Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
28 February - 3 March 1966

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28 February - 3 March 1966 ("Saro Jane, You Never Whispered Again")

Paul has searched the hippie communities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, looking for Sara Prentice (Barbara Hershey) on a mission given him by the girl's father to get her to return home. He finally finds her - in a court room, facing an obscenity charge for a book of poems she's published. However, like the judge, Paul is charmed by the young woman, and less eager than before to persuade her to go back to her father.

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Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
San Francisco
Monday, February 28

Katie's arrival back from Arizona at SFO coincided with mine, so she drove me over to Miles' house after we first visited Garrett. He's doing well at home, and his spirits were good, if not vastly improved.
While that cheered both of us I felt heavily hung over, not so much from the drink of last night, but being dragged away in the middle of our victory celebrations. So I was in a bad mood, no matter what Miles wanted.
Of course, the unexpected chance to see Kate helped no end, but I still felt plenty cross. As it was, Miles' request was the silliest thing I could imagine - to go searching for his daughter Sara, who's apparently lost herself in the hippie world of Haite Ashbury.
Told Miles something that, as a top criminal lawyer, he knows damned well himself, that this is a job for a proper private detective, but he was adamant that he wanted it to be done as if by a family member, and virtually brought out a list of all the favors I owe him - which, of course, are many.
Went back to Katie's for a bite, and she offered to drive me around, and try and turn it into fun, but search as we might - even with her dressed in her best gypsy garb with long hair flowing, we were just two over-30s who would never get a word from the wall that built up around the place.
Reported back to Miles, but he turned around and asked me to go and look in Los Angeles. Katie said that she was game, so we're making the quick hop, and will at least have a night at the Century Plaza.

Paul has been asked by law partner Miles Prentice, a man to whom he owes many favors, to look for Sara Prentice in the hippie communities of San Francisco.

Paul makes an effort, but when he reports his lack of success, Miles asks him to look in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles
Tuesday, March 1

We searched around Melrose Avenue and other such places without success. Admittedly, I was just going through the motions, enjoying a bit of a lark with my hippie Kate.
I didn't like the idea of her looking on her own, but she said there was no problem, and she might have better success alone, so why not try, as long as I had other things to do.
Since Gene Mason had asked me to consult a specialist from the Middle East who is spending six weeks at the UCLA Medical Center, I took the opportunity to see him, and was able to get a walk-in appointment.
No more pleasant than a session with Mason, but Dr. Hajib, who had already looked at all my records, said that he was interested in the numerous bugs my failing immune system was letting in, and wanted to keep in touch with my “progress.”
After Westwood, headed over to Beverly Hills, keen to talk with this Parquette guy about my missing April - his Allison.
He wasn't much help, but said I wasn't the only one who'd seen the photo of him with the girl, and he gave me the address of a man in Montreal which I'll try and follow up on when the opportunity presents itself.
Met Kate back at the Century Plaza, and after a meal, we went out again. I was actually starting to enjoy myself, having to admit the searching was getting to be fun with her.

Paul looks around for Sara fruitlessly in Los Angeles, and that night he has a nightmare that his search took him down a blind alley that ended up in a terrible beating.

Los Angeles
Wednesday, March 2

Had the most horrible dream, that left Katie almost as upset as I was. In it I'd seen a message for a girl named Saro Jane in one of the bulletin board papers around the hippie area, and tried to find the man who placed it.
The next thing, I was beaten up by a bunch of thugs who said I was going to die if I didn't give them the information they wanted. When they looked at the picture I was carrying, it wasn't “Saro Jane” but an ELEPHANT!
They dumped me then, and after going to the police about the assault, I was taken to the morgue to see the body of this Saro Jane. It wasn't Miles' daughter - but the drawer next to her had the name Paul Bryan on it, and I woke up screaming.
Unfortunately, having to give her class at Cal today, I was on my own after breakfast, keen to wind this thing up, having at least given the time to it Miles requested.
While trying at a police station, in poured a loud crowd of hippie types - in the middle of which was none other than Miss Sara Prentice! She was brought in on a pornography charge, and so I went in to catch her arraignment.
She'd apparently written a book of obscene poems, and at the lunch break, I approached her, and found that the little girl I'd met so long ago had turned into a remarkable young woman.
After our chat, I'd nearly made up my mind to tell Miles that I was unable to find his daughter, even if all he wanted was to see her back in college.
Noticed in the afternoon session that the judge seemed nearly as mesmerized with Sara as I'd been.
She made dinner for me at her place, and though I urged her to let her father know where she was (though he'd never hear it from me), she impressed me that he'd have more peace of mind not knowing.

Going to the police station, Paul happens to be at the right place at the right time, and sees Sara Prentice coming in, having been arrested on an obsenity charge.

She's written a book of poems, and during a lunch break at her preliminary hearing, Paul makes contact with her, and tries to persuade her to go back to her father.

She invites Paul to dinner, and tells him that her father would be better off not knowing how she lives.

en route to Copenhagen
Thursday, March 3

In the morning the judge let Sara off, but told her she was a bad poet, and I headed back to San Francisco to inform Miles of my failed mission.
He talked about his late wife whom I remember as very much like Sara, and the way he spoke of the woman, I could see that he would never, never understand his daughter.
Katie drove me to the airport for the flight to Copenhagen, and we decided to cherish this unexpected interlude instead of regret our parting. But, of course we still did.

Note: Scenes of extreme violence have been turned into a nightmare, Paul's weakening constitution surely unable to sustain injuries which would surely require hospitalization.

4 - 9 March 1966 ("The Colc Cold War of Paul Bryan" )
After further testimony, the judge decides that there is no cause to proceed with the felony charge, and Sara goes free. Paul returns to her father, and tells him that he was unsuccessful in locating Sara.