Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
22 January - 1 February 1966

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22 January - 1 February 1966 ("Tears from a Glass Eye" / "Life Among the Meat Eaters")

When Paul informs wealthy Mona Morrison (Anne Baxter) that a man is marrying her to pay off his gambling debts, she tells him that she doesn't mind.

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The unrealiztic behavior of Paul and violent encounters he has make the story of LIFE AMONG THE MEAT EATERS more suitable as a nightmare.

Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Saturday, January 22

Really felt good with the car in qualifying, and the track was …. mesmerizing.
Got a thrill out of the racing like never before, and MIRACULOUSLY, ended up right beside Pete on the fourth row. Is this possible?? This was no mean feat, as the quality here is stepped up from the previous races.
High on my success, I made a winning bid at the charity auction held as part of the racing festivities, and won a week at a romantic Caribbean hotel.
Just what Kate and I deserve was my thinking, but I was a bad lawyer on this one, as I didn't read the fine print. It was for the coming week, and Katie is giving a seminar the whole time.

Paul qualifies in fourth place in the Barbados Gtand Prix.
St. Michael,
Sunday, January 23

Pete's stunning victory in the Barbados Grand Prix had to put me on top of the world, but I just couldn't get my spirits up after crashing out so short of the finish line.
Soon as the prizes were awarded, I took the hydrofoil at my disposal to St. Michael, and threw myself into the charms of the place.
One definite one is Laura Bronson - incredibly beautiful, but with a very sad quality about her. After the horrible experience with Carol on Monday, suppose I'm seeing danger behind each and every melancholy expression.
Laura's company is most pleasant, and if it's a rest I need after the traumas this month has produced, a nicer companion I couldn't want without Katie around.

St. Michael,
Monday, January 24

Lazy day with Laura that was a perfect relaxer. The manager here says he's putting us in the marriage lottery!
Phoned Pete in Malaga, and apologized for departing so quickly, but he said he would have done the same. I tried to imagine him leaving the scene with my just having lifted a winner's trophy, and didn't believe him.

Paul crashes out of the race and leaves for St. Martin to take up the vacation he won in a charity auction. There he befriends divorcee Laura Bronson.

Paul and Laura enjoy each other's company, but her husband makes a late-night visit to Paul offering money to marry his ex-wife
St. Michael,
Tuesday, January 25

Last night, around 2 am, Laura's ex-husband came to my door, and offered me $100,000 to marry her. I attempted to conceive of the two of them as a couple, and found it impossible.
Think the creep is trying to get out of alimony payments, and I threw him out.
When the subject of marriage came up between us after breakfast, Laura became very uncomfortable, and I felt it best to tell her that I was unavailable - or as I put it, would die single.
And so disappeared this pleasant relationship like a puff of smoke.
Was just about to order the hydrofoil to take me back when a fellow named Collier Johnson showed up, and it seemed clear as day that he was sent to woo and win Laura for a cash payment, and I decided to stay on and monitor his activities - warn her, if necessary.

When Paul tells Laura that he's not available for marriage, she leaves his company, and takes up with new arrival Collier Johnson whom Paul believes to be sent by the ex-husband keen to marry Laura off (so he'll no longer have to pay her half his income in alimony).

St. Michael,
Wednesday, January 26

Plenty of time now for final scrutiny of the HSD contract. Ben couldn't have been more apologetic and contrite about getting me in the mess with Martin Shawe, so I'm feeling a lot less guilty about accepting the generous terms.
Also took a moment this afternoon to write to Carol's mother and to her boyfriend, the fake husband who must bear so much responsibility for the little thing's death. I censored my letter for tones of disapproval, but merely wrote the straight-forward story of what happened. He should know.

St. Michael
Thursday, January 27

Horrific experience last night with a scorpion in my bed, and felt edgy the rest of the day, and ended up confronting Johnson about marrying Laura for a payment. Not surprisingly, he denied it, even said that I was crazy not to take the money myself.
At that point I had to warn Laura, but she was doubtful, and felt deeply hurt by all the rejection she's feeling.
At least she may finally be coming to her senses about Johnson, and is planning to leave tomorrow
Had a long call with Kate, and told her about the developments. Feel bad that she's so exhausted, with still a day to go on the seminar, probably a little much after the fever she had just a couple weeks ago. Nevertheless, she's still planning to be on hand for the race Sunday.

Collier courts Laura. During the night, Paul is almost killed by a scorpion.

Paul confronts Collier who denies that he is romancing Laura on behalf of her ex-husband.

Then Paul tells a despondant Laura that he was offered $100,000 to marry her.
St. Michael - Sardinia,
Friday, January 28

Collier approached me last night, and said that he was in love with Laura and wanted to marry her. It turns out that he's one of the iron and steel Mandevilles, but not living on his family's money.
Something about him seemed sincere, so I found myself going along with both the husband and Johnson, and putting to Laura the proposal that they live on the $100,000, and let their emotions rule.
Whether love at first sight can last a lifetime is certainly a matter for conjecture, but the two have decided to give it a try.
And for me, it's on to Sardinia.
Collier and Laura decide to marry and accept the $100,000 as a "dowry" from her ex-husband.

Paul flies to Spain to test the race car.
Costa Smeralda,
Saturday, January 29

The glamour of the Costa Smerelda race was something that caught me up when I first got bitten myself by Pete's interest in motor racing,
Arrived too late to see anyone last night, but connected with Pete early, and he was buzzing over the improvements Clive and Rudy have come up with for the latest edition Mastin.
His pole position was proof of the pudding, and with Clive third on the grid, he's obviously still equally in his element behind the wheel as with design and engineering
Watched qualifying with Rhona, and she's  genuinely happy with the new arrangement. Her whole problem had been a kind of rich-girl insecurity, and now that she's broken through that, she's actually turned out to be a nice person. And most important of all, her interest in the team and factory as a whole keeps everyone's enthusiasm up.
After qualifying Clive showed me all the new additions to the car, and then I had my first really long and serious talk with him, coming away with a whole new respect for a man I always admired as a driver.
In the evening Pete and I dined with members of what he says is undoubtedly the top Parisian Formula 1 law firm.

Paul qualifies fifth in the Costa Smeralda Grand Prix.
Costa Smeralda,
Sunday, January 30

First disappointment of the day, Kate wasn't able to get away. Wonder what the next one will be.


Pete and Clive drove out of their skins, but fair dues, the Mastin responded to every touch. A dream!
Pete turned his pole into a victory, and Clive was up on the podium with him in second. If only Katie could have been there to share the joy.
But someone very special was.
Rachel Pike made the short helicopter hop from her nearby complex, and we each did our little bit to interest her in  the Mastin.
She played it cool, but conferring afterwards, each of us agreed that everything has gone well.
Had a champagne call with Katie - literally as well as figuratively, as we both opened bottles of bubbly, and toasted each other through the whole conversation. The best thing was hearing that she'll be flying out tomorrow.

Paul finishes third in the Costa Smeralda Grand Prix.
Costa Smeralda,
Monday, January 31

Had my first real chance to get in the car and experience the new additions to the Mastin, and was enchanted by how I was able to handle her. Got in a good few hours testing, after which I was high enough for anything.
Among the familiar faces over the weekend was Willem Van Rensselear and his mother, Mona Martin, who has a large place nearby, On hand for for her latest wedding, Willem is taking advantage of sky diving facilities here, and his invitation to join him seemed like a perfect cap to the day.

Paul goes sky diving with a friend, and has a bad landing that leaves him unconscious.

Costa Smeralda,
Tuesday, February 1

Practiced in the car morning and afternoon, and Pete and Clive feel I'm ready to take the drive in Tunis.
Then it was more sky diving with Willem. The last thing I remember was the ground fast approaching, and the next was Katie's eyes looking into mine.
In between was a dream that I would not like to have again.
Willem had invited me as a houseguest for his mother's wedding to Alejandro Orsini. I'd seen them together at the Grand Prix, but in my dream he was a dark character, deeply in debt to an international gambling syndicate who had a man in place to make sure that the wedding to Willem's fabulously wealthy mother came off.
This weasel got the impression that the mother had fallen in love with me …. What finishing on the podium in the Costa Smerelda race will do to the sub conscious ego!
This weasel got the impression that the mother had fallen in love with me. (While the mother was very friendly to me in the dream, in real life, she looked straight through me when  congratulating the team on Sunday.) To make Orsini jealous, she lets it be known that she might want to marry me instead of him.
To assure that my presence doesn't prevent the marriage guaranteeing collection of Orsini's gambling debts, the weasel tells me that I should leave before the wedding.
When I try to find something out about the weasel, my contact tells me that dangerous international gambling interests are doing searches on me. Then the weasel throws me down a flight of stairs. In real life, I'd have broken a good few bones, especially when the weasel kicks me while I'm lying there in a heap.
But I pop up like Jerry the cat, and even more like him, go looking for more punishment in one of the gambling syndicate's London casinos.  Another beating follows. Maybe due to the not-so-soft landing I made with the chute.
As in other dreams I've had in the last ten months, the thugs shout that they know that I'm dying, and repeat it over and over. They start to rough me up, and then turn into elephants.
Against their bidding I fly back to Sardinia …. in my mind, I had to go there to meet Kate …. and tell the mother that the wedding is being set up by gambling interests.  But she just laughs, and says that there's plenty to go around.
I was starting to regain consciousness, and the sound of hysterical laughter filled my head, and just before waking, I got my revenge on the weasel, and gave him all the karate chops one learns but is never supposed to use.

2  - 21 February 1966 ("Fly By Night"
interrupting vacation with Kate Pierce)

While unconscious, Paul dreams that his friend's wealthy mother has shown interest in him though she is planning to marry a playboy who owes $200,000 for a year to a gambling syndicate.

The syndicate consider Paul could be an impediment to their getting the money back, and he is threatened, then thrown down a flight of stairs by one of their men.

In the dream, Paul then travels to London to visit one of their casinos to gain information, and is beaten up.

He returns to Sardinia, and warns his friend's mother that her groom is marrying her only to settle his gambling debts, but she says that she doesn't mind that at all.