Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
25 July - 7 August 1966

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24 July - 2 August 1966 ("The Sex Object")

at a posh Mexican resort, Paul discovers that a girl he's met is a fortune hunter who has, Diana Murrow (Joan Hackett) him in her sites. She and her friend Louise (Sharon Farrell) then explain to him why women are just sex objects, and how they are going about redressing their disadvantageous situation

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Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Cabo San Lucas
Monday, July 25

Though he said this would be a “men only” fishing trip, I noticed that Ramon picked a meeting place full of rich women - and many of them apparently single.
A nice distraction, as there was a telegram waiting for me from him saying that he'd be delayed. Made a date for dinner with one of those ladies I met by the pool today, finding her most witty company - though something very fishy about Diana - supposedly awaiting a pet tiger???
Having left Istvan's book behind with my Formula 1 gear in London, retrieved it at Zandvoort, and brought it out today.
Rather than being dull communist misery stuff, it's a cracking read about his adventures in the War, espionage and prison, told in the most satiric terms through the novel's main character, and I can't put it down.

Cabo San Lucas
Tuesday, July 26

Thinking a lot about my family, how I'm the last, and the soul-destroying change in Alice, but long walks on the beach have been restorative, mixed in with the down-to-earth reading through the latest batch of briefs from HSD and the science stuff.
Have a feeling that young Miss Diana and her absent tiger may just be in the same business as Ramon, and no better at it than he.  We shall see what she's up to tonight.
Katie is keeping me posted on developments with Gina, and I received a letter today from my Italian darling detailing the success of her Met debut also mentioning the invitation from Armand.
Apparently, Mme Tenati was very reluctant to accept, and there was a “big storm in the dressing room,” but Gina writes that she kept her promise to me, and demanded to accept.
Katie's side of the story is that Armand's New York representative was turned down flat by Mme Tenati who then accepted on Gina's behalf the next day.

Paul has arrived at a resort in Mexico to wait for his gigolo friend Ramon de Vega to join him for a fishing trip, and makes the acquaintance of Diana Murrow, a young woman conspicuously displaying her wealth.

Paul finds out that Diana and her "maid" Louise are two New York career girls looking for rich husbands by pretending that they have lots of money themselves.
Cabo San Lucas
Wednesday, July 27

My theories about Diana and her “maid” Louise turned out to be spot on. They believe that one playing personal maid, the sharing of a fake diamond necklace and some very classy gowns are their passport to a rich husband for each.
However, they're very cute and fun, and with no Ramon in sight, I've decided to fall in with them. But as I watch the people around here, displaying their conspicuous wealth, the whole thing looks very shallow.
This resort stuff is fine to recharge the batteries for a day or so, but is an aspect of the jet setters that I've found totally unappealing. It was thus a great break to get away on the water for a while, and the best move I've made here to rent a sailboat.
Nevertheless, taking the time to go over my accounts, I can see that my spending has gone way over the top - especially with so much travel back and forth between Europe and the Pacific coast.
Think I'll definitely sell the Carmel house. The sour taste left after the gross disappointment of Alice makes me want to break all ties with Almeria, now that Alma is gone.

The girls declare that women are only considered sex objects, and believe their plan to be only fair.

Cabo San Lucas
Thursday, July 28

Spent a lot of the day under a tree reading Istvan's book - which included a caper at the end where the hero escapes the country in a race car - much like the way we sprang Janos.
Describing the main character parting with the Italian tourist who helped him, Istvan allowed one of the few sentimental moments in the novel, writing that the contact changed his life.


Kate rang and said Gina and entourage have arrived at Armand's, and that far from being independent, Gina is completely under the thumb of Mme Tenati who nevertheless is unable to keep Gina sequestered.


I couldn't believe it. Ramon arrived this evening, and had already started romancing none other than fortune hunter DIANA before even ringing my room.
He looks to be making a night of it, so I'm going to go to bed in hopes of getting an early-morning start to Puerto Seguero.

As soon as he arrives, believing that she is rich, Ramon begins courting Diana for her money.

Cabo San Lucas
Friday, July 29

Have found myself in the middle of a classic farce. The girls believe Ramon to be rich (courtesy of info from the desk clerk), and my friend has fallen for their fake routine - so much so that he wants to delay our fishing trip.
When I think of how I could have had a couple more days in Amsterdam, be back in San Francisco with Kate or driving the car in Malaga ….. But I'll try and think of all this as an entertainment put on just for me.
     Meanwhile, in case the fishing trip never pans out, went over to Puerto Seguero for the day, and while waiting for the chopper to take me back, placed a call to Israel to thank Lisa for her invitation for a grand tour of the Holy Land.
While primarily interested in each other's money, Diana and Ramon fall in love.

Cabo San Lucas
Saturday, July 30

Louise found out yesterday that Ramon is a gigolo, but we've made a pact to stay mum. Despite the games between Ramon and Diana, I'm finding the scene at the resort getting still flatter, and chartered a plane to make the hop to Santa Margarita to spend some time with Father Bart.
His counsel, as always, has been as practical as spiritual, with the solitary time at the St. Jude grotto equally replenishing.

Cabo San Lucas
Sunday, July 31

I go away for the day, and things turn pear shaped. Ramon is starting to sound serious - rhapsodising about things domestic.


It's unbelievable. What started out as a harmless bit of fun has suddenly turned the opposite. Ramon's asked Diana to marry him, and in her belief that he's wealthy, she's accepted.
I'd hoped to hold onto the atmosphere of Santa Margarita, but this place and the goings on are a total spiritual clash.

Louise discovers that Ramon is a gigolo, but Paul says that they should just let the romance fizzle out on its own, and gets her to agree to say nothing to Diana.

Ramon and Diana become engaged.
Cabo San Lucas
Monday, August 1

When I slept on it, it was clear that the two with stars in their eyes really had to know the truth about one another, and Louise and I have done the dirty deed. Now it's up to the lovebirds to handle things as delicately as possible.
Back in Paris, where the really interesting story is going on, Armand has filled the house with a continuing parade of guests, each one suited for Gina - with Madame Tenati protesting that they must leave due to so much commotion.
In the 60-room house, one could live like a monk at one end with a war's end celebration going on at the other! And Kate says the whole thing has been a great tonic for Odette who's made close friends with Gina. That may be the real key.

en route to San Francisco
Tuesday, August 2

Having cooked up some exit story for Diana (and she apparently doing the same), Ramon promised that we'd finally be flying out for our fishing trip today, but the pair have had the last laugh.
They've decided to accept one another's poverty, the stars still in their eyes. With diamond necklace and posh wardrobe, Louise is going to try and get her own man, and I wished her good luck, and am heading back for San Francisco.

3 - 11 August 1966 ("The Inhuman Predicament" part 1 /
"Better World Next Time")
Realizing that the prank has gone too far, Paul and Louise respectively tell their friends the truth about the object of their affection.

Ramon and Diana each claim a disaster at home means they must leave immediately, and part from one another for a while.

About to say goodbye, love conquers all when Ramon and Diana declare their humble means not to be a detriment to their love, and they leave together for his home in Andorra.