) .

Ben Gazzara & Claudine Longet in Run For Your Life
Ben Gazzara & Claudine Longet

Significant for many reasons, this is for many people the most remembered episode of the series, not just because it presents Paul Bryan falling in love and deciding to marry, but also Claudine Longet's unforgettable French version of Meditation that launched her singing career.
Franchot Tone & James Daly in Run For Your Life
Franchot Tone & James Daly

Sharply directed by Ben Gazzara, Tell it Like it Is portrays a loud-mouth talk show host whose attempt to destroy the high reputation of a distinguished judge on television, ends up doing them both inestimable harm with Paul Bryan picking up the pieces, and hurling them at the presenter.
Sal Mineo, Marianna Hill & Harry Guardino in Run For Your Life
Sal Mineo, Marianna Hill & Harry Guardino

Paul Bryan is held in a Sicilian cave by two young men and a woman looking for ransom, but really don't know what they're doing. An enchanting comedic performance by Marianna Hill lends whimsy to the most serious moments, leading to an unexpected end worthy of Greek Tragedy.
Ben Gazzara & Susan Strassberg in Run For Your Life
Ben Gazzara & Susan Strassberg

A perfect mix of charm, humor and romance with a bittersweet end gives the classic story of the princess who experiences a day in the outside world with a wonderful man a Run For Your Life twist when Paul gently gives a young opera singer her first taste of love before disappearing.
Tom Skerrit & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Tom Skerrit & Ben Gazzara

Directed by Ben Gazzara, this tense drama about a frantic effort to save an innocent man from the gas chamber gets our #1 rating  as the hours dissolve and every step of the way, Paul Bryan is thwarted in his efforts to convince anyone that he has a case to save a man he prosecuted for murder.
Jack Palance, Diana Hyland & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Jack Palance, Diana Hyland & Ben Gazzara

Starting out as an intriguing mystery, with the husband on death row for murdering a wife who isn't dead, this portrait of an offbeat marriage gives Jack Palance an opportunity to display a broad range of comedic talent - the man in black proving most adept at slapstick.
Elizabeth Ashley & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Elizabeth Ashley & Ben Gazzara

A first-rate and glamorous mystery includes alpine skiing and a transatlantic crossing before presenting Paul Bryan with a Manhatten murder to solve when he and his friend Dena Fuller appear to be two of the many alibis for the husband who is surely the murderer of his wealthy wife.
Harold J. Stone & Henry Silva in Run For Your Life
Harold J. Stone & Henry Silva

A Las Vegas thriller that uses every moment of screen time to hold the audience in its sway, as Paul Bryan depends on his wits to get the best of a mobster who is out to have him killed. From Paris to San Francisco, Trieste, Las Vegas and Mexico, he is genuinely running for his life.
Mel Torme & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Mel Torme & Ben Gazzara

Written by and starring Mel Torme, the showbiz theme of this episode is beautifully paced, offering Torme songs, high-speed driving, and a huge surprise half-way through, as the singer goes from having enough trust in Paul Bryan to make him his manager, then accuses him of killing his wife.
Tisha Sterling & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Tisha Sterling & Ben Gazzara

An episode of smoke and mirrors, this very thoughtful story disguised as a Christmas romance offers superb characterizations that remain in the mind when Paul Bryan becomes interested in a girl who sings around Rome for pennies, and breaks up her relationship with the artist she's living with.
Roddy McDowell & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Roddy McDowell & Ben Gazzara

A tense and disturbing thriller with a good storyline and a fine  performance by Roddy McDowell, leaving the viewer ever uncertain about his motives when Paul Bryan finds himself imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain with a possible maniac who has a plan to get them free.
Joan Hackett & Fernando Lamas in Run For Your Life
Joan Hackett & Fernando Lamas

Charming performances by all in this finely executed comedy which presents the  simple idea of a fortune hunter and a gigolo each believing the other is rich, then falling in love despite learning the truth. Totally entertaining, and could teach a lot of lessons to modern film makers working in this genre.
Collin Wilcox and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Collin Wilcox & Ben Gazzara

When Paul Bryan wins the lottery, old friends and new see him as a source of fortune to them, driving him to dejection as their friendliness turns to anger when expected benefits don't materialize from the half million he's already given away.
Ben Gazzara & Carol Lawrence in Run For Your Life
Ben Gazzara & Carol Lawrence

Temporary amnesia takes us back to the time before a death sentence was pronounced on Paul Bryan, and forces him to live through the terror all over again as he retraces his last steps before leaving San Francisco to start a new life.
Dina Merrill & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Dina Merrill & Ben Gazzara

A mood piece with a unique and perfect musical score by Pete Ruggolo that brings the Brazilian rain forest to the heart of Manhatten, this drama of a woman's search for a husband she thought dead represented the directorial debut of Fernando Lamas.
Fernando Lamas & Gena Rowlands in Run For Your Life
Fernando Lamas & Gena Rowlands

Or better, the Revenge of Charlotte Hyde when a woman frames Paul Bryan's gigolo friend Ramon de Vega for grand theft. After Paul reveals her plot, she then attempts to kill Ramon on the road. But after he saves her life from the crash she caused, she changes her tune.
Pat Hingle & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Pat Hingle & Ben Gazzara

A drama of political intrigue, this episode finds Paul Bryan trying to find the murderer of the man he has replaced as head of a campaign for a new constitutional amendment. Interesting use of a documentary format gives additional flair to the episode.
Bruce Dern & Anne Helm in Run For Your Life
Bruce Dern & Anne Helm

Paul finds his one-time future sister-in-law about to stand trial not just for insurance fraud, but murder after her husband took advantage of an auto crash to disappear, and let his passenger's body be taken for his in an insurance scam.
Ben Gazzara & Dana Wynter in Run For Your Life
Ben Gazzara & Dana Wynter

A drama centering around legal ethics that puts Paul Bryan defending a woman accused of murdering her husband. When he finds that he was tricked into taking the case, Paul takes time from his travels to get her regular lawyer disbarred.
Fernando Lamas & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Fernando Lamas & Ben Gazzara

A fun episode, Fernando Lamas inevitably lends a delightful glow in the role of Ramon de Vega as he helps Paul Bryan extract a girl from the benign clutches of two warring families of Andorran smugglers, to present her to a possible long-lost father of unending wealth.