Ben Gazzara in Run for Your LifeBen Gazzara in Run for Your LifeBen Gazzara in Run for Your Life

Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Run For Your Life Season 2

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Carol Lawrence, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Carol Lawrence, Ben Gazzara
31. The Day Time Stopped - 9/12/1966     
  entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul is no longer aware of his diagnosis after a tobogganing accident brings on amnesia, so he returns to his fiancée Kate Pierce (Carol Lawrence) in San Francisco to help him with the mystery of six missing months in his life. With Billy Daniels as Eddie, Anne Helm as Molly Pierce, John Ireland as Dr. Mason, John Kerr as Alex Ryder,  Paul Lukas as Dr. Werner, Sheree North as Jeannie Lake, Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom as Tiger, Robert Strauss as Georgio, Nicholas Colasanto as  Maxie, Inger Straton as the Sister, Richard Clair as Fred Duncan, Joanne Medley as Sally Willis, Mal Alberts as Elevator Passenger, Marianne Gordon as the Nurse
Written by Henry Slesar
Directed by Leo Penn

Diana Hyland, Jack Palance in Run For Your Life
Diana Hyland, Jack Palance
32. I Am the Late Diana Hays - 9/19/1966     
    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul tries to protect Diana Hays (Diana Hyland) from her eccentric husband Julian Hays (Jack Palance) who was convicted of her murder when she mysteriously disappeared. With Anthony Eisley as Tom Stone, Laurence Haddon as District Attorney George McCullough, Paula Winslowe as Miss Glenroy, Ray Ballard as the Stuffy Reporter, Joy Ellison as the First Girl ScoutIsabel Cooley as Barbara Jackson, Tracy Strafford as the Second Girl Scout, Joe Finnegan as the ToughReporter
Written by Dale & Katherine Eunson
Directed by Michael Ritchie

Joan Collins, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Joan Collins, Ben Gazzara
33. The Borders of Barbarism - 9/26/1966    
    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul becomes involved in a dangerous Yugoslavian adventure, seeking hidden diamonds and documents when Gillian Wales (Joan Collins) mistakes him for an underworld character. With Alf Kjellin as Josep Ristec, Reginald Owen as Sir Hilary Cooper, Joseph Sirola as Vilovic, Jack Good as Sidney Cruikshank, Stephen McNally as Mike Allen George Pirana as Jenko, Don Knight as the Bartender, Gabor Curtiz as the Old Peasant, Lawrence Montaigne as George Woodstock, Peter Forster as Harry Laudermilk, Jane Betts as the Woman Border Guard, Alex Rodine as Yugoslav Policeman
Television Story & Teleplay by John Thomas James (Roy Huggins)
Based on a Novel by Eric Williams
Directed by Richard Benedict

Wendell Corey, Brooke Bundy, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Wendell Corey, Brooke Bundy, Ben Gazzara

34. The Committee for the 25th - 10/3/1966     
   entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Susan Sinclair (Brooke Bundy), daughter of former San Francisco mayor Dwight Sinclair (Wendell Corey) has been addicted to drugs by Las Vegas mafia boss Carl Cappi (Edward Asner), and Paul uses the threat of a committee to amend the US Constitution to thwart him. With Edward Faulkner as the Assistant District Attorney, Peter Brocco as Joey Cana, Tom Signorelli as the Bellboy, Jay Ose as Hotel Proprietor, John McCann as Steve, Henry Hunter as Hearing Officer, Bobby Johnson as the Taxi Driver, Don Rizzan as Charlie, Myrna MacMurray as Cana's Office Girl
Teleplay by Luther Davis
Story by Tom Allen
Directed by William A. Graham

Ben Gazzara, Michael Dunn in Run For Your Life
Ben Gazzara, Michael Dunn

35. The Dark Beyond the Door - 10/10/1966    
   entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul tries to solve the mystery of payments his friend Jim Carlson (Peter Graves) is making that have led his wife Ellen (Delphi Lawrence) to turn to alcohol over fear of another woman. With Michael Dunn as George Kowal, Robert Nichols as Crof, Pamela Curran as Clara, Kent McWhiter as Mike Ramsey, Gary Shaw as the Mailboy, Tom Harmon as the Announcer
Written by John W. Bloch
Story by John Thomas James (Roy Huggins)
Directed by Richard L. Bare

Joan Hackett, Fernando Lamas in Run For Your Life
Joan Hackett, Fernando Lamas

36. The Sex Object - 10/17/1966     
    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Gigolo Ramon De Vega (Fernando Lamas) falls for fortune hunter Diana Murrow (Joan Hackett) at a posh Mexican resort. With Sharon Farrell as Louise, Pepe Hern as the Desk Clerk, Fernando Escandon as the Bell Captain
Written by Henry Slesar
Directed by Leo Penn

Ben Gazzara, Katherine Crawford, John Dehner
Ben Gazzara, Katherine Crawford, John Dehner

37. The Edge of the Volcano - 10/24/1966    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Just before a government assault Paul aids Abby Powers (Katherine Crawford) to reach a Latin American rebel camp where her father is writing about the leader. With John Dehner as Eliott Powers, Alejandro Rey as Mario Cudero, Edmund Hashim as Colonel Sientos, Don Diamond as the Cab Driver, Ruben Moreno as the Tall Soldier, Len Wayland as Daniel Fulton, Mike Abelar as Manuel, Pepe Callahan as 1st Rebel Officer, Tony Palma as Lieutenant Garcia, Abel Franco as the Federal Officer
Written by Ed Waters & Paul David Moessinger
Directed by Leo Penn

Ben Gazzara, Elizabeth Ashley in Run For Your Life
Ben Gazzara, Elizabeth Ashley

38. The Grotenberg Mask - 10/31/1966     
   entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
There is a murder mystery to solve after Dena Fuller (Elizabeth Ashley) ends her ski romance with Johnny Cadell (Tom Simcox), and sails back to the US with Paul, finding Johnny's unpleasant brother Charles (Skip Homeier) on board - and his wife dead when they arrive in New York. With Henry Beckman as Lt. Flaherty, George Furth as Arthur Neely, Pat Randall as Ruth Vernon, Donald Lawton as the Steward, Dennis Turner as the Hotel Clerk, Jayne Stevens as the Secretary, Barbara Morrison as the Landlady
Written by Henry Slesar
Directed by Nicholas Colasanto

Collin Wilcox, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Collin Wilcox, Ben Gazzara

39. The Treasure Seekers - 11/14/1966         
    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul experiences friendliness turning to malice when he is oppressed with demands from all sides after winning a fortune in the sweepstakes . With Collin Wilcox as Lisa Rand, Bruce Dern as Alex Ryder, Jack Albertson as Joe Murray, Anne Helm as Molly Pierce, Rosemary Murphy as Mary Herrick, Tod Andrews as Andy Herrick, Robert Donner as Scully, John Davis Chandler as Dr. Walker, Robert Cross as the Hotel Clerk, Tom Castronova as the Bellboy, Jack Krupnick as First Reporter, Larry Gelman as Third Reporter, Hazel Keener as Marge Murray
Written by Max Erlich
Directed by Nicholas Colasanto

Joanna Moore, Nancy Malone in Run For Your Life
Joanna Moore, Nancy Malone

40. The Man Who Had No Enemies - 11/21/1966    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
As prime suspect in the murder of his sailing companion, Paul is held on the island of Bonaire while the real murderer is exposed by an old friend as three people from the same Arkansas city meet there. With Joanna Moore as Kay Mills, Nancy Malone as Katherine, Kurt Kasznar as Inspector Kronig, Victoria Shaw as Eileen Trotter, John Lodge as Neil Trotter, Jean Durand as Lt. Duvali, Ward Ramsey as the Consul, Jason Wingreen as the Harbormaster, Kai Hernandez as the Maid, Barbara Blake as the Desk Clerk, Violet Rensing as Mrs. Van Gorler
Written by John W. Bloch
Story by John Thomas James (Roy Huggins)
Directed by Michael Ritchie

Carol Lawrence, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Carol Lawrence, Ben Gazzara

41. A Game of Violence - 11/28/1966     
    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul's old friend Duke Smith (Sugar Ray Robinson) goes into a championship prize fight knowing he might collapse, so he places a bet against himself in Paul's name, leaving him to sort out the aftermath. With Carol Lawrence as Kate Pierce, Ossie Davis as Frankie Morton, Tige Andrews as Sam Miller, Janet MacLachlan as Barbara Smith, James Sikking as the Doctor, John Indrisano as the Referee, Chick Hearn as Himself, Jim Healy as Himself, Jimmy Lennon as Ring Announcer, Carolyn Nelson as Girl at Desk, Judy Pace as the Nurse, Jack Krupnick as the Henchman
Written by Lou Guardino
Directed by Leo Penn

Kim Darby, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Kim Darby, Ben Gazzara

42. Hang Down Your Head And Laugh - 12/5/1966     
   entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Traveling by bus across America Paul meets Tina (Kim Darby), a runaway teenager who alternately threatens him, then pleads with him to take her to Los Angeles.  With Jacqueline Scott as Dorothy Baker, Larry Ward as David Baker, Marvin Brody as the Bus Driver, Fabian Dean as the Truck Driver, Meg Wylie as Woman Passenger, Robert  Sorrells as 1st Station Attendant, Bing Russell as the Deputy
Written by Adrien Joyce and Jack Curtis
Story by Jack Curtis
Directed by Michael Ritchie

Mary Ann Mobley, Donnelly Rhodes

43. Tears from a Glass Eye - 12/12/1966    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Offered $100,000 by Ralph Bronson (Gerald S. O'Loughlan) to marry his ex-wife Laura (Mary Ann Mobley), Paul believes the next man in her life, Collier Johnson (Donnelly Rhodes) to have ulterior motives. With Bill Glover as Harry, Edward Ashley as the Hotel Manager, Otis Young as Lonsy, Marianne Gordon as the Pretty Girl, Rick Young as the Young Man, Evelyn Dutton as the Pussycat Waitress, Cissy Wellman as Rosemarie McCarthy, Anthony Chazio Sr. the Hotel Servant
Teleplay by Luther Davis
Directed by Leo Penn

Charles McGraw, Ernest Borgnine,Melanie Alexander, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Charles McGraw, Ernest Borgnine,Melanie Alexander, Ben Gazzara
44. Time and a Half on Christmas Eve - 12/19/1966    
     entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul is flying to San Francisco to spend Christmas with his former fiancee, but gets stranded when his plane makes an emergency landing. And he ends up spending Christmas Eve with Harry Martin (Ernest Borgnine), a garrulous cabdriver estranged from his family and laughing his way through a lonely life. With Charles McGraw as Sam, Melanie Alexander as Jeannie, Richard Bull as Jameson Dudley, Ray Montgomery as Mr. Hendrix, Adele Claire as Helen Hendrix, Craig Hundley as Stevie, G. D. Spradlin as Mr. Perkins, Shannon Farnon as the Stewardess, Elmer Modlin as Mr. Carson
Teleplay by A. Martin Zweiback
Story by Daniel L. Aubray
Directed by Michael Ritchie

Farley Granger, Marlyn Mason, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Farley Granger, Marlyn Mason, Ben Gazzara

45. The Shock of Recognition - 1/2/1967    
    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul's romance with Anna Birrel (Marlyn Mason) in Spain hits a snag when her former fiancé, actor Charlie Harrod (Farley Granger) arrives to make a film and decides to try bull fighting. With Frank Silvera as Esteban, Gavin McLeod as Frank Glass, Walter Mathews as Leo Taber, Jose Ramon Tirado as Himself, Eric Mason as Phil Swahn, Fernando Roca as the Desk Clerk, Danny Bravo as Paco, Jack Krupnick as the 1st Reporter, Francisco Orteca as 2nd Reporter
Written by John D. F. Black
Directed by William Hale

Ben Gazzara, Ossie Davis in Run For Your Life
Ben Gazzara, Ossie Davis
46. Flight From Tirana (Part 1 of 2) - 1/9/1967    prequels  entry in Paul Bryan's Journal1    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal2    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal main page
In Albania to act as counsel for accused spy Brad Capo (Mike Roads), Paul is housed with American defector Dave Corbett (Ossie Davis), and faced with conflicting instructions that could mean freedom or death. With George Voskovec as Colonel Zabian, Will Kuluva as Peter Gradec, Nicholas Colasanto as Kerpantos, Gloria Edwards as Linda Corbett, Chet Stratton as Harold Lampert, Robert Knapp as Les Poggin, Alex Rodine as 2nd Soldier,  William Yip as the Chinese General, Martin Fong as the Chinese Civilian, David Perna as the Policeman, William Yip as the Chinese General
Written by Joel Murcott
Directed by John Rich

Sam Wannamaker, James Callahan, Ben Gazarra in Run For Your Life
Sam Wannamaker, James Callahan, Ben Gazarra

47. A Rage For Justice (Part 2 of 2) - 1/16/1967    
    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul's court martial defence of the man who helped him escape from Albania, ends up resting on a point of moral philosophy. With Ossie Davis as Sergeant Dave Corbett, Sam Wanamaker as Major Joe Rankin, Joseph Camponella as Ward Cooper, James Callahan as Major Ted Fowler, Edward Binns as Colonel Delaney, Nicholas Colasanto as Kerpantos,  Charles Lampkin  as Dr. Herbert Garrison, William Stevens as US Lieutenant, Strasa Damascus as Airline Clerk, Burt Burns as Colonel Brush
Written by John W. Bloch
Story by John Thomas James (Roy Huggins)
Directed by Leo Penn

Ben Gazzara and Geraldine Brooks in Run For Your Life
Ben Gazzara, Geraldine Brooks

48. The List of Alice McKenna - 1/23/1967         
    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
A friend from school days, Alice McKenna (Geraldine Brooks) causes talk in Paul's home town when she asks him to clear her name after serving seven years for murdering her husband; With William Windom as Ralph Wilson, Mario Alcalde as Tony Olivera, Malcolm Atterbury as Rudy Fowler, Cloris Leachman as Deborah Wilson, Grace Lee Whitney as Billie, Sarah Selby as Miss Morley, Patience Cleveland as Janet Novins, Patricia Winters as Doris, Del Ford as Chris McKenna, Chuck Ford as John McKenna, Jeff Scott as Cal Jameson
Teleplay by Jerry Ludwig
Story by John Thomas James (Roy Huggins)
Directed by Michael Ritchie

Ben Gazzara, Aldo Ray, in Run For Your Life
Ben Gazzara, Aldo Ray,

When Vince Murdoch (Aldo Ray) rescues Paul from an assault by teenagers, the discredited policeman must then rely on him as his witness on a murder charge, and then the teenagers too.. With Henry Beckman as Hank Kellogg, Richard Anderson as Captain Swain, Ron Russell as Buzzie Gillman, Paul Newlan as Frederick Brewer, Alan Baxter as Tom Mills, Douglas Dick as Emmett Grove, Arch Whiting as Gregg Durkin, Dan Frazer as Mr. Gillman, Rhoda Williams as Mrs. Gillman, Larry Gelman as the Deputy, Howard Hoffman as the Judge
Written by Howard Browne
Directed by Nicholas Colasanto

Jack Kelly, Ben Gazzara, Suzanne Pleshette in Run For Your Life
Jack Kelly, Ben Gazzara, Suzanne Pleshette

50. Baby, the World's on Fire - 2/6/1967      
    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul finds himself in deep trouble when he is mistaken for his old friend Harry Bevins (Jack Kelly) who is playing both ends against the middle in Tokyo. With Suzanne Pleshette as Susan Church, Ed Parker as the 1st Assailant, Hans Lee as the Maitre d', Robert Ito as the Bartender, Kenny Endoso as the 2nd Assailant, Vincent Eder as the Bus Boy, Hannie Landman as the Ticket Clerk
Written by Shirl Hendryx
Directed by Leo Penn

Martin Milner, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Martin Milner, Ben Gazzara

51. Rendezvous in Tokyo - 2/13/1967    
     entry in Paul Bryan's Journal  1   entry in Paul Bryan's Journal 2
Thoughts of his life as a Korean War airman - and a woman he once loved - come flooding back to Paul when he arrives at a Tokyo bar for a reunion with his flying comrades after 15 years. With Martin Milner as Mike Green, Joan Blackman as Janet Ford, Mickey Shaughnessy as Morgan, Robert Pickering as Fred Carson, Ron Foster as Major Conway, Jon Cedar as Nat Stevens, Garry Walberg as Major Sergeant Bill Martin
Written by Harold Livingston
Directed by Richard Benedict

Pat Harrington Jr., Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Pat Harrington Jr., Ben Gazzara
52. The Calculus of Chaos - 2/20/1967     
  entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
 Paul and racing star Nick Cooper (Pat Harrington Jr.) assist a Czech scientist escape his country with tragic results.  With John Van Dreelen as Jan Vlasek, Stephen McNally as Mike Allen, Inger Stratton as Helen Novotny, Gregory Gay as Straka, Dabney Coleman as Fred Palmer, James B. Sikking as Nugent, George Ives as Eddling, Ralph Smiley as Viktor, Carmelo Manto as Gino, Peter Marcus as the KGB Man
Written by Bill S. Ballinger & Lou Breslow
Directed by William Hale

Ben Gazzara, and Arthur Hill  in Run For Your Life
Arthur Hill, Ben Gazzara
53. The Assassin - 2/27/1967    entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul tries to stop another dying man who has nothing to lose by committing murder to  revenge the college prank which crippled him. With Arthur Hill as Bill Dagen, Andrew Duggan as Lieutenant Jim Seabourne, Harold Gould as Phil Colby, Joan Shawlee as the Landlady, James Seay as the Police Chief, Don Gazzanica as the Detective, Joan Swift as the Woman, Sean Kennedy as the Service Man, Paul Sorensen as the Plainclothes Officer, Don Lorbett as the Mechanic, Kent McCord as the Policeman, Harvey Gardener as the Motorcycle Officer, Frank Baron as the 1st Hoodr, Jim Driskill as the 2nd Hood, Harry Klekas as the 4th Hood, Sharon Dean as the Girl
Written by  Henry Slesar
Directed by Nicholas Colasanto

Jeanne Rainer, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Jeanne Rainer, Ben Gazzara

54. The Carpella Collection - 3/6/1967     entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Though only a pawn for the real thieves, Paul is suspected of stealing jewels worth many millions from wealthy financier  Erich Krieger (Helmut Dantine). With Jeanne Rainer as Michele Deneuve, Alfred Dennis as the Police InspectorCelia Lovsky as Mrs. Krieger, Mercedes Molinar as Yvette, Walter Alzman as Dieter, Rolfe Sedan as the Waiter, Robert Apollo as Henri Duchamp
Written by Robert Foster & Philip De Guere, Jr.
Directed by Alexander Singer

Ben Gazzara, Burr DeBenning in Run For Your Life
 Ben Gazzara, Burr DeBenning
55. A Very Small Injustice - 3/13/1967     entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
Paul is taken hostage by escaped convict J.B. Flowers (Burr DeBenning) who flees from a posse led by Sheriff Hoag (Slim Pickens). With Harry Carey Jr. as Corey Munson, Kelly Thordsen as Chief Stretch Johnson, Louise Shaffer as Donna Sanders, John Napier as Fred McHenry, John Courtney as State Trooper #2, Timothy Scott as Harry Cotter, Hal Riddle as Jeb Pickney, Dale Van Sickel as State Trouper #1, Arch Whiting as State Trooper #3, Charles Wagenheim as Farmer #1, Tom Fadden as Farmer #3, Don Hanmer as Deputy Walter Tindle
Written by Ronald M. Cohen
Directed by Nicholas Colasanto

Dina Merrill, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Dina Merrill, Ben Gazzara
56. East of the Equator - 3/20/1967     
When a picture appears in a New York gallery that could have been painted by the husband she thought dead, Carolyn Willins (Dina Merrill), obsessed by the role of a woman and her failure as a wife, goes to Brazil in search of the artist. With Rudy Solari as Da Silva , Alan Bergmann as Jeffrey Willins, Bill Glover as Audrain, Peter Hobbs as Henry Gower, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. as the Trader, Berry Kroeger as Klein, Ines Pedroza as Estella, Donald Lawton as the Desk Clerk
Story by John Thomas James
Teleplay by Henri Simon
Directed by  Fernando Lamas

Barbara Stanek, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Barbara Stanek, Ben Gazzara
57. A Choice of Evils - 4/3/1967     
Karen Mueller (Barbara Stanek) claims to be the illegitimate daughter of Paul's friend Spencer Holt (John Forsythe), and her appearance at the very end of his Gubernatorial campaign presents the candidate with a difficult choice. With Wesley Lau as Carson, Coleen Gray as Sally Holt, Walter Mathews as the Reporter, Karl Bruck as  Stellig, Joan Bradley as the Stewardess, Clark Race as Clark, Horst Ebersberg as Heinz, Faith Christopher as the Secretary, Bud Haley as the TV Announcer, Larry Anthony as the TV Director
Teleplay by Alvin Sargent & Rita Lakin
Story by Rita Lakin
Directed by  Ben Gazzara

Michele Carey, Karen Black, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Michele Carey, Karen Black, Ben Gazzara
58. Tell It to the Dead - 4/10/1967     
   entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
When rebels in a breakaway Himalayan state hold Paul and two American women as espionage suspects, he finds himself the object of one's special plan for his immortality.  With Linden Chiles as Jay Saunders, Karen Black as Jennifer Palmer, Michele Carey as Margo, David Mauro as the Sikh Lieutenant, Than Wyenn as the Chief of Staff, Peter Bourne as the Swedish Captain, Aly Wassil as the Jamalese Sergeant, Don Rizzan as the 1st Male Nurse
Story by Philip De Guere, Jr. & Betty Andrews
Directed by Leo Penn

Ben Gazzara & Martin Milner in Run for Your Life
Martin Milner, Ben Gazzara

59. Better World Next Time - 4/17/1967      entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
After fleeing a North Vietnamese prison camp, Paul's flying buddy from the Korean War, Colonel Mike Green (Martin Milner) escapes from a military hospital, believing he's still being pursued by the Viet Cong. With Leonard Stone as Captain Archer, Jim Creech as Lieutenant Dan Sayres, Michael Pataki as Dr. Alex Rothman, Peter Chin as the Cong Soldier, Ronnie Rondell Jr. as Grayson, Kenny Endoso as the Cong Rothman, James Shen as the Cong Archer
Written by Jack Miller
Directed by Michael Ritchie

Claudine Longet, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Claudine Longet, Ben Gazzara

60 The Word Would Be Goodbye - 4/24/1967     entry in Paul Bryan's Journal
A surprising encounter on the road brings Nicole Longet (Claudine Longet) back into Paul's life, complications in hers hindering their fragile attempts to let their love blossom again. With Albert Paulsen as Emile Marnet, Patrick Horgan as Hank Rodgers, Emile Genest as Georges Corot, Ted Roter as Charles Pradier, Alex Hassilev as the First Mechanic, Louis de Farra as the Second Mechanic, Pamela Shuler as the Young Woman
Television Story & Teleplay by Don Balluck
Based on a Teleplay by John W. Bloch and Story by Patrick Kennedy
Directed by Alf Kjellin

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