The Ultimate Episode Guide to the Run For Your Life TV Series
Starring Ben Gazzara / 1930 - 2012 / May He Rest in Peace

Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara

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The month-by-month outline below chronicles Paul's life from his engagement to Kate Pierce in February 1965 to their marriage in December 1966 after he begins experiencing end symptoms of his terminal illness - all the adventures, all the episodes in one ongoing narrative. (TClick the PAUL BRYAN'S JOURNAL button to read the day-by-day version of the diary.)

October 1966
Watkins Glen - Medbury - New York City - Belém, Manaus, and jungle of Brazil -
Rio de Janeiro - San Francisco - Santa Margarita & Mexico City, Mexico -
Zermatt -  Berlin - New York City - Emerson City

Ben Gazzara and Dina Merrill in Run For Your LifeTom Skerritt and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your LifeBarbara Stanek, Coleen Gray  and John Forsythe in Run For Your Life
East of the Equator                                               The Killing Scene                                                      A Choice of Evils

East of the Equator  (Dina Merrill)     

At the Grand Prix in New York Paul escorts a friend of Rachel Pike's, and they attend an art exhibition in conjunction with the race. When he notes their special interest, the curator mentions a gallery in New York City showing new primitives. There the woman sees a picture she believes might be painted by her husband who went missing on his yacht.

They pursue the matter, and fly to Brazil - going from art dealer to the man who signed the picture, but did not paint it. He is an engineer who bought it at a trading post in the jungle while prospecting, and takes them to the station and then the tribal village where the artist lives. The picture was indeed painted by the woman's husband, and he left her to escape civilization. She finally accepts this and leaves him there. On their way back to the US, Paul learns that Armand died when they arrived in Brazil, and Kate is now in San Francisco.

The Killing Scene  (Tom Skeritt, Robert Duvall, Will Geer)     

Kate is stable, and to everyone's shock, has inheirited all Armand's billions. Paul learns there's been a development in the case of someone he prosecuted when an assistant district attorney. Within hours of the execution, the condemned man's co-defendant has had a breakdown. Paul visits death row, and suddenly convinced of the man's innocence, relentlessly investigates the case in the hours available to him. Though he gets a confession from the individual who really committed the robbery, it is too late. The execution had already taken place.

At rock bottom, Paul and Kate journey to the retreat house at Santa Margarita, but both manage to attend the last Formula 1 race in Mexico City where Pete announces his retirement, and Kate pledges support for his new team.

A Choice of Evils  (John Forsythe, Barbara Stanek)     

Paul and Kate travel to Zermatt. Where Paul hears from dear friend Spencer Holt, in the last days of his campaign for Governor. A German folk singer is claiming to be his daughter from a wartime liaison, and Spence asks Paul to contact her, and stop the girl, if possible.

In Berlin Paul starts to believe her story and the documentation she shows him, and accompanies her to the US where Spence meets her - seen by the opposition who threaten to reveal the story. In a near-election-eve speech he appears to claim the girl, then welcomes her to his home

November 1966
Emerson City - Zermatt - Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - Israeli desert - touring through Egypt -
Libyan desert - Malta - Zermatt - Athens - Zermatt - Libyan desert - Rome

Ina Balin and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your LifeJeremy Slate and Ben Gazzzara in Run For Your Life
The Dead on Furlough                        Keep My Share of the World

In the morning the girl admits being an imposter, not even the daughter of the woman who nursed Spence during the war. All this is admitted by her on a talk show the day before the election. Paul takes her back to Europe where she virtually dissolves into the crowd, and Spence wins in a landslide.

The Dead on Furlough  (Ina Balin, Hans Gudegast)     

With Kate now unavailable to accompany him Paul fulfils their planned trip to the Holy Land. His host is the girl he went gliding with, and her archaeologist friend allows him on a dig. Attacked by Bedouins, the team discover what appears to be an amazing find, but which  turns out to be only century-old newspapers.

Keep My Share of the World  (Jeremy Slate, Rossano Brazi)     

Kate arranges VIP treatment for Paul to see the sights of Egypt, and there he's introduced to the former girlfriend of the Greek whose vehicle is going for the land speed record. Learning that Pete is driving, Paul accompanies the woman to the test site where the record is almost achieved, but there is a contretemps between the car's owner and Pete, who walks out on the opportunity.

That night Paul finally tells Pete about the diagnosis, and learns the driver suspected since the beginning. Paul takes the speed-record drive, only having to brake the car at the same place Pete did the previous day. With a week required before damage to the car can be repaired Paul sails to Malta on Staphos' yacht, and the Greek quizzes him over his lifestyle, Paul glad to disembark for a couple days in Zermatt.

When he arrives in Athens Staphos gives Paul a hard time, having had him investigated, and offering $100,000 if Paul ends the (nonexistent) relationship with Staphos' former mistress. Paul visits a doctor in Athens, the first ever he finds kindhearted. After spending some days with Kate in Zermatt, Paul returns to the salt flats in Libya, and breaks the world speed record - but unofficially.

Staphos asks him to be his right-hand man/successor in the business empire he believes will take Greece into the 21st century, and admits a wartime act which caused his lover to leave him and become his blackmailer. Paul tells him of the diagnosis, and believing the couple will get together again, departs for Rome to check arrangements for the wedding ceremony to take place when the symptoms come on - something Paul believes has begun.

December 1966
Rome - Athens - on safari in Kenya - Nairobi - Rome - Amalfi Coast

Ralph Bellamy and Marianne Hill  in Run For Your LifeTisha Sterling and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Trip to the Far Side                        It Could Only Happen in Rome

Trip to the Far Side  (Ralph Bellamy, Marianna Hill)     

Paul sees a woman with a striking resemblance to the girl who'd held him captive in Sicily, yet still won his affection, and feels a strong need to make contact with her. He falls in with the girl who is very interested in him, and through sheer lethargy, he passes two weeks with her, drifting around Rome until he must leave for his medical appointment in Athens - after which she takes him to Africa where her father is on safari.

Soon as they arrive there, Paul begins to have interminable elephant nightmares, and is then asked to leave, the father not wanting someone with Paul's seemingly aimless lifestyle around his daughter. Paul says he is guest of the daughter and insists on staying, the father glad when Paul later shoots a lion that is trying to maul him. Suddenly, Paul is a hero in his eyes, and he supports the girl's plan to snare the man with the perplexing lifestyle.

However, she is becoming oppressive company for Paul, and when Alex Ryder shows up, Paul feels surrounded by parasites. While Alex tries to sell him real estate, the father prefers to buy information, and offers $10,000 for the reason Paul gave up the law for traveling. The daughter traps Paul into inviting her to spend Christmas with him in Rome, but when her father conveys Alex's information about Paul's terminal illness, she lets him leave Kenya on his own.

It Could Only Happen in Rome  (Tisha Sterling)     

Paul returns to Rome for Christmas, major symptoms of his illness suddenly coming on. Healthy so much longer than doctors predicted, he is shocked by this onset, and begins making plans for his passing while still mobile.

In a café Paul encounters a strolling singer, and feels immediately better in her company. When this phenomenon is repeated, he believes she's been sent to him to make this difficult time easier. He sets the marriage ceremony to Kate for December 28, still not having told her the end is near. She informs him that Alex is footing the bill for a super-expensive honeymoon, thereby gleening that Molly's fiancé betrayed the terminal illness to the father and daughter when in Africa.

After several days absence, Paul again spots Tia, the urchin singer, this time elegantly dressed, and finds she's gone to pawn a painting.  Eventually, he learns she is living in shabby conditions with an artist from a wealthy Boston family which the older man has rejected. Paul goes to see the self-pitying artist who drinks excessively, and insists he free Tia, then almost attacks him physically. When he meets her again, though he loves her, Paul acidly accuses Tia of not knowing the difference between fantasy and deceit - incapable of speaking the truth, and shakes her violently - extracting from Tia the truth about her low background.

The aggressive behavior newly acquired in the last 18 months is now out of control, and Paul fears what he might do to Kate if he snapped in her presence. Repentant, when he goes to see Tia and the artist with Christmas presents, Paul finds them gone, then receives a letter from Tia, explaining that she and the artist have been married for three years, but that her husband has taken Paul's advice and gone back to the US.

Paul has probably condemned the girl to a life of prostitution, and vows not to take another action while in his irrational state. When Kate arrives just before Christmas, she tries to hide her horror over the actions Paul relates, also quickly observing physical evidence. of end-stage symptoms

Staying at Armand's Roman palazzo, Kate tries to comfort Paul, and they find Tia and give her a scholarship and staffed fashion boutique with accommodations above it. They spend much time in the palazzo's medieval chapel in prayer, and marry in the Basilica of St. John Lateran on December 28, with a brief honeymoon.

January 1977
Amalfi Coast - Rome - Boston - Pacific Coast of Mexico

After returning to Rome, they separate by mutual agreement, Paul not wishing Kate to again watch a man she loves disintegrate. He flies to Boston, and has a good meeting with Tia's husband, who promises to return to her when he can control his alcoholism. Paul then disappears in a packing case, bound for the west coast of Mexico where he arranges for an old woman to look after him in a beach hut.

Here, the life on the run journal ends, but it is not the end of the story.