Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
22 - 26 September 1966

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22 - 26  September 1966 ("The Rape of Lucrece")

A dinner guest at the home of a novelist he knew as a child, Paul politely listens to her tales of woe with men as he realizes he is target for seduction, but when he attempts to withdraw with graciousness, Lucrece turns on him and scratches his face, then goes into a frenzy after he leaves. Running back inside, he tries to subdue her as she screams and throws things about.  Then she escapes his grasp, and begins tearing at her dress and calling for help, appearing to faint as a neighbor rushes in..

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Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Boston - Melon Bay
Tuesday, September 22

The Phillips greeted me graciously, and their home was a cool refuge from the heat outside. It was clear they were in a much better state than the first time I visited. But the real makeover was April - who, I think, is really now Margaret for me.
She was none of the personalities I'd met before - neither the shy Margret nor the eccentric April nor the capricious Kathy. Instead a level-headed girl had emerged, apparently less vulnerable against the condition she is fighting.
The intellect and charm were still there, but it was clear that Margaret knew about her wanderings under different guises, and was responding to treatment.
Her parents confirmed this, and said there had been no disappearance since their daughter's return from New Orleans. It made me feel great, and put me in an upbeat mood for the visit to see Peggy and Tom. We talked over past times, and it will be wonderful, falling asleep to the sound of the waves.

Paul goes to visit "April" - Margaret Phillips - the girl with a multiple personality disorder, whom he rescued in New Orleans, to find her much improved

Melon Bay
Friday, September 23

A great day, spent in relaxation, catching up with mail, and offering insider info about our team that Tom had been following in the newspapers, now excited about attending the next race and being a guest in the pits.


What a shock when my fellow weekend guest showed up this evening. None other than Dorothy Young, who works for Nicole's American publishers.
She edited the English translation of the new book, and I hoped that as little as possible would surface about my personal life. But then, in the book, I was an English spy, not an American lawyer.

Paul visits old friends from San Francisco, now living in New England
Melon Bay
Saturday, September 24

Peggy and Tom are holding a barbecue this afternoon, and worrying about the weather which is predicted to get heavier and stormy in the evening.
Had hoped for this to be a quiet weekend, but they had everything planned before I arrived, so am daring to cut out for a beach walk after regaling everyone about the racing.
If Peggy and Tom's parties are anything like they used to be in San Francisco, the fesitivies will go on into the wee small hours.
Over breakfast I found out that Dorothy was agent for someone else I knew. Lucrece Lawrece, whom my father represented in a divorce case when she was living in Carmel.
I was just a kid, and had never seen anyone so glamorous around Almeria. Dorothy says Lucrece's new book is ghastly, and the announcement that it's not up to standard is something she's been avoiding.
Since Lucrece is invited to the party, Dorothy is going by for to divulge the bad news beforehand, and I've asked to go along for a brief hello.


Lucrece was very cordial and down to earth, and I asked her to dinner. Should be an interesting break when the party starts to lag.

Editor and fellow house guest goes to see one of her clients, Lucrece Lawrence, and Paul goes along to meet the novelist who had been a client of his father's, then asks her to dinner

Melon Bay
Sunday, September 25

Dinner with Lucrece was like one of my elephant nightmares, but the real thing, and it's important to write down exactly what I experienced.
It all started simply enough when I slipped away from the party with Peggy's tipsy consent. She didn't seem to mind at all that I was going away, even gave me a restaurant tip.
The evening with Lucrece began very pleasantly. All dressed up, she hardly looked a day older than the photos on the dust jackets of her books we had at home. I could see that she'd taken great care with her appearance.
Lucrece offered me a delicious pate made from a special recipe, and I was truly enjoying myself. Then she said she didn't want to go out to a restaurant, and had already prepared dinner in the kitchen.
If I only knew what this change in my plans would lead to, and how the lack of good manners towards my hosts would bring me to disaster.
The dinner was extravagant, and beautifully prepared, but the more Lucrece drank, the more she started coming on to me. And each time I moved to another chair, she followed me, talking about the adultery which cause her husband to sue for divorce.
On and on she went about how men had constantly betrayed her, but Lucrece was clearly bent on seduction this night, and I was becoming more and more uncomfortable.
Wanting to be kind and charitable to this woman I'd always admired, there was at last a good excuse to depart without hurting her feelings when the expected thunderstorm started to roar,.
But she turned on me, dishing out a stream of vitriol and accusations. I hated to see this realization of an almost-forgotten youthful fantasy turn so sour, and tried to placate Lucrece about ending the wonderful dinner on an amiable note.
She agreed, then asked me to kiss her goodnight, but when I bent to do so, she scratched my face, and dismissed me with a nasty “good night, Mr. Bryan.”
As soon as I was out the door, the sounds of shouting and crashing noises could be heard from the house, and through the window, I saw Lucrece throwing things about the room with great violence.
She was in hysterics, and I went back inside, facing loud screams, Lucrece about to sweep all the delicate ornaments off the mantel piece.
I tried to subdue her, as anyone would with a person screeching in that condition. But she scratched my face again, and managed to get out of my grasp, then began to tear at her dress, throwing things and calling for help.
Trying to end the fit, I managed to catch her again, but she kept pulling away in a frenzy, yelling and throwing objects around.
Eventually, she fell to the floor, apparently having fainted, just as a neighbor rushed in, obviously getting the wrong impression of what had just occurred.
He rang the police, and I found myself shortly afterwards in a cell, where the living nightmare was turned into a series of sleeping ones.
Again and again, the frightening scene with Lucrece was interrupted by a bull elephant who charged in the door, and headed right for me as I woke up screaming.
A very hung over Tom Ambler was at the jail in the morning to bail me out, and I'm facing a preliminary hearing on attempted rape tomorrow morning.
Totally confused, and making phone calls for advice. I don't dare ring Kate, but definitely need more moral support than Peggy and Tom (who seem to be taking all this rather casually) can offer.

Paul finds himself in jail for attempted rape when the pleasant dinner the night before turned nasty with the author first accusing him of turning on her, and then going into a frenzied rage after he left. Seeing this through a window, he goes back to help her, and she begins tearing at her dress, then appears to faint, just as a neighbor comes in.

Melon Bay
Monday, September 26

When I witness again and again what luck I have, how I am rescued from the most dire situations, must believe that I have more than three months to live.
The hearing did not go well for me. Lucrece's version of all that happened had her virginal and me lecherous.
Even though my own testimony declared the events of Saturday night to be actually the opposite of her description, the judge was about to set the legal wheels in motion.
Dorothy entered the courtroom just then, and handed me a manuscript opened to a page with the most revealing words. It was Lucrece's new book, and the narrative was a parallel of her testimony against me.
She had virtually staged the incident to …. what? …. Promote her novel? Who knows? But when I put the manuscript into evidence, in a flash I was free, and Lucrece was ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment.
The sun is out, and I am going to do my best to put this whole incident out of my mind, and concentrate on a nice, leisurely trip to Watkins Glen for the US Grand Prix.
Peggy is arriving at the pool with drinks and canapés, and that will be a good start. My first toast will be to Dorothy who's presence I initially recoiled at, but who is only a treasure to me now.

27 September - 3 October 1966 ("The Face of the Antagonist")
The author's testimony and Paul's diverge, but the neighbor's evidence concurring with her description  brings the judge to turn Paul over for trial just as new evidence is brought in by the editor - the author's latest manuscript, containing a description of an event mirroring her testimony. Paul is free and the author is ordered to have psychiatric treatment.