Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
2 - 21 February 1966

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2  - 21 February 1966 ("Fly By Night" interrupting vacation with Kate Pierce)

When Paul's friend is suspected of murdering his wife and her lover, the man attempts suicide, and Paul investigates the crime, beginning with the lover's wife, Alicia Greenley (Felicia Farr).

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Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Wednesday - Thursday, February 2 - 3

I was high after a good morning of testing the car, and after the desperate circumstances which shrouded my first visit, was on top of the world when a delegation led by the Mayor of Vabocelli met us at the airport.
Was surprised but pleased to see Yanio by his side, and we embraced one another warmly. Though I'd really not expected anything to come from my suggestion that the Mayor look after him, the idea had turned into a full-blown job for Yanio, apparently quite transformed from farmer to civil servant.
However, for all his good fortune, he remained the same melancholy individual, the black armband a constant reminder to me of the losses he had suffered just four months ago.
All the families of the village were so welcoming to us. Though her text book Italian just about got her by, or maybe because of it, they all loved Katie on sight. The fact that her own mother was 100% Italian (though Alice's family goes back many generations in America) delighted everyone no end. Kate was made a guest in a different house for propriety's sake, but this didn't dim the most wonderful memories I could cherish.
It has meant so much for me to be here in such different circumstances, and especially to be able to fulfill my promise to return for a proper visit.
Walking through the beautiful terrain together this afternoon, Katie was very emotional about the closeness of the families, lamenting the problems of her own, then told me that Molly is not only still seeing Alex Ryder, but that it appears to be serious.
I was dumbfounded. With all of Molly's erratic behavior, I had to expect her taste in men to be questionable, but Alex?  We'd thought the relationship with him wouldn't be more than an inconsequential fling. I'd have more thought she'd fall under the spell of someone like Ramon.
Alex is such a jerk. I hardly knew him in the semester he had at Stanford, and always wondered how he got in there.
When I asked Kate if she thought I should talk to Molly, my dear one just rolled her eyes, and said that she thinks the situation is hopeless. One thing I know is that it will certainly lead to trouble, not just for Molly, but surely Katie too.

Paul returns to his mother's native village in Sicily with his fiancee.

Vabocelli, -Tunis,
Friday, February 4

Joined by a number of people from Vabocelli, we flew to Tunis for the Maghreb Grand Prix, and Pete and I made a good start in preliminary qualifying - second and eighth. I'd never have believed myself able to handle the car at this standard so quickly, but it's really happening!
Rhona said that Rachel had rung her during the week about getting together for lunch, so things are moving in the right direction.
Rather than socializing with the racing crowd, Kate and I spent our time with the Mayor, Yanio and other villagers, and they expressed great fascination with this country so close to their shores.
Paul and Kate bring a delegation of villagers to the Maghreb Grand Prix in Tunis, and he qualifies sixth on the grid.
Saturday, February 5

Was a little worried about my performance in morning practice, but nevertheless, was able to qualify sixth, with Pete in second.
Rhona said that Rachel had rung her, suggesting that they get together for lunch next week, so things are moving in the right direction.

Sunday, February 6

Pete came in second, and I was able to hold on to sixth place at the finish line. He took off for Madeira to meet June right after the race, and Kate and I got together with Rhona and Clive for a glass of mint tea at a very elegant place, and rolled some local dice to see who would drive with him there. Though on a roll myself, was willing enough to see Clive take it, as the continuing interest of this couple is what just might help us achieve my goal of getting Pete back into Formula 1, so I went on to suggest that Clive take the drive in Florida too.
When our guests from Vabocelli returned to the hotel with us, there was a message from Marcella which cut right through me. Garret Hamilton arrested for murdering his wife and her lover.
Kate and I decided that it made the most sense for her to go back to Sicily rather than fly with me to San Francisco, so I left her safe in the hands of the Vabocellese. and booked the first flight to California.

After the race Paul learns that his good friend in San Francisco, the man who bought his sailboat, law partner Garrett Hamilton, has been arrested for murder.

San Francisco,
Monday, February 7

Marcella picked me up at the airport, and drove to the Court House where everything was quiet. Judge Watson was in his chambers going over the testimony, and Garrett and Ralph were just waiting around.
Tried to find a way of showing sympathy to Garrett for the loss of his wife, but the manner of her death, and he being held for it, made it difficult. But Garrett didn't seem to notice my awkwardness. He was like a zombie.
We thought that the judge  would extend the adjournment until tomorrow, but at the last moment, came out with a decision of no probable cause, based on inconclusive evidence.
Ralph was triumphant, I relieved and emotional to see Garrett free, but he himself didn't seem to care one way or another.
Am a little more understanding nowadays when someone says that they want to be alone, and let him go home on his own without a celebration, then came here to the firm suite at the Fairmont where Marcella had left my bags.
Made a few calls to friends, and found I was winding down fast, so am going to make an early night of it.

Paul arrives in San Francisco in time to see his friend  released on grounds of no probable cause.

That night, however, Garrett attempts suicide, and suffers a life-threatening head injury.

San Francisco,
Tuesday, February 8

Going to bed with the idea I'd be able to fly back today, I've been plunged into hard reality like being thrown into a pool of ice water.
Was asleep only a short while when reception broke my no-calls order to put through Ralph Phillips with the news that Garrett had shot himself in the head.
By some miracle, he was still alive, but just barely.
After some while at the hospital, was finally convinced that his condition was stable enough, and too wide awake to go back to bed, headed from the hospital over to see Jim Seaborne, to find if he knew anything about the Greenley-Hamilton murders.
Jim's first move was to ask me to look at some mug shots. The SFPD are determined to press a case against Phil Colby for hiring thugs who held a detective at gunpoint, and after Bill Dagen's identifying all four men, they were picked up, and quickly named Colby as the man who called for the hit.
From the random photos Jim showed me, I had no problem rapidly picking out the three who assaulted Dagen, but didn't really get a look at the one with the gun on Jim's surveillance man.
Then Jim surprised me by bringing up the Greenley-Hamilton murders himself - completely convinced that Garrett is guilty, and that the attempted suicide as much as proves that.
We went to a restaurant and discussed the matter with neither of us moving an inch in opinion, in Jim's case, because Garrett's actions were so out of character the weekend of the murder.
Ever since he bought the Sea Farm from me, Garret has spent most of his free time sailing in the bay, then suddenly, on the weekend of the murders, went inland to a  fishing resort, too far from an airport to give him opportunity. That is the alibi which got him off, but Jim pointed out that several people heard a plane in the vicinity of a nearby dry lake bed - affording the possibility that Garrett flew back into town and committed the murders.
Jim refuses to re-open the case, and the lingering doubt that Garrett merely got away with murder will surely cause him to try suicide again - if he recovers.  I can't just stand aside, and think it might be worth stirring something with Greenley's widow, maybe make her nervous. After a couple hours sleep, went over to see her.
There was nothing I could really fix on from our conversation, but after I left, the finger of suspicion was definitely raised, as a car followed me after I drove from her house.
Jim gave me the owner's name and address, so I made a plan to follow him in the evening.
Next called Gene Mason for an appointment tomorrow afternoon, and was hoping he couldn't accommodate me, but his answer was no problem, and he was glad that I was reporting back as he'd asked in January.
The lack of sleep mercifully took its toll, and I got up at 7 pm, and - in a new car - went over to the home of Jim Hammack - maybe the boyfriend of Alita Greenley, and followed him to a rock club.
Sitting here in the dark, writing up the notes of this day, and if there's no sign by 4 am from Hammack and the girl he brought home, I'll go back to the hotel and get some sleep.

Paul talks to his friend on the San Francisco police force about the murders, but Jim Seabourne is convinced that Garrett is guilty.

Paul goes to visit the wife of the second victim, and is followed after leaving her home.

He gets the adress of the driver from Jim, and watches the man's movements.

San Francisco,
Wednesday, February 9

Writing this up in Gene Mason's office during interminable waiting periods.
Called on Alita Greenley again, and reported on Hammack's overnight guest, but she claimed that she didn't know the man, so hardly found the information interesting. I told her that I hadn't been suspicious yesterday, but was now. Tonight I'm planning to look around Hammack's house.  Really think he is a key to something.
Probably not the best shape to be in, I went through the battery of tests in much the same zombie condition Garrett was in after the hearing. Gene said that the January results had shown me picking up something new, possibly from Central America, but no change in the “main situation.”
Jim arranged for me to see Dagen, and I was both shocked and horrified to observe the transformation in the man. The wise-cracking, imp had turned into something virtually catatonic, barely seemed to notice my presence, and said almost nothing, save a grunt when our eyes met only once during my visit. Though I talked about the likelihood of Colby's being prosecuted, he appeared indifferent.

Paul speaks to the widow again, and begins harassing her a little.

In the night, he breaks into her boyfriend's home, and discovers the man has her number on his phone book and is a pilot.

San Francisco,
Thursday, February 10

In a spirit of hoping to help Garrett, and not really caring what might happen to me, broke into Hammack's house last night.
Got caught and knocked out twice for my pains, but have definitely found a connection between the musician and Alita. One, he is a pilot, and two, her number was jotted on his phone book.
Fair play to Jim, he took this as new evidence, and had Hammack's house gone over with a fine tooth comb, but the phone book was changed and not a sign of the grass he had in the house the night before.
Hammack was brought in and questioned, but Jim had to release him, and warned me that the musician was threatening to press breaking and entering charges against me.
At least one piece of bright news. Garrett is much better, and the doctors feel sure that he'll pull through.
Whether it's the lack of sleep or my concern for Garrett, encouraged by the improvement, I disregarded Jim's admonitions, and went ahead and leaned on Hammack again, but tried the carrot instead of the stick this time, saying that if he came to my hotel, I could give him $25,000 and a promise of immunity.
With this new ingredient in the mix, went back to Alita Greenley, and mentioned Hammack's arrest and the fact he  was still under investigation, but she didn't bat an eyelash.
Floundering, I played what has to be my last card, and got her to come over to my hotel and listen in to my conversation with Hammack.
Though he appeared to show slight interest for a split second in the money and immunity for saying that there was no one in the plane with him when he flew to Diamond Lake, Hammock didn't really nibble the carrot, and said that he had no need of immunity because he had no part in the murders. He denied knowing Alita, but said that, from what he'd seen of her in the papers, she wouldn't be his type - even called her “that Greenley thing.” Then he referred to the blonde who was with him when the police raided the house in the morning, and pointed out that she was the kind of girl he liked.
Cool as a cucumber, he departed, and Alita came out of the bedroom and splashed me with the drink I'd given her. I may have stirred something up, but not enough.

With this information, Jim Seabourne gets a warrant to search the house and arrest the boyfriend, but nothing comes from any of it.

Paul invites him to come to his hotel, and with  the wife listening in the bedroom, offers the boyfriend immunity and a cash sum for giving evidence about his part in the crime.

He doesn't show interest, but disparages the widow in the conversation, and when the boyfriend is gone, the widow leaves in anger.

en route to Italy,
Friday, February 11

Stopped by to say goodbye to Jim, and he promised to reopen the case if there was any new evidence. Suppose that's all I can expect.
With Garrett out of danger, I'd decided to go back to pick Kate up in Sicily, and went over to tell him that I knew Alita Greenley and her boyfriend to be the killers. But with no evidence, it was of little encouragement to him.
Seeing this once blooming and active man bandaged and crumpled in a hospital bed was disheartening, but hearing him say that he couldn't live with the idea that everyone thought him a murderer was worse.
Not having broken the case, I hadn't helped him at all, so tried to explain, best I could, that one could learn to live with anything if one tried.
Then came the zinger phone call from Jim at the airport. Hammack had been stabbed to death, and there was a warrant out for Alita.  I only hope that this will be the solution to Garrett's psychological if not physical problems.

With words of encouragement to his friend recovering in the hospital, Paul is about to leave San Francisco when he gets a call from Jim Seabourne saying that the boyfriend has been stabbed, and a warrant is out for the widow.
Saturday, February 12

One last toast to my good friends in Vabocelli, and Katie and I flew to Switzerland where we got news that Pete and Clive were second and third on the Madeira grid.
We made the beautiful train journey to Zermatt, and got the same gigantic room I had last July, overlooking the meadow, everything now covered in white.

Paul retrieves Kate from Sicily, and they fly to Switzerland for a skiing vacation.
Sunday, February 13

The Mastin out-performed itself, and Pete and Clive finished one-two. Much as I'd like to be in Madeira, breathing in this iced champagne atmosphere with Katie on our balcony is a terrific tonic. We can hardly believe we're here, just the two of us alone.
The comparison between our stay at the bare-bones “resort” on the Albanian border and this snow paradise that offers Everything simply cannot be made. And the difference in our emotional state, obviously Kate's especially, is like winter and summer.
This gentle, inviting place has welcomed us with enough warmth to melt a mountain of snow, and sitting here by the fireplace in our room, Katie mixing a toddy to insulate us before going out to dinner, I couldn't feel better.

The team cars finish in first and second place in Madeira.
Monday, February 14

Snuck out this morning to buy a striking piece of jewelry we spotted out strolling after dinner last night. Snow covered mountains of diamonds against a lapis sky on a gold-bordered square. Many times beyond what I could afford, and stealing from my Formula 1 investment, but I wanted Kate to have something that special to remember this Valentine's Day we shared.
Long conversation with Clive and Rhona about the weekend. Not only did Rachel meet Rhona in London last week, but she was on hand at Madeira too, and has asked the Darrells to draw up an investment plan for the road racer. I don't think that they expected to be anywhere so near to going into production this soon - just raising the Mastin profile, so Clive's vibes, even on the phone, were electric.

Paul buys Kate a special piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day.
Tuesday, February 15

We wandered around a bookshop after lunch, and Kate spotted a copy of La Tristesse des Temps Heureux, asking me if I minded her reading it. What could I say? I looked at Nicole's picture on the back, and felt the same depth of emotion as before, but my anger over the manner of her departure seemed only to have grown into a kind of malice. But then, if she hadn't done me this favor, Katie and I wouldn't be together now. And would Nicole and I have really lasted with her capricious nature? With her uncompromisingly self-certain thinking?
When we went back to our room to change into skiing clothes, Kate put the book in her luggage, and didn't bring it out again.
And with that, all my thoughts of Nicole dissolved away again.

Wednesday - Thursday, February 16 - 17

I can't believe how swiftly this time has passed - like the blink of an eye - and yet, with enough intimate memories to treasure for a real lifetime. The skiing, tobogganing, sleigh rides, and just having winter fun has fulfilled a vision I had the first time I saw snow. Zermat with someone I loved.

Kate buys a copy of "The Sadness of a Happy Time" in French.
Friday, February 18

What a contrast! From arctic temperatures to these balmy ones in a short flight. Pete had booked three small white villas overlooking the sea, and was already settled in one with June when we arrived, the Darrels at the track.
While Katie was unpacking and settling in, Pete and I sat down by the pool, and he presented me with one of the most exciting documents I've ever seen in my life - a letter from the FIA, announcing that the Gaffney-Bryan Mastin team was being considered for inclusion in the 1966 Formula 1 season.
He'd been holding the paper for days, waiting to show it to me in person, and the guilt I'd felt since drawing him into rallying from the exciting free-lance career he'd been enjoying at higher levels of motor sport  vanished in a moment.
With eight more races to go before Monaco on May 22, we're going to have to find a way of coming up with over a million and a half just to run one car. Pete said that there was no way we were going to do this without accessing friends, and even if Rhona could finance the team entirely, she neither would nor should.
Pete said that he wanted her to control less than 20% of the team, and foresaw five partners of which he wanted me to be the largest share holder …. because he was reckoning on all the rest being women.
I was listening to my macho idol tell me that he was going cap in hand to his rich girlfriend (he already had), expected me to do the same, and counted on the given support of Rhona, and most likely, Rachel Pike - as an adjunct to promote her likely venture capital investment in the new Mastin road car which Pete thought would be available in prototype before the end of the Formula 1 season.
Told him that I'd rather HE asked Kate, and he shook his head and laughed at me, but said he would, then when she came out to see if we wanted anything, Pete said, “yes, Paul wants you to contribute 300,000 towards our Formula 1 team.”
She raced over and hugged us both, merely asking when we wanted the check.
Later we went over to drive the car, and Pete made his Formula 1 announcement to Rhona and Clive, then casually approached Rhona with his financial proposal. Her answer was simply to hug him with joy, and I figured this guy had to be one of the best fund raisers I'd ever met.
Our bones now warmed, I got a chance to try out the Mastin with still more improvements. Rudy and Clive have even come up with “gimmicks” for my car to suit my driving style - “a trace wilder than Pete's” said Clive in his understated way.
Katie is beginning to thrive on the race atmosphere, and hung around the pits, which she didn't want to do when we had guests in Tunis.  She always knew of my interest in the sport, but I certainly never realized the depth of hers!
Before dinner Pete and I got together again to talk about the Formula 1 venture in more detail, and he assured me that we were talking about legal matters well beyond what our London lawyer or anyone in San Francisco could handle, least of all me. He recommended three names, and said that we should meet with all of them before deciding on who would represent the team.

Paul and Kate fly to Cyprus to take part in the next race.

Paul learns from Pete that their racing team has been provisionally accepted for the 1966 Formula 1 season.

Kate, Pete's girlfriend June and Rhona Darrell will join Paul as investors.

Saturday, February 19

When I think back to the first time I met Pete Gaffney …. at age 12 …. He this cool guy of 14 from San Francisco …. and all the years since that I've gone on admiring him as a person and then, as a driver of international reputation, I never, NEVER thought a day like this would come in my wildest dreams.
This is a night to celebrate the grandest moment my ego will ever have!!!

Paul qualifies ahead of Pete Gaffney on the grid.
Sunday, February 20

Still having teething problems with the new additions to the car, Pete only managed third place, and I, switching ranking, came in fifth.

But what a weekend this has been.

Pete and Paul finish third and sixth in the Cyprus Grand Prix.
London - New York,
Monday, February 21

We had an excellent session with Cooper, Cadbury & Barnes, already comfortable with them via having been working with Bob Holcolm. They are a top Formula 1 law firm, and are still our number one choice to represent us at this higher level.
Pete and June are staying on in London, and drove us back to Heathrow, and I'm weighing the benefits of whether we should go with a UK law firm, as well as savoring with Kate the time we've been sharing.
Katie is as disappointed as I am about not sharing Mardi Gras with me, but we both knew at the start that she had a speaking commitment at the Las Vegas conference, so we're living with it, both of us exhilarated yet relaxed and refreshed from the best part of three beautiful weeks together.
I just look over at her, and have to believe what Bart has helped me to, that to know this kind of love makes me one of the luckiest men in the world, no matter what the future holds

22 - 28 February 1966 ("In Search of April" part 1 / "The Frozen Image" )
Paul and Kate fly back to the US, she to give a talk in San Francisco, he to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.