Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
4 - 10 July 1966

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4 - 10 July 1966 ("A Dangerous Proposal"  - "Our Man in Limbo" dream)

Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Monday, July 4

Rachel made up for her low profile at Reims with a massive all-day Fourth of July party at her Antibes villa, but after a couple hours, Pete and I departed to take a look at the auto show.
He'd kept nudging me, saying that a cute girl was flirting with me, and if I didn't buy her a drink, he would, so strictly to protect June's interests, of course, I made her acquaintance.
Not really a flirtation after all, she said she was representing Sir Harry Hiller who wanted to meet me in the evening. Rachel said he was a man she'd done business with many times, and though it was an odd way to approach me, I'm going to slip away from the party a few minutes tonight, and see what he wants.
Katie was so involved with meeting old friends that she hardly noticed my absence this afternoon, but is intrigued about the Hiller thing.


Sir Harry didn't beat around the bush, and I was back at Rachel's in an hour. He wants me to negotiate the purchase of a Daimler 500 from Sebastian Peralta, claiming that the dictator wouldn't deal with him.
On the other hand, I wouldn't much like dealing with Peralta myself, but would certainly like to see his legendary car collection, and have decided to accept the commission. Katie made no bones about telling me I'm crazy, but also called Sir Harry a fair man.
The girl from the car show, Gillian Wilmont, is apparently some kind of glorified hooker working for Sir Harry. He's managed to plant her in Peralta's Estoril fortress, and she's going to invite me for lunch on Wednesday.

At a Riviera car show, Paul is approached by Gillian Wilmot who asks him to meet industrialist Sir Harry Hiller at his villa in the evening.

Sir Harry offers Paul a large sum of money to negotiate the purchase of a rare Daimler 500 from deposed dictator Sebastian Peralta - since the man refuses to deal directly with Sir Harry who'd been at odds with him when Peralta was in power.

Tuesday, July 5

Rented a car, and took a wonderful drive along the Atlantic coast that helped to blow away the last cobwebs of something that seems like only a dream now, and I'm genuinely feeling back to normal with only nasty looking bruises on my leg and shoulder.
Katie's been a little slower to bounce back from her fright that was equal to mine. At least I knew what was going on. So now it's my job to be the applier of TLC.

.Paul flies to Portugal to wait for an invitation to lunch from Peralta's "house guest,"Gillian Wilmot.
Wednesday, July 6

Went out to Peralta's high-security establishment as Gillian's guest; however, it wasn't she providing my cover, but my real-life motor racing credentials.
Peralta had been at Monte Carlo and Spa, and seen me drive at Le Mans on TV. He showed off the cars, and when we came to the magnificent Daimler 500 - what a glorious machine - I offered him $130,000 for it.
Peralta turned it down, but he has to consider that's twice what he paid for it three years ago. So now we wait and see, and meanwhile Kate and I fly to Pamplona to complete another of my dreams.

Paul meets Peralta, and sees his fantastic car collection, then offers twice the amount the dictator paid for his Daimler 500.

Though he turns the offer down, his mechanic (who is also working for Sir Harry) reports that Peralta is definitely interested.
Thursday, July 7

With the best of intentions to get up early to watch the bull run, I was still dead to the world as they started racing by, only awakened by the room service waiter.
Called out to Katie to come out and watch, but she said she'd stay in the bath until the herd had passed. But I didn't have to watch alone, as who was on the neighboring balcony but Erica Voss, a lady I'd met at New Years in Berlin.
We had a most enjoyable lunch with Erica and her husband, a man with many interesting stories to tell from his years as a Spanish diplomat.
The pair are on vacation, heading for the Seychelles, and the thought hit Katie too with a pang of both sweetness and pain. Just under a year ago we were blissfully happy there, but then almost lost one another forever.
We had a great afternoon, and I decided to take a nap before dinner and the big blow out evening I'm planning.
Started thinking of Eileen, and how we'd wanted to come here for the bull run last year, but settled for a visit at her safe house. That brought an intrusion into my mind of the chilling Mike Allen, and the dream I had next was surely an amalgam of the whole day.
It started out much as the morning had, meeting Erica on the balcony, but then it was I flying to the Seychelles, taking Armand's plane there.
Instead of being a fashion designer from Hamburg, Erica was an East German spy whom Mike Allen insisted I check out. This I did in a most pleasurable manner, then invited her to fly across the Sahara with me.
The dream got frightening then, as the plane crashed in the desert, and went on for days and nights of us moving on foot without provisions. An endless sensation of teetering on the thresh hold of death.
Whereas the desert part was not very real - like lying under a sun shade by day, and strolling easily by night, Erica suddenly turning to me and admitting that she was a spy seemed very sharp.
Just before I woke, the Israel air force came to our rescue (maybe the thought I've been having of visiting the country), and Erica suddenly turned on me …. Shades of the friendly disagreement we'd had at lunch about East-West relations.
Whatever the next horror was, I was spared it by Kate's return from shopping, but have a thirst like I never remember.

In Pamplona for the bull run Paul dreams that Erica Voss, a woman he met in Berlin, has come to Spain to spy on him, but he is then asked to check her out by CIA man Mike Allen.

Flying a private plane to the Seychelle Islands for a friend, Paul takes Erica along, but they crash in the Sahara, and for several days, make their way across the desert by night to some trees they see in the distance.

Erica, believing that they will die, confesses that she is an East German spy, but when they arrive at the trees, and spot an Israeli plane coming to rescue them, she tries to kill Paul, fearing that he will betray her, but he believes that she can start her life anew.

Friday, July 8

Flew back to Estoril this morning, and couldn't help noticing a weird Frenchman around the hotel from earlier in the week. After lunch, when Kate had gone up to the room to take a call from her mother, he approached me.
Well-informed about my interest in buying the Daimler 500, he said Peralta was telling all sorts of royals at his home the previous night that he was selling me the car.
I'd gotten this man Durand wrong, and decided that he wasn't necessarily the fool I first took him for, but rather, an extremely knowledgeable individual.
He suggested that there were a number of people who'd gladly take the Daimler off me for more than I was paying Peralta, but when I also introduced Sir Harry's name as a further possibility, he indicated that the man knew nothing about cars.
That put things into such a different light, I found myself asking Kate to ring Armand - something I could never imagine myself doing. She talked interminably with Odette, a worried look on her face, but spoke too quickly for me to understand everything.
But when Armand came on the line, it took only a moment to determine that 1) the Frenchman who'd approached me after lunch was a respected auto broker, and 2) Sir Harry had no interest in cars.
From a collector himself, and one  who knew Sir Harry well, it was the ultimate confirmation that I was being led up the garden path. Met Gillan at a pre-appointed rendezvous, and confronted her with my suspicion.
Her denials that Sir Harry was involved in a plot to kill Peralta didn't satisfy me, but it's difficult to square the idea that someone good friends with people I have to respect would be involved in something underhand.

Paul learns that Sir Harry is not really a collector of classic cars.

Saturday, July 9

We flew to Antibes this afternoon, and I confronted Hiller. He finally admitted that he wasn't after the car, but some tapes that would be hidden inside it when I drive it away. Recordings which Peralta secretly made with the regime that took over from him.
Hiller believes this proof the present government is as crooked as Peralta's will smooth the way for a new junta which will look favourably on Sir Harry resuming where he left when Peralta's successors seized all the tycoon's assets in the country.
There are no heroes in this story, for sure, and I asked Kate not to come back to Estoril, should things get dangerous. In any case, after the call yesterday, she's worried about Odette, and has decided to fly to Paris.
Kate's close friendship with Odette as well as a romantic relationship with her husband is a triangle I cannot square, but all three appear to understand one another perfectly.


It's all confirmed. Peralta's mechanic - who is another Hiller plant in the household - says that everything will be ready tomorrow, and that I'll be hearing from the Colonel later tonight.
Also had a chat with Gillian before meeting him. I was wrong about her too. She's not a professional, but a girl who was looking for adventure before settling down and raising a family. What a great wife and mother she'll make with such a skewed outlook!

Paul confronts Sir Harry, and learns that he wants the car to smuggle out some tapes which Peralta made of negotiations with the junta which supposedly ousted him.

Hiller believies that if the truth is known that they paid him to go, it will smooth the way for a new regime which will be more sympathetic to Hiller's commercial activities in the country.

During the night, Gillian and Peralta's mechanic (who is also working for Hiller) blow his safe, and remove the tapes which are then packed into the fuel tanks of the Daimler.

Estoril - Paris
Sunday, July 10

Things went smoothly enough completing the transaction with Peralta, but he must have discovered the tapes missing from his safe when he went to put away my cashiers check, for his thugs were upon us as we were leaving the gate.
Driving a car I'd never handled before with men shooting at us along winding roads took every driving skill I've learned and honed on the track and rally course.
But the driver of the pursuit car didn't have my kind of road experience, and after we passed a particularly dangerous curve, we heard a horrendous explosion.
Peralta's men had gone down a completely perpendicular cliff face, their vehicle hitting the bottom in a ball of flames. There was no way we could have gotten down to them, but they were surely all dead on impact.
It was a horrifying sight that left me traumatized anew, and after reporting the accident at a house down the road, rather dazed, I delivered the car to Sir Harry.
Two of his security men stayed back with the mechanic to “unpack” the Daimler, and I got a lift to Paris in Sir Harry's plane.
When we arrived here, the news came through that the men who'd been watching Peralta's property for months had taken advantage of the sudden departure of the gate security, and entered the house, killing everyone on the premises.
It was a chilling thought. Maybe these were the people Sir Harry was doing business with - or competition which would make all his - and my - endeavors meaningless.
I rang Kate and told her what happened in a sanitized version - leaving out the car chase, and she said she'd come to the apartment later, telling me that she was horrified to see Odette so ill.

11 - 16 July 1966 ("The Voice of Gina Milan")
Paul pays for the car, and takes it out on a "test drive," taking Gillian and the mechanic along. But they are barely at the main gate when Peralta discovers his tapes are missing. His security men chase after the trio in the Daimler, shooting and testing all Paul's driving skills.