Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
6 - 8 August 1965

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6 - 8 August  1965 ("Carnival Ends at Midnight" dream)

As part of a dream, Paul has been trying to trick Larry Carter (Peter Lawford) into returning to the United States to face charges of murdering the father of Paul's fiancée. But Larry became suspicious, and bowed out of a flight which might have taken him out of the country. Now he apologizes, and tells Paul why he didn't want to make the trip.

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The mixing of episode action, the journal report of a race in Rio and Paul's crash unconsciousness are mixed
together in such a complex way, that an explanation is given in the right-hand column.
At the end are notes as to why the episode is covered by a dream state.

Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Rome - Rio de Janeiro
Friday, August 6

I feel like a five-year old with a brand new pair of roller skates, only these skates will be represented by a shiny Alfa Romeo, tuned to compete with some of the greatest stars in motor racing!
Just read through the list of drivers who'll be bringing teams to the new Challenge Cup. It's staggering - Sterling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Larry Carter, even the great Fangio, as well as Graham Hill, Alfonso Bras and Jim Clark. Over 40 teams including GB.
Met at the airport by Isabella Fragoso, head of public relations for the event, and she treated me as if I were Mario Andretti!
Who was behind her but Molly and her college friend, Carmen Barreto, who insisted on having me brought to the hotel in her chauffeur-driven Rolls. The scene had enough pizzazz to make me feel like King of Carnival, and all I had wanted from the weekend was the chance to drive in a race.
Molly had her arm in mine with the kind of possessiveness reserved for kept men, and as much as I can imagine what she must have told her friend, can't see how I'm going to detach myself from Kate's sister with any ease.
When we got to the hotel, I felt like pulling out an autograph book, the lobby was crawling with all my heroes, moving in and out of a reception in an adjoining room.
Needed to pinch myself that I was one of them. Well, with a pretty young girl on each arm, and Carmen's liveried chauffeur hovering behind us with my bag. I was just the part.
Pete sashayed over with my ultimate idol, Larry Carter, who said he'd heard great things about me. Me?  More likely, he should have been wondering how I got into this company. Once she got her eyes on Larry, Molly miraculously seemed to have lost interest in me.
Larry introduced the two Brazilians who are regular members of Carter Grand Prix, Getulio Quadros and Gaspar Melo, then their wives joined us, and Larry began flirting mercilessly with them, accompanied by overly patient looks from Gaspar and Getulio, as if to say that this was all part of driving for Larry Carter.
Then Alfonso Bras, who's hosting the event, came over and extended a large hand. The great Brazilian driver said he was delighted to have me in the race.
Walked right up to me as if I were someone he knew. Is this one of those cases where one vows they'll never wash their hands again?  Just about.
Pete removed the champagne glass that had been placed in my hand, and reminded me that we had a date on the course to look at my car. However, it wasn't an end to the fun, but the beginning of my dream.
Just driving through this intoxicating city  to the roads that had been set aside was a wonder in itself, and the Alfa was set up so that even I was able to take her through the streets with her purring all the way.
I kept expressing my astonishment to Pete about the car's performance, and he just said, “we look after you, good buddy.” That “we” reminded me what a special race this was for him too, head of his own team for the first time.
I promised to do my best not to let him down. In response, he put a hand on my shoulder, and said, "thanks for making the team possible."
Who'd have thought that the two teenagers planning to follow their fathers into the Bryan and Gaffney law firm as the War was ending would find themselves racing here with the world's best in the summer of 1965?
The rest of the day flew by full of glitter. Heroes, cars, champagne and samba. And the delightful Isabella.
Molly had latched herself onto Larry - though he seemed more interested in sorority sister Carmen - but she kept eyeing me whenever I danced with Isabella.
Kate and I have kept our contact with one another private, and I doubt that she knows that we're seeing one another since the end of the engagement.
“I could have danced all night” - boy, I know how Eliza Doolittle felt! - but with an overnight flight behind me, and qualifying for race order tomorrow, this is definitely one occasion where I should SLEEP all night. But dreams? I've already lived them all.

Paul gets an overnight flight from Rome to Rio, and sleeps little over excitement about the race weekend - the debut of G&B Racing.

Larry Carter                  Molly  Pierce
    Carmen             Isabella
Drivers Getulio Quadros and Gaspar Melo
Wives Maria Quadros and Nina Melo
Rio de Janeiro
Saturday - Sunday, August 7 - 8

Making quick notes so I can save some of the flavor of this weekend. The car is humming, and feels like a part of me. Pete is a genius - or in fairness, credit is due to our technical team - but he hand-picked them, and they've found a way to make this high-powered machine nurse along a rank amateur like me. Can't believe it, but I'm a long way from last in the morning qualifying.
Sitting around having lunch with the other drivers is an amazing experience. Molly is lapping it up. Just hope she won't get into some scrapes. Pete handed her a pass to the restricted areas when she walked into the hotel yesterday.  It's amusing, watching Larry Carter try to slip out of her path in his most gentlemanly British way.
My God! A man just brushed past me apologetically, and it was Juan Manuel Fangio! Alfonso Bras is everywhere. He is overseeing the whole event with a keen eye, and running a team too.
Can't wait to get out on the course again. Just hoping I won't be last. Pete has put in two good times, up with the leaders. I want for no more than what I've already experienced, but what if GB were to win or come in among the top cars in such a spectacular race!
[ Paul's notes for the day end here, but we are privileged to share a dream experience when an accident occurs, causing him to go off the road.]
A car suddenly swerved sideways right in my path. Collision, but no, we both just stopped where we were, suspended. Then ….. fireworks - filling the sky. It must be Carnival. People carrying me on a stretcher. Kate.
Paul crashes out of qualifying, and has a nightmare which mirrors

Race organizer Alfonso Bras

And we're walking along the beach. I must point out Corcovado, but can't see the Sugar Loaf at all. No, it's Paradise Island. Yes, we're meeting in the Bahamas.
Katie is in tears, trying to tell me something. Her father is dead. Killed by her mother's lover, the racing driver Larry Carter [ In the film episode, this is what happened; in this story, it is only Kate and Molly's mother having an affair with an Englishman  ]. She wants me to go to Rio and bring him back. Back where? Isn't he in England? Thought I was already in Rio.
Yes, and Larry is in Brazil for the race. Kate must be wrong. Surely, he's not trying to escape extradition.
Oh,there's Larry talking to his drivers' wives, Maria Quadros and Nina Melo. [ Larry Carter takes these two women out in the film episode ] Asking them for a nightcap - in the middle of the afternoon! What a flirt, just like Pete.
Now his drivers are beating him up. [ Thugs hired by Paul in the film episode are Larry Carter's drivers - and husbands of the Maria and Nina. ] Did he insult their wives?
No, I'm paying them. A trick to make friends with him. He killed Katie's father. Or did I just want to get his autograph?
Now someone's shooting at us. [ Molly in the episode ] I didn't pay this person. Alfonso Bras [ policeman in film episode ] thinks someone was trying to kill me. Maybe because I'm an amateur driver, and the professionals don't want me around. But Bras welcomed me so warmly to the race. Larry is in the hospital .... Or am I in the hospital?
Guess who was shooting?  It was Molly. I knew she was after Larry from the moment she set eyes on him! But now, Molly wants to finish Larry off.  The family can't get their signals straight. Kate wants me to bring him back; [ impossible reference in episode ] Molly wants him dead in Brazil.
Always such a silly girl. How can she be Kate's sister? Molly promised to go back home like a good child, but she is never good. Always trouble. I'll keep her locked in my hotel room, and stand guard by the door … Oh, I've fallen asleep by the door.
Maybe she drugged me. I feel so dizzy. Know that she is trying to trick me. Now she says that she has to stay here to maintain her sanity.  These Pierce women have a problem with sanity.I keep my cards close to my chest. Tell Molly nothing. Dangerous girl.
During afternoon qualifying, an out-of-control car crosses Paul's path, and while skilfully avoiding a crash, Paul goes off the track, and is knocked unconscious.

(His former fiancée, Kate Pierce, gave a lecture at Columbia University the previous day, and they have arranged to meet after the race in the Bahamas.)

In CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, Paul has met Kate in Nassau, and she told him that her mother's lover murdered her father. The killer, Larry Carter, has flown to Brazil to escape extradition. [ In his dream Paul confuses the murderer with Larry Carter , the retired British driver. ]

In CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, Paul  sees Larry flirting with two Brazilian girls. [ In his dream they are the wives of Larry's drivers. ]

In CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, Paul  pays two men to assault Larry so that Paul can become his savior and friend. [ In his dream Larry's drivers play the muggers. ]

In CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, Paul  and Larry go out on the town, and shots are fired at them, wounding Larry and putting him in the hospital. Paul was able to get the license number of the car, and privately finds out the assailant was Kate's sister Molly. [ In his dream the police is Rio race organizer, the great Brazilian driver Alfonso Bras. ]

In CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, Paul quite rightly tries to get Molly to return to California, but not trusting her, keeps her gun in a drawer, and makes her stay in his hotel suite.
We are at a nightclub celebrating Carnival. Isabella and Molly's college friend will help me trick Larry. Carmen will pretend to have a rich father in the north by the border, and Larry will want to go after her ... But she does have a rich father. He's here at the race. He wished me good luck.
Larry will get in the Abel Leader, and I will fly him out of Brazil. Oh no, I sold my plane. How will we get there? Knew I shouldn't have sold her. I miss her ... Larry wants to go where the girls are. I'll deliver him to Kate, and then I can finish the race.

IIn CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, Paul devises a plan to fly Larry Carter over the Brazilian border by making Larry think it's his own idea to join two Brazilian sisters whose wealthy father's estate is in the north of the country, and pays two actresses to pose as the sisters. [ In his dream the actresses are Isabella, PR chief for the Rio race and the wealthy friend Molly is staying with, and instead of Larry renting a plane, Paul believes they'll be flying in the Abel Leader (Paul's flight name in Korea), the Cessna he's recently sold to finance the racing partnership with Pete Gaffney. ]
First I'll go to my room and lie down. So dizzy. Molly!  In my room. Trying to be seductive. I think she's glad my engagement to Kate is off. She always wanted me for herself. Now she's coming on strong. She's just drunk.
Molly is curious about my relationship with Kate. I think she wants to know if the field is clear for her. But then I heard Molly tell her friend that Kate and I were still engaged. Why does she think that?
In CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, Paul finds Molly has snuck in his room when he returns from staging the hoax for Larry, and he takes her out dancing.
Larry is not flying to the north. He was always known as the shrewdest driver in Formula One. He doesn't think Carmen is rich. Didn't he see Stefano Barreto in his Rolls?
No, it's I that Larry doesn't trust. He didn't really mean it when he said he was glad I was in the race. He wants to keep motor racing for the professionals.

In CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, Larry has changed his mind in the morning, and is suspicious that a trick is being played on him - by the Brazilian sisters, maybe Paul too, and his instincts tell him not to fly to the north. He doesn't say why he's so wary, but Paul tells Larry that if he has something on his mind, Paul would be glad to listen.
But I must have gotten things wrong, because he does trust me, and wants to share his secrets. My clients always had faith in me. Maybe he will ask me to drive for Carter Grand Prix.
Larry says he's a wanted man. That's right. Molly wants to be his date for the big party after the race. But Larry means that he's wanted by the police. There's Alfonso Bras in a policeman's uniform. Maybe he wants Larry to come out of retirement and drive for his team.
But Larry says that he's wanted for a murder he didn't commit - the killing of Gerald Pierce. Kate's father dead?  I must go to Katie right away! She's in New York, giving a lecture at Columbia … or is she in the Bahamas?
Larry says that Alice Pierce is crazy. I have to think about that one …. Maybe. Now Larry says that Alice killed her husband and framed him.
I must become his lawyer and defend him. The poor man!I must buy him a drink, and comfort him. Maybe he'll ask me to drive for his team if I do. Pete can be my relief driver.

In CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, Larry has second thoughts, and later tells Paul why he was afraid of flying near the Brazilian border, saying that he is wanted for murder. But he says that he was framed by the real killer, Kate's and Molly's mother, whom Larry reckons is crazy. Paul appears to believe him, and they go out to enjoy more Carnival celebrations.

I must tell Molly the good news … Where is Molly? She had a gun. It's gone. Molly wants GB to win the race, that's why she wants to get rid of Larry. Or maybe she's gone to his room to seduce him … At gunpoint.
Larry dead. Molly killed him. Oh my God!
“Molly! Molly! Molly! Molly! Molly!” [ Paul is lying on a stretcher in the medical tent. Molly rushes forward as he calls her name. Pete comes into focus with an ironic expression on his face, and Molly embraces Paul, shouting that she was afraid he was going to die.
Going to die.
Paul raises his head, but the doctor tells him to lie down. They'll check for concussion, and if he's OK, and has a good night's rest, he'll be able to race tomorrow.  From the back of the grid.
In CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, when Paul leaves Larry to take Molly to the airport, and finds that she is gone, as is her gun.

Paul races down to Larry's suite, and hears voices behind the door. Molly is holding a gun on Larry, who is denying the murder of her father. When Paul knocks, and Molly turns, Larry throws a ceramic mask to knock the gun out of her hand, but it goes off and kills him.

Paul enters, and rings for a doctor. The dying Larry insists on writing a confession that he did kill Molly's father, then expires.

Returning to the present .....

The nightmare over, Paul resumes consciousness, screaming Molly's name aloud in horror from the dream, his call interpreted differently by her.
When I awoke in the medical center, confused and frightened from a horrible nightmare I can still remember, it appeared that my dream weekend had turned into dust. But by the end of the day, that dust had reformed into something pretty nice to possess.
The hospital gave me an all clear, and sent me back to a hotel room full of flowers, the largest bouquet from Jim Clark with a note saying, “thanks for not crashing into me.”
Alfonso Bras came in to see how I was, and paid me great compliments for the way I'd avoided Clark's machine, which meant that he'd still be able to race.
A bevy of young ladies visited - including Isabella and the ever-present Molly and Co. But best of all was Pete bearing the news that he was second on the grid, just behind Graham Hill, and almost as excited about all the talk of the skilful driving of the amateur he'd brought to the race.
The doctor then came in with the edict that I couldn't have any more guests, and gave me a sedative that kept me asleep until morning. I could sense the glamour and excitement of race day soon as I woke, even though my head was hurting.
After going through an assortment of paces for the doctor, he pronounced me fit to drive, and though the tingle I'd expected was somewhat muted down by the easing headache and disappointing events of yesterday, my team was just behind poll position, and I felt perfect when Pete met me to drive to the course.
All Rio seemed out for this inaugural event, and the waves and cheers started to carry me away on a tide of expectation - even though I was at the back of the grid.  But next to Jim Clark - that made it not so bad.
The race was a blur, and though some said I drove like a terror, all I remember was one long prayer that I wouldn't make a silly mistake.
Never picked up more than ten places - as opposed to Jim Clark making it close to the front, but with so many others falling out, I ended up in the top half of the original field.
Pete's fifth in such a high-profile race put GB on the map, and the prize money meant that we'd actually come out ahead.
Alfonso put on a post-race party that gave a meaning to the word, and put every other I'd ever attended in the shadows. Were I to live to be 80, I will always treasure this weekend as one of the high points in my life - crash and all.
Writing this in the plane for the Bahamas, it all seems so long ago, even if it were just yesterday. I really need to put down so much more, but just feel completely overwhelmed by the whole thing. Shortly, I'll be in Nassau, about to begin the experiment with Kate.

9 - 17 August 1965 (Interlude with Kate Pierce)


As per the title, CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, this episode takes place at Mardi Gras time (March 2 in 1965).

But according to the definitive episode THE DAY TIME STOPPED, Paul was diagnosed  end March - early April 1965, too late for Carnival that year - and in Mardi Gras 1966, he is in New Orleans for the episode IN SEARCH OF APRIL.

That is only one reason why this episode must be considered a dream. Another is that in DAY TIME STOPPED, Molly meets Paul in the late autumn (i.e. six months after the diagnosis), and declares that she saw him a couple months earlier in Rio - which would put the events of CARNIVAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT squarely in the North American summer, and not at Carnival time.

Further, having attempted murder with the actual weapon that did kill Larry Carter in his hotel room, it is unlikely that Molly would have escaped a jail term in Brazil (and might even have been convicted of murder), despite a note from the victim, saying, "it was an accident. I killed her father," no excuse in any court to aquit someone of murder.

Moreover,, Molly's quite flippant reference in THE DAY TIME STOPPED  to having seen Paul in Rio implies no stress for her on that occasion, even if she had gotten away scot free.