Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
4 - 5 June 1966

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4 - 5 June 1966 ("Baby, the World's on Fire" / "Rendezvous in Tokyo" part 2)

About to attend a reunion with his Air Force buddies from the Korean War, Paul's mind reverts to a critical moment with one of them when then Lt. Mike Green (Martin Milner) had lost his nerve after recovery from injuries encountered in a crash. Admitting that he had faked a flame out over fear of completing that day's mission, Mike pleads with flight leader Paul to give him a chance to fly again the next day..

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Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Saturday - Sunday, June 4 - 5

Having planned to base myself in Kyoto, and just fly over for the reunion on Sunday, I ended up arriving in Tokyo without a hotel reservation, and no room immediately obvious.
So it SEEMED a brilliant bit of luck when I ran into my old roommate from Stanford Law days, Harry Bevins. He not only gave me use of his suite, but company car as well. It was just the side lights that made the offer less than palatable.
Tokyo on a Saturday night was bedlam, and the traffic was insane as well. Driving Harry's sports car, I was nearly hit by a truck, an accident, it seemed until I got to his hotel room, finding it ransacked.
Then came the menacing call, emphasizing that the near-miss had been no accident, and they were going to get me. Could this be The Mob after me over my testimony before the Congressional Committee?
My second thought was something Spence Holt had said about Harry long ago.  Though only in his early 30s, but already on the teaching staff at Stanford Law School, even to me as a Korean War vet, Spence had seemed wise beyond his years.
But still I never took seriously his remark that - along with Alex Ryder - Harry was the Student Most Likely to turn out to be the delinquent of our class.
At that point Susan Church arrived in the ransacked room, saying that she and Harry were to be married, and while not really trusting her after all that had happened, I decided to give her a chance.
We went back to the place where Harry and I'd met, and when a call for him was announced, I went to take it. No one there, and no one at our table when I got back to it.
Went outside to see if Susan had left, and was jumped by a pair of heavies who only got off me when her screams brought help. Though she tried to get away then, I managed to nab her, and found that she was on her way to see Harry.
Since he'd put me in the line of fire, I made sure to accompany her, and get to the bottom of things. Old Harry hadn't changed at all, and was running some scam against the company he's VP of.
Having stolen the prototype for one of their most advanced electronic components, he offered it to the Red Chinese before finding he could get even more money from someone else.
But gullible old Paul believed Harry when he said, however, that he reneged on the deal with Red China over “conscience,” and only wanted to get the part back in the company's California vault as soon as possible.
So I let him sneak out a side entrance to make for the airport, and covered his back. Since the Chinese who'd been following me - thinking I was Harry - didn't know what he looked like, he was safe.
I remained the target, and not surprisingly, it wasn't long before the thugs broke in to the apartment where I was waiting, but luck and a bit of quick thinking got me out of there in one piece
Headed for the airport, only to learn Harry had already flown off to his buyers in Hong Kong. Susan hadn't gone with him when she found he was double-crossing me and their firm, and I felt obligated to inform the US authorities about Harry's impending arrival in Hong Kong.
Susan wanted a shoulder to cry on, but after a drink in an airport bar, I put her on a plane for LA, and got the JAL courtesy desk to book me a room in town.
That was last night, and this afternoon, after a little roam around, going to see who shows up to claim the Abel Flight mugs.


Morgan remembered me when I turned up for the reunion, and though it looked like I was going to be the only one of us to show, Mike and Janet materialized just as I was about to leave with the mugs.
They appear to be happily married, despite the bad start, and have three daughters. Mike seemed so keen on getting the mugs that I called against myself with Morgan's trick coin to let him win them.
Mike appears to be on the rise in the Air Force, and I was right that the bit of fear after the crash that injured him was a passing thing, or else he wouldn't have risen to Colonel, and probably higher soon.
The Greens were keen to meet this evening for dinner, and though I agreed, told Morgan to give them my excuses. Despite all the changes in the city, I was able to find my way to an old tea house and garden, and spent the rest of the day there.

6 - 8 June 1966 ("The Treasure Seekers")

In Tokyo Paul runs into a college friend, Harry Bevins, who insists that Paul use his company suite and car.

It becomes apparent that the generosity was because Red Chinese thugs are watching the vehicle, trying to catch Harry for reneging on a deal to supply them with a high-tech electronic prototype Harry has stolen from his company.

Paul finds the suite ransacked, and then meets Harry's fiancée who tries to give Paul the slip when she finds out where Harry's hiding. The thugs continue to pursue Paul, because they don't know what Harry looks like.

At the apartment where he is hiding out, Harry soft soaps Paul into letting him make a getaway, but Harry is not just double-crossing the Red Chinese (for a better offer), but Paul as well, and takes off for Hong Kong instead of California, as he promised him (and the fiancée).

Paul arrives at the Tokyo bar that he and his Korean War flying buddies frequented when on leave to keep a reunion they set 15 years earlier.

Only Col. Mike Green and his wife show up, the woman with whom Paul had an affair when Mike was hospitalized after a crash. She says that she's happily married even though she wasn't in love with Mike when they married. Her husband, who would have had no Air Force career at all, had Paul not kept quiet about a faked flame out, has made Colonel, and is rising.