The Ultimate Episode Guide to the Run For Your Life TV Series
Starring Ben Gazzara / 1930 - 2012 / May He Rest in Peace

Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara

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The month-by-month outline below chronicles Paul's life from his engagement to Kate Pierce in February 1965 to their marriage in December 1966 after he begins experiencing end symptoms of his terminal illness - all the adventures, all the episodes in one ongoing narrative. (TClick the PAUL BRYAN'S JOURNAL button to read the day-by-day version of the diary.)

January 1966
Costa del Sol - Berlin - Marrakech - Paris - San Francisco - Chicago - San Diego to San Francisco -
Barbados & St. Michael islands -Sardinia - Sicily

Ben Gazzara, and Arthur Hill  in Run For Your LifeLouise Sorel and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
The Exchange                          The Assassin                            Night Train From Chicago                                          Carol
Mary Ann Mobley and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Where Mystery Begins                         Tears From a Glass Eye                              Life Among the Meat Eaters

The Exchange”  (Janice Rule, Stephen McNally)   [ The more unlikely parts of this episode are represented by a nightmare. ]    

While spending New Years in Spain with Kate, Paul is summoned to Berlin by CIA agent Mike Allen to come to Berlin. The man's very name brings on a nightmare about acting as go between in the exchange of an East German spy for an innocent American businessman held on espionage charges. Incongruously representing himself to the East Germans as the wife's lover, Paul has his suit ripped up, and is stabbed in East Berlin over a private matter involving the Communist agent's girlfriend.

The American is presented in bandages, and the East Germans become aware Paul knows he's an imposter. When they threaten dire consequences at Checkpoint Charlie if Paul gives any signal of the fact, Paul leaps out a window at central security headquarters, and hides in a closed sporting goods store where he gets archery equipment to shoot messages warning about the fake exchange. The dream ends in a curtain of steam, the Communist agent is held back and Paul returns to West Berlin safely.

When he actually goes to Berlin, it turns out to be a minor matter, interceding for Sydney Crookshank, twice Paul's savior in Yugoslavia, and after all is sorted out, Sydney accompanies him to Marrakech for Gaffney Bryan Mastin's first race.

The Assassin”  (Arthur Hill, Andrew Duggan)   
Where Mystery Begins” (part 1)   (Dana Wynter, Keith Andes)    

Kate and Paul return to San Francisco where he agrees to rejoin his law firm, and is presented with a murder case for an outside attorney who is hospitalized. At his doctor's request, Paul meets another terminal patient, Bill Dagen, who's vowed to use what's left of his life to kill a successful banker who led a college prank leaving Dagen permanently disabled.

Paul goes to Jim Seaborne, now at the SFPD, and there, runs into Molly's boyfriend who gives Paul a lottery ticket supposedly bought at the boyfriend's home in December. Seaborne warms the banker about the threat. Demanding police protection, the man hires thugs who beat Dagen up.

Paul and Kate make a rare appearance in public together when she buys a painting at auction for a Chicago buyer. After an uneasy discussion with the hospitalized defense attorney whom Paul considers disreputable, Paul goes into Court with a surprise witness in the murder trial, the doctor who questioned the defendant under truth serum, and the case is adjourned for a week.

Paul then learns that Dagen has shot Colby, is on the run, and also killed another man. Police release the false information that the banker is dead, and a jubilant Dagen immediately surrenders, crestfallen when he learns the truth. Because Kate is ill, Paul delivers the painting to the Chicago buyer for her, and then fulfils a dream of traveling through America by overnight train to California where he will have his first drive for Gaffney Bryan Mastin at Riverside.

Night Train from Chicago”  (Louise Sorel, Brock Peters)    [ Most of this episode is represented as a dream for obvious reasons. ]   

On the first morning Paul meets a nun named Sister Veronica who leaves a valuable rosary behind when she suddenly departs the dining car. Back in his compartment Paul reads a newspaper story stating that a famous mobster is giving testimony about the Mafia, his daughter Sister Veronica having recently died.

Falling asleep, Paul dreams that it was actually the mobster's other daughter - sister of the nun - whom he met at breakfast. When the train arrives in Los Angeles, he follows the girl to a motel where she is kidnapped, a chambermaid is killed, Paul is knocked out, and becomes a murder suspect. He dreams the police allow him to race, but he gets beat up again, and is taken to the morgue to see the mobster's cousin who was carrying a note with Paul's name on it. The girl calls him to her motel where gunmen break in, and Paul shoots them dead. Waking up with a headache he goes to the dining car for aspirin, sees the nun, and returns the rosary to her.

Paul gives a credible drive at Riverside with a large complement of friends to watch, and contracts are signed with Mastin.

Carol”  (Kim Earby)      

Having developed a taste for rail travel, Paul takes the train to San Francisco, but gets out after a couple hours to assist a girl who collapses en route with a pregnancy complication. After leaving the hospital he rents a car and drops the girl at her husband's fraternity house, then overnights in Santa Cruz, only to find her hitch hiking in the morning. He leaves the girl off in San Francisco, knowing that she wants an abortion, her “husband” having revealed their Mexico marriage to be a fake. Kate urges Paul to go back and try to dissuade the girl from the abortion, but he gets to her too late, and she dies as a result of the illegal operation.

Where Mystery Begins” (part 2)   (Dana Wynter, Keith Andes)      

Paul resumes his murder defense case, with much expert testimony discrediting statements made under truth serum. Ever more mistrustful of his client and her lawyer, while the jury is out, Paul goes to the hospital and threatens to ruin the attorney if evidence emerges that the defendant was “coached” to give evidence under the truth serum.

Despite all the expert witnesses against her, the verdict is not guilty, but at her home Paul manages to trick the woman into admitting she was indeed coached by her lawyer for the truth serum sessions. Paul starts Bar Council proceedings against the shifty attorney, but at the hearing the woman accuses Paul of molesting her, repeating her denial of murder or being coached - then recants.

Tears from a Glass Eye”  (Mary Ann Mobley, Donnelly Rhodes)      

Paul flies to Barbados to race, and at a related charity auction, buys a week at a Caribbean resort, not realizing it is for the following week when Kate is unavailable. At the resort he squires around a sad divorcee whose ex-husband offers Paul money to marry her so he can stop paying alimony.

When a fellow looking like a fortune hunter arrives at the resort, Paul tries to prevent an alliance between them, but the suitor is really in love with the woman, not working for the husband. Nevertheless, he accepts the man's money as a nest egg for the couple's future - with Paul's blessing.

Life Among the Meat Eaters”   (Anne Baxter, Jacques Bergerac, Peter Donat, Anna Capri)      
[ The improbable situations in this episode cause it to be portrayed as a dream. ]

On Sardinia for a race which GBM finishes one-two, Paul reconnects with a friend who is on the island for sky diving - and another of his wealthy mother's weddings. Paul has a bad parachute landing, and unconscious, dreams he is a house guest at the wedding along with the representative of a criminal gambling syndicate, there to make sure the indebted groom goes ahead with the marriage, so they can collect what he owes them.

Paul's ego soaring from the race track, in the dream, the wealthy bride-to-be implies she might marry Paul, and the gangster threatens him, kicking him down a flight of stairs. In response Paul flies to a London casino to confront the mobsters, and is beaten up, the thugs repeating that he is going to die. Nevertheless, he flies back to Sardinia to prevent the wedding, the dream ending with mild laughter becoming hysterical as the wealthy woman, amused by his warning about the groom and the syndicate, tells Paul that there's plenty of money to go around for gambling debts. Paul awakes to Kate's concerned face, and the two go to his mother's village in Sicily, this time met by the Mayor.

February 1966
Sicily - Tunis - San Francisco - Zermatt - Cyprus - London - New York - New Orleans - Las Vegas -
Oahu, Hawaii - San Francisco

Austin Willis and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Fly By Night                            In Search of April                                            The Frozen Image                     Sara-Jane, You Never Whispered Agai

The villagers love Kate despite her cultured Italian, and a delegation joins the couple for a race in Tunis where Pete is second and Paul sixth.

Fly by Night”  (Felicia Farr, Andrew Duggan)      

When he learns a good friend and colleague has been arrested on a murder charge, Paul flies to San Francisco, leaving Kate with the villagers. Though not charged in the end, Paul's colleague shoots himself, nearly fatally, believing he'll always be suspected of killing his wife and her lover.

Fearing a second suicide attempt, Paul tries to find the real slayer, concentrating on trapping the murdered man's widow. He tracks down her young boyfriend, and searches his house. Later, while she is listening in another room of Paul's suite, the boyfriend speaks derogatively about her - and is later found stabbed. The widow is arrested, and the innocence of Paul's colleague is confirmed.

Kate and Paul meet in Switzerland, and spend a week in Zermatt - the snow vacation they'd missed over his amnesia. While there, they celebrate another one-two finish for GBM in Madeira, and fly on to Cyprus where Pete reveals their team is being considered for the 1966 Formula 1 season - for which they'd need $1.5 million (most to come from Rachel Pike, Kate, June Bradley and Rhona Darrell). After finishing well in the Cyprus race, they fly to London to meet with a law firm.

In Search of April” (part 1)  (Carol Lynley, Don Rickles, William Lundigan)      

Kate goes to a speaking engagement at a Las Vegas convention, and Paul goes to New Orleans for Mardi Gras where he meets a fascinating girl named April, a unique combination of innocence and sophistication. When she vanishes like Cinderella in the morning, he flies to Las Vegas to celebrate the first anniversary of his engagement with Kate.

The Frozen Image”  (Mel Torme, Sandra Smith)      

After she leaves for a conference in Arizona, while waiting for Pete, Paul meets the singer headlining at his hotel. Having just fired his manager, the performer impulsively asks Paul to take the job. Driving to the airport in the entertainer's fabulous sports car, Paul questions his handling of the vehicle, and gets the retort, “what are you, a race driver?” Waiting for such a query since his “track career” started, Paul's impressive stint behind the wheel is his answer, and he also expresses suspicion of the pilot's ability to handle the private jet.

Paul escorts the entertainer's wife to his show, but when she leaves, and Paul follows, there is an ugly public scene, her husband threatening to break her neck. Someone nearly does in the course of a robbery, and the singer calls Paul who rings for a doctor as the singer sobs about how much he loves his wife. Suddenly suspicious of the lawyer cum racing driver cum jet pilot, he pulls a gun on Paul, but his wife makes a sound. As the doctor arrives, Paul grabs the gun, and takes the car keys and races to the airport, just stopping the questionable pilot from taking off with the jewels.

In the morning the wife is well, the singer is back to his usual ways, and Pete flies in, joining Paul on a flight to Hawaii. There, he's given the task of escorting Laura Beaumont, the “difficult” daughter of one of Rachel Pike's wealthy guests, and manages to get Laura's father to invite him along for their vacation at the exclusive Swiss resort of Montenaro.

Relaxing on Rachel's beach, Paul sees a magazine photo of the girl he met in New Orleans, but her name is not given as April, but Allison. Pete takes the race victory in Hawaii, but Paul is unable to celebrate his fourth place, being called back to San Francisco as part of the new deal with his law firm.

Sara-Jane, You Never Whispered Again”  (Barbara Hershey)    [ Gruesome beatings make part of this episode more suitable as a dream. ]   

Asked to find a law partner's daughter, Sara, who's disappeared among San Francisco's hippie community, Paul and Kate make a fruitless stab, but are too old to get any information.

March 1966
Los Angeles - San Francisco - Montenaro, Switzerland - Gstaad -
Paris / Cherbourg - Crossing to New York by ship - Gstaad - Datona -
Montreal - Boston - New Orleans

Elizabeth Ashley and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Sara-Jane, You Never Whispered Again         The Cold, Cold War of Paul Bryan             The Grotenberg Mask                               In Search of April

The colleague is not satisfied with the effort to locate his daughter, and asks Paul to try Los Angeles. While there, Paul meets the person April / Allison from New Orleans was with in the magazine he saw in Hawaii; and learns that a man in Montreal also wanted to find her. Just when he is starting to enjoy the search with Kate, Paul has a ghastly nightmare in which he seeks out a Saro Jane, and is horribly beaten by others looking for the woman. When taken to a morgue to see the girl's body, the corpse is not his colleague's daughter - but the name on the next drawer is Paul Bryan.

He tries a police station, and finds Sara - charged with pornography for writing a book of poems. After she's acquitted, Paul decides Sara is best left a free spirit, not telling her father he found her

The Cold, Cold War of Paul Bryan”  (Katherine Ross, Robert Loggia, Celeste Holm, Jacques Bergerac , Eric Braeden , Ted Knight)   

Joining the Beaumont family at the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Montenero, Paul discovers among the small circle of guests the vile dictator who was responsible for the death of a dear friend. Laura Beaumont has set her cap for the man who's hoping to regain power in his country, and plans to leave with him, despite Paul's warnings.

When the hotel is cut off by an avalanche, tempers fray, and a diabolical card game is started, in which the dictator loses countless rounds, Paul taking the whole six million - mostly the dictator's checks - in one perfect bet. Unable to cover his checks, the dictator threatens to kill Paul, who exposes the insolvency in front of other guests before they leave, the resulting gossip sure to quash his coup attempt.

The Grotenberg Mask”  (Elizabeth Ashley)      

With a day free before his sailing to New York, Paul goes to Gstaad, and encounters the daughter of a friend from San Francisco - drinking heavily after a ski bum dropped her. She gets accommodation on Paul's sailing, and ruins his longed-for transatlantic voyage, drinking excessively, constantly trying to seduce him and never leaving the subject of her ski bum and his brother whom she considers responsible for the break up. The man is also on the ship, and she even goes to his cabin and scratches his face.

In New York they learn the brother's wife was murdered the night before their arrival. The girl suspects him, drags Paul to the police and lawyer of the man accused of the crime, and gives a defamatory statement to the press about the brother. When he threatens to sue her, Paul goes to see him, and mitigate the situation. Noting that the widower has no scratches on his face, Paul informs the police, deducing it was the boyfriend on the ship creating an alibi, and the man indeed murdered his wife.

Airline records prove the fact, but in denial, the girl flies to Switzerland, where her boyfriend nearly kills her on the slopes before having a paralyzing fall, his ex-girlfriend suffering the nervous breakdown that was long coming. After contacting her father, Paul flies back to the US, just in time to participate in a race at Datona. Pete wins, and they've qualified for Formula 1.

In Search of April” (part 2)   (Carol Lynley, Don Rickles, William Lundigan)      

Paul flies to Montreal, and visits the man looking for “April” from Mardi Gras, learning she had Massachusetts connections. This jogs his memory, and leads him to the mansion of a girl named Margaret, suffering from a multiple personality syndrome, her parents in despair when she disappears for long periods before “rediscovering her true identity” and coming home.

Never having met anyone who encountered their daughter in one of these episodes, they ask Paul to speak to her psychiatrist. En route to the doctor's he meets Margaret in still another guise, wanting to go to New Orleans where Gaffney Bryan Masten is racing next. Though everyone hopes such a trip will be of assistance, when they arrive Paul discovers that “April” is being pursued by a mobster from Florida because she witnessed (but has no recollection of) a murder he committed. The gangster tries to strangle “April,” and Paul just manages to save her.

Before joining the team for the Louisiana race, Paul befriends a wealthy man from Arkansas who sails and is interested in motor racing, having an engineering works in New Orleans to turn out designs for his many hobbies.

The Man Who Had No Enemies”  (Joanna Moore, Victoria Shaw, Kurt Kasznar)      

When the fellow from Hot Springs joins Paul and the Darrells for dinner, they start to think of him as a potential investor in the team, but he actually wants Paul to crew his super yacht. Pete and Paul are both on the podium for the street-circuit race, and with a week before the next in Trinidad Paul takes up the invitation to sail there on the fabulous boat.