The Ultimate Episode Guide to the Run For Your Life TV Series
Starring Ben Gazzara / 1930 - 2012 / May He Rest in Peace

Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara

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The month-by-month outline below chronicles Paul's life from his engagement to Kate Pierce in February 1965 to their marriage in December 1966 after he begins experiencing end symptoms of his terminal illness - all the adventures, all the episodes in one ongoing narrative. (TClick the PAUL BRYAN'S JOURNAL button to read the day-by-day version of the diary.)

July 1966
Reims, France - Antibes (2 trips) - Estoril (3 trips) - Pamplona - Paris - San Francisco -
London & Tonbridge Wells, England - Almeria / Carmel - San Francisco -
Amsterdam & Zandvoort, Netherlands - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Janine Gray and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your LifeBen Gazzara, Judy Carne and Albert Dekker in Run For Your LifeSusan Strasberg and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your LifeBen Gazzara and Geraldine Brooks in Run For Your LifeJoan Hackett and Fernando Lamas in Run For Your Life
Our Man in Limbo                                    A Dangerous Proposal                      Voice of Gina Milan                  The List of Alice McKenna                The Sex Object

“A Dangerous Proposal” (part 1)  (Judy Carne, Albert Dekker)      

Deeply traumatized, Paul and Kate fly to the Grand Prix race at Reims. Accepting Rachel Pike's Fourth of July hospitality at her Antibes villa, Paul also attends the car show there, approached to act as agent by Sir Harry Hiller in the purchase of a Daimler 500 from former dictator Peralta now living in a Portugal fortress. After offering twice what Colonel Peralta paid for the car, Paul and Kate fly to Pamplona for the bull run.

“Our Man in Limbo”  (Macdonald Carey, Janine Gray)     

[ Their impossible situation in the desert relegates this episode to a nightmare. ]

In Pamplona Paul watches the bull run with a fashion designer he met at a New Years reception in Berlin when there with Sydney Crookshank. She and her husband, a Spanish diplomat, are flying to the Seychelles, and with Pamplona reminding him of Eileen, then CIA agent Mike Allen, Paul's afternoon nap becomes a jumbled nightmare, beginning with the bull run, but then becoming a flight to the Seychelles, the fashion designer turned into an East German spy Mike Allen wants Paul to check out. They crash in the desert, and tramp across the Sahara for days without food, water or protection until the Israeli Air Force arrives, and the woman tries to kill Paul before he wakes up.

““A Dangerous Proposal” (part 2)    (Judy Carne, Albert Dekker      

Back in Estoril, Paul learns things that make him suspicious of Sir Harry, whose interest in the Daimler is actually the secret tapes being stolen from Colonel Peralta - which Sir Harry will use to re-establish his commercial position in the former dictator's country.

Paul pays for the car, but Peralta discovers the tapes missing before the Daimler is off the property. Shots fired at him along winding roads, all Paul's driving skills are required to get away from Peralta's people who go over a cliff in a fire ball before Paul delivers the Daimler to Sir Harry, and they fly on to Paris.

“The Voice of Gina Milan”  (Susan Strasberg)     

At a jazz club, Paul meets the great young opera singer Gina Milan, who has stolen away from her entourage. He takes her to his nearby apartment, makes food for Gina, and gives the diva her very first kiss, most of the while pretending he doesn't know who she is. By the time she leaves Paul is in love, and when Kate arrives, he tells her about the enchanting meeting, and she informs him that Gina is a virtual captive of her mentor Madame Tenati. Together, they agree Paul should do what he can to make some difference in Gina's life, and both fly to San Francisco where the singer will be performing next. A mixture of shrewdness and opportune luck enables Paul to spirit Gina away for an afternoon and night in San Francisco, ending at his grandmother's house on the cliffs.

Paul hopes to convince Gina how much harm Mme. Tenati is doing to her career, but Gina is brainwashed, and will have none of it, apparently spending time with Paul only for a few quick lessons in love. But though he eventually wins her over, Paul realizes that even if free, he has nothing to give a woman but tragedy. Kate hopes that what they started will have a positive ending, and asks her former lover to be Gina's patron when the singer returns to Paris. The fire of love lit in her heart, Gina wants more of Paul, but is philosophical that her own life's course might allow for no more than one fine day. She sings Madame Butterfly directly to him, and the whole Opera House is overwhelmed by the emotion in Gina's performance.

Paul flies to England for the Formula 1 race at Brands Hatch where he learns that his only living relative in the US, great aunt Alma has died.

“The List of Alice McKenna”  (Geraldine Brooks, William Windom, Cloris Leachman)     

In his home town of Almeria for the funeral, Paul meets an old school friend, Alice McKenna, who is ostracized in the town due to the prison sentence she served for murdering her husband. Finding him sympathetic, she asked Paul to help locate the real killer, giving him a list of suspects. In sympathy for her two young sons, Paul acquiesces. His consequent meetings get nerves jangled, but Paul gets rattled too - beaten by professional thugs when driving Alice's boys from the private school that rejected them. The attack causes the District Attorney - who'd previously told Paul that Alice was using him - to reopen the murder case.

When Alice is suddenly accepted once again into Almeria society, she admits to Paul that she did accidentally kill her husband, was turned into an animal in prison, used Paul for her purposes locally, and even had him beaten up to give credence to the search for the “real” murderer.

“The Sex Object”  (Fernando Lamas, Joan Hackett, Sharon Farrell)     

Paul goes to the Netherlands for the Grand Prix, after which he flies to Mexico for a fishing date with Ramon de Vega - who doesn't show on time. Waiting around Paul falls in with two young women who are looking for rich husbands. When Ramon finally arrives, instead of leaving for the fishing trip, he starts romancing one of Paul's friends, believing her to be wealthy. Seeing an engagement looming, Paul and her friend each reveal the truth, and the romance breaks up - only to have love conquer all when they leave together for a wedding in Ramon's native Andorra - the fishing trip cancelled.

August 1966
San Francisco - Los Angeles - Nurburg - Barcelona - Majorca - Nice - Paris - Capri -
Malta - Palermo / Vabocelli, Sicily - Venice - Corfu - Piraeus / Athens -
Paris - Antibes - San Patrazio, Spain - Paris

Martin Milner and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Better World Next Time                      The Inhuman Predicament               The Carpella Collection                            Cry Hard, Cry Fast                          The Word Would Be Goodbye

In San Francisco for a regular medical check up, Paul learns that he's picked up still more additional but dormant viruses from his travels, but his doctor is unwilling to answer any of the technical questions Paul has after studying medical journals supplied by his friend at the Garms Clinic.

Meanwhile, via Kate and his own personal letters, he follows Gina Milan's progress as a house guest of Kate's former lover, Armand de Martignac, and his wife Odette, who has become close friends with Gina - to Mme Tenati's consternation. Paul also receives a letter from Mike Green's wife that he is in a southern California psychiatric hospital after escaping a prison camp when his plane was shot down in North Viet Nam. He visits Mike, then flies with Kate to Germany for the Grand Prix where she learns her beloved Odette has died, and she rushes off to support Armand.

So Paul goes on Rachel Pike's summer yacht cruise alone, the whole event subdued over Odette's passing. He knows, however important their romance is, Kate's spiritual support is something he can't live without.

“The Inhuman Predicament” (part 1)   (Vera Miles, Fernando Lamas, Katherine Justice, Kurt Kaszner)     

Due to sudden changes in the guest list, Paul is paired off with a Swedish princess for the cruise. Ramon's engagement not surviving the decrepit state of his house, he flew to Majorca knowing Paul would be docking there on Rachel's yacht. Invoking the fact he saved Paul's life, Ramon gets himself invited to lunch on board, and as an amusement for the somber company, Rachel invites him to come along.

“Better World Next Time”  (Martin Milner)      

[ The impossibility of some of the action suits this episode to be a nightmare. ]

Meanwhile, the princess is falling in love with Paul, and the shoulder he injured driving at the Nurburgring is starting to give him trouble, seeming worse when he reads in a newspaper that Mike Green had escaped the psychiatric hospital, and went on the run with a hostage.

Swallowing a pill the Turkish surgeon on board gave him for the shoulder pain, Paul has a nightmare in which it is he whom Mike has taken hostage. Though they are in southern California, Mike thinks they're in Viet Cong territory, and Paul is collaborating with the enemy. They spend grueling days covering rough territory, Paul's real-life aching shoulder a broken arm in the dream, which Mike tried yanking to set it.

Paul wakes in pain, his head groggy from the pill which wouldn't allow him to wake and escape the nightmare. The yacht changes its schedule, docks at Nice, and a large number of guests fly to Paris for Odette's funeral, Paul propelled along to the event with no will of his own.

“The Inhuman Predicament” (part 2)   (Vera Miles, Fernando Lamas, Katherine Justice, Kurt Kaszner)     

[ Dream and fantasy are mixed with the episode action in journal. ]

Though his liaison with the princess is moving forward without his knowledge or participation, Paul doesn't have the heart to tell her about Kate, but tries to show appropriate affection to a woman in love. He dreams Rachel and Swedish diplomats were trying to separate him from the princess, so they run off and get married, Rachel's boat becoming the Swedish Royal yacht. Paul makes a flowery speech about the honeymoon weeks ahead on the yacht, but they get word the king is dead, and his bride is now queen. But just after the Coronation, a courtier approaches the palace balcony and says, “I'm deeply sorry, King Paul,” and repeats the diagnosis.

Paul walks the deck after he wakes, unsure of what to do, and finally decides to offer the princess a most romantic day in Capri. But it is the wrong choice. Afterwards she offers herself to Paul, saying she wants to be his wife, and he has to tell her that he doesn't love her. When he wakes on arrival in Malta, she has already been taken off the yacht by Swedish officials.

Ramon tells Paul he's tried to fleece Rachel, but she turned the tables on him, and he's cooking up a new scheme with her assistant. Not likely, Paul thinks, but he is then taken completely off guard by a call from Kate's former lover, Armand, saying that he had just given five million dollars to the Garms Clinic, the only stipulation that their name be changed to the Odette de Martignac Medical Research Foundation. Believing Odette's name will also help to bring in more donations, Armand suggests Paul accept these from other guests on the cruise. Paul quickly receives over two million dollars and before the morning is over, is also approached by Swiss billionaire Erich Krieger about a donation. Paul is mesmerized by the visionary industrialist as well as his gorgeous secretary Michele.

“The Carpella Collection”  (Jeanne Rainer, Helmut Dantine)        

[ Quite necessarily, this caper episode is best represented by a dream. ]

All evening talk amongst passengers is the theft of a famous jewel collection from a Roman palazzo the previous night. After seeing Krieger's secretary to her cabin - and talking even more about the robbery - Paul falls pleasantly asleep to a dream encompassing the thoughts of the day. In it he is cruising on Krieger's yacht (which is Rachel's), his chauffeur mixing up Paul's identical luggage with Michele's when they disembarked.

Suddenly the dream is a nightmare, Paul nearly driven off a road, and Michele entering his hotel room with a gun in the middle of the night, accusing him of stealing the Carpella Collection. She'd been couriering the jewels, and when she returns them to Krieger, they are found to be copies, and his men kidnap Paul. After he escapes, the nightmare has Paul endlessly on the run around the Riviera, and he wakes after determining the real criminal to be Michele.

“Cry Hard, Cry Fast”  (Diana Muldaur, James Farentino, Jack Albertson, Susan Clark, Charles Aidman, Anthony Eisley)     

[ Elements of the episode are represented by events, conversations and characters from the cruise which merge together in a dream.
Some actors in “Cry Hard, Cry Fast” were in other episodes.  ]

When the yacht docks in Palermo, Paul is taken to his mother's village by a circuitous route due to a road crash that killed two family members. Rejoining Rachel's yacht in Venice, Paul finds a letter from the friend who wanted to sell him life insurance, and various conversations leave thoughts at the back of his mind. First, a banker talks of a holdup with a getaway car stolen from a garage where it was in for repairs - resulting in a highway inferno. The bankers wife, a psychiatrist, discusses Mike Green's  situation and security in her hospital.

Clive and Pete do a presentation for passengers about the new Mastin road car, concentrating on safety, and Paul learns that an old girl friend of his is working for June Bradley's sister. He then receives a check from the artist who did not murder his wife.

That night Paul has a nightmare in which he is driving endlessly through different countries, and comes upon an accident, unable to avoid it due to a steering fault in his car. Paul is treated by the banker's wife, a GP instead of psychiatrist, who tells him he is dying from an incurable disease. As in Sicily, two family members are killed, and it is his old friend the insurance salesman who is uncle of the surviving daughter, concerned about her claim, and the brother from the haunted house in Ohio, representative of Paul's insurance company. He visits another victim, who resembles the old girlfriend mentioned that evening - the woman dumped by a man who looks like the artist's unscrupulous lawyer. Paul suggests driving west in the woman's car - which had been crushed in the accident. They go to a garage to look at it - and are captured by a bank robber who ran away from the accident scene.

At Corfu Gina Milan makes a surprise arrival on board, her fights with Mme. Tenati frequent. Ramon de Vega, who'd claimed a ranch disaster in Andorra to get money from Rachel, only to see her large check placed in her assistant's hand, hoped to get a percentage from the man when the ship docked in Piraeus. No such thing happens, but Rachel offers Ramon a small check for services rendered on the cruise.

Paul flies to Paris with the 3.2 million in checks collected for the clinic on the cruise, and meets Kate and Armand, horrified at how much the man aged in only two weeks. He then keeps to original plans - but without Kate - and flies to the French Riviera with driver Hank Rodgers.

“The Word Would Be Goodbye”  (Claudine Longet, Albert Paulsen)     

Driving Hank's car on the road Paul nearly has a crash with an erratic driver who turns out to be the woman he almost married - novelist Nichole Longet. He is overcome with love again, but discovers she is married to an aging and unpleasant philosopher and Resistance hero. As the marriage is about to be annulled, Nicole and Paul return to San Patrazio in Spain, where their romance began, only to learn that her husband has disappeared. Their short-lived fling ends when they discover him nearly dead in Paris, and like Kate, Nicole acknowledges that she must remain with the older man who needs her.

September 1966
Paris - Milan - driving through Louisiana - Malaga - Barcelona - Zermatt - Andorra - Barcelona -
Paris - Boston - Melon Bay & Medbury, Massachusetts -Watkins Glen, New York

Bert Freed and  Ben Gazzara  in Run For Your LifeBen Gazzara and Roddy McDowell in Run For Your LifeLetitia Roman, Fernando Lamas and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
One Bad Turn                                Don't Count on Tomorrow                                      The Naked Half Truth
Aldo Ray, Henry Beckman and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
The Rape of Lucrece                          Face of the Antagonist

Paul spends some time with Kate and Armand in Paris, and receives further confirmation of the billionaire's determination to help find a cure for Paul's disease.   At Monza the new Mastin road car is launched and Pete Gaffney Racing gets its first Grand Prix point.

“One Bad Turn”  (Anne Helm, Warren Oates)   /  “Don't Count on Tomorrow”  (Roddy McDowell     

[ The extreme elements of these two episodes have been interwoven with dream sequences to create a viable story. ]

After seeing a new specialist in Louisiana, Paul is arrested after making a gentle remark to a policeman about being over-aggressive with some rowdy youths. His cell mate Julian tells of corruption in the town, and how his father was shot “trying to escape” after being charged with the very embezzlement the man tried to expose. In horror the son shot at the home of the criminal councilor, and was arrested for attempted murder. When a deputy begins beating Julian, Paul tries to stop him, and is warned that he will be accused of the assault with certain felony conviction resulting. Paul dreams he's in a similar situation, but it's a Soviet gulag.

After overhearing a plot to kill him and blame his cellmate, Julian wakes Paul, and the two escape while the deputies are out establishing alibis. Though failing to secure blackmail material the Mayor is holding against the town's corrupt individuals, Paul and Julian go to dig up evidence to exonerate his father, but it's actually a gun he gets, intending to use it against the man responsible for his father's death.

Paul overcomes Julian, phones Kate's sister with a plan, and turns himself and Julian in to authorities. Waiting for Molly to arrive, Paul has terrorizing nightmares of being beaten himself and horribly assaulting a deputy, as well as being kidnapped when he manages to escape to California. Intermixed with these are triumphal dreams with Molly getting the deputy arrested across state lines and Paul tricking the sheriff.

All the while Molly and Gin Bradley (June's sister) were having a red carpet laid out in the town, after the girls claim a Bradley company would be located there. Molly slips the Mayor a Mickey, snatches all his blackmail material, and presents it to the opposition in the state Capitol. Troopers break in and arrest the sheriff and deputies and release Paul who flies to the Malaga test track.

“The Naked Half Truth”  (Fernando Lamas)     

Paul is asked by a wealthy friend to locate his missing daughter from a college relationship, and goes to Andorra with Ramon de Vega to find the girl after a trip to Zermat to see Kate and Armand.  In Andorra there is cloak-and-dagger activity among Paul, Ramon and the two families with claim to the daughter. She is spirited away in Ramon's truck, then all wait at a Barcelona hotel (including the feuding families) for Paul's friend to arrive and decide if the girl is his daughter. When he claims her, everyone is happy, and Paul flies to Boston and visits the girl he met as April in New Orleans, finding her overcoming the multiple personality affliction.

“The Rape of Lucrece”  (Julie Harris, Audrey Totter)     

He journeys on to Melon Bay to stay with old friends, and meets a novelist who had been a client of his father's in Carmel. She makes dinner for Paul, and they have an agreeable time until she begins to drink. Paul becomes increasingly more uncomfortable as she is obviously trying to seduce him. He's finally able to leave graciously when the weather begins to storm, but the novelist then begins attacking him verbally, and when he tries to end the evening on a pleasant note, she appears to agree, then scratches his face. From outside he sees her violently breaking up the room and hysterically throwing things. When Paul goes in to stop her, they struggle, she screams and tears at her dress, fainting just as a neighbor arrives.

Paul finds himself in jail on an attempted rape charge, and in a preliminary hearing, the novelist describes the evening as the opposite of what it was. Only when her editor, a fellow house guest at Paul's friends', realizes the testimony is almost identical to a passage in the writer's new manuscript, is the false charge against Paul exposed.

“The Face of the Antagonist”  (Aldo Ray, Richard Anderson)     

On his way to Watkins Glen for the Grand Prix, Paul overnights in a town where he is attacked by youths who slash his tires. A burly ex policeman comes to his aid, and they have a drink at a bar, but learning Paul is a lawyer, the man first attacks him verbally, then physically. When the man arrives home his wife is dead, and he is arrested for her murder, appealing to Paul the next morning for an alibi. The bartender claims the man wasn't there, and despite the ex policeman's behavior towards him, Paul nevertheless works at destroying the frame-up, and makes a deal with the young delinquents who supplement Paul's alibi.