Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
21 - 30 March 1966

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 21 - 30  March 1966 ("In Search of April" part 2 / "The Man Who Had No Enemies" part 1)

When in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Paul met “April Martin” (played by Carol Lynley). He later learns that she is a girl suffering from multiple personality syndrome, and tries to help this young woman full of zest for life.

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Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Monday, March 21

With three free days, and my mind focused on being back for the Bayou Grand Prix on Thursday, I flew to Montreal to see if Marcel Lambert could provide any information about the girl from Mardi Gras.
He said her name was Yvonne, and indicated that she was French-speaking, but when he mentioned a Massachusetts connection, I remembered the Boston dress shop label I'd commented on when handing April her jacket, so decided to try there.
Got a mid day flight to Boston, and when I showed the lady at the shop a photo of us together, she identified April as Margaret, and told me where she lived. It turned out to be a palatial mansion, but I saw April immediately upon arriving at the grounds.
However, it was clear that the girl didn't recognize me. Her family nevertheless invited me in, and when I told her parents I'd met their daughter at Mardi Gras as April, they explained that Margaret suffers from a multiple personality syndrome.
She'd go off, they didn't know where, transformed herself into someone else, and when her own personality somehow re-emerged, she'd come home. But it was obviously one nerve wracking time after another for mother and father both.
Because the opportunity had never presented itself to meet someone who'd been with their daughter during one of her episodes, they asked me if I'd talk to her psychiatrist, believing I might be some help in Margaret's treatment.
Then they told her about our meeting in New Orleans, and Margaret and I spoke for a while in the garden. She was very shy, incredibly different from the exuberant April, and I wanted to do all I could to help her.

Paul searches for the girl he met at Mardi Gras at April. Eventually, he finds her in Massachusetts, and learns from her parents that she suffers from a multiple personality syndrome.

New Orleans
Tuesday, March 22

The psychiatrist was able to see me this morning, so I took the train into Boston, and who did I meet on the way but Margaret in another new guise - Kathy. She as much as invited me to accompany her to New Orleans - a place she said she'd never been.
Dr. Mann encouraged me to go there with her, and perhaps help her wake from the dreams she's living through, so we got the first flight out.
To see if it might have any effect, I took her to one of the restaurants where we ate during Mardi Gras, and while I was away a moment buying cigarettes, an unsavory character approached our table, calling her Dorothy.
April/Kathy seemed more amused than anything, but the man had also mentioned Miami, and I remembered what Dr. Mann had said about a troubling experience Margaret appeared to have in Florida.
There was definitely a sense of threat now in the restaurant that had been so welcoming, so I got Margaret out of there, and took her for a hansom cab ride.
Though she was clearly unaware of anything being wrong, I still felt worried, and wanted to protect this little creature from any danger she might be in. After seeing Margaret to her room, went into the hotel bar for a drink.
Met a guy named Neil Trotter from Arkansas, both a fellow sailor and motor racing enthusiast. It turned out that we had a number of mutual acquaintances at the St. Francis Yacht Club, and we had a great chat.
When he left, the bartender confided that Neil was a Hot Springs aristocrat who had a whole engineering works in New Orleans to cater to a diverse range of hobbies.

As a favor to her parents, Paul meets with the girl's psychiatrist who encourages him to accompany her to New Orleans to see if she can “wake from her dream.”

In a new guise they visit the same restaurant where they ate at Mardi Gras, and the girl is approached by a sinister man there.

New Orleans
Wednesday, March 23

A year since I first learned the diagnosis. But the tonic of “Kathy's” merry mood caught me in its spell, and when we went for a swim, both that day last March and the unpleasant scene caused by that man in the restaurant had disappeared from the front of my mind.
We spent a wonderful day exploring all the sights of New Orleans, and I even became oblivious to the practical reason for her being with me.
However, at one point in the evening, I spotted the man who'd spoken to Margaret last night, and got her back to the hotel as quickly as possible. My instincts told me to pursue him immediately. If I hadn't, Margaret might not be alive right now. It chills me to think of it.
Button-holed the guy in the alley outside the hotel, and learned that some hood from Miami had gone to Margaret's room. Rushing there, I caught him trying to smother her.
It was a thoroughly frightening experience, but I managed to subdue the man long enough for help to arrive, and the girl is now safe.
After the police and doctor left, I stayed with Margaret until his sedative put her to sleep. Apparently, she had witnessed the mobster kill someone in Miami, and he thought that she was going to blackmail him.
She didn't know her name, but remembered her home in Massachusetts, and I can only hope that this sweet girl will now find some help for the illness that is afflicting her mind.
For me, there is no help, but I've outlived the nine months, and now the year, still feeling good. I have to make whatever time is left count by bringing something positive into other people's lives, and today, I can be certain that I have.

They spend an enjoyable day together, but when Paul sees the sinister man again, he takes the girl to her hotel, and seeks him out.

The man divulges that a mobster has gone to the girl's room, and Paul arrives there just in time to save her life.

New Orleans
Thursday, March 24

Margaret and I both made statements to the police, then her parents arrived, and I had a long call with Kate going over all that had happened. Clive picked me up in the afternoon, and we had a good testing session.
Our first time working without Pete around, and a chance to feel more than his “little brother” - a full-blown driver. Clive spent a lot of technical time with me, something Pete never does. He and Rhona are on top of the world about the Formula 1 deal.
Ran into Neil when we got back to the hotel, and invited him to join us for dinner. He knows a lot about cars, and fascinated Clive with some of his inventions. We were all starting to imagine him as an investor in the car or team.
But he was actually thinking of getting ME to be part of HIS, and wondered if I might like to crew with him for a race starting in Rio de Janeiro.
When I told him I had to be in Trinidad for the race next weekend, Neil replied that was perfect, as he was picking up the rest of his own race team there on Friday.

Paul befriends Neil Trotter, and becomes interested in the man's fabulous yacht.

New Orleans
Saturday, March 26

In addition to Neil joining us for qualifying, the most wonderful surprise was the arrival of Dr. Kathryn Pierce who said she'd come “to keep an eye on her investment.”
Pete burned up the course to earn another pole, with my fourth place - despite some engine trouble - a source of pride to us all. I hadn't expected to see my little art dealer for ages, and was lit up.
In a much better mood, Pete said that, now that we were certain of being in Formula 1, we should decide which law firm we wanted - the top firm in Paris which filled every requirement to a tee, the British one we'd already been working with, or the New York lawyers who'd represent an American connection.
As Pete is the principal, I told him it should be his decision, and he didn't wait a second to name CC&B. I think he is right.

New Orleans
Sunday, March 27

Thoroughly turned on, despite the troubling week, or perhaps because of a “successful” end to the April drama, and with Kate watching from the pit, I took the corners with dramatic speed, and finished on the podium, one spot behind Pete's second.
Maybe it was the excitement and challenge of the street circuit, but it was one of the most satisfying races I've driven. Always thought my forte behind the wheel to be fast in the straights, but there was nothing but curves in this race, and it was my best performance yet.
To my surprise, Rhona confided that, thus far, the team side of things had been self-supporting with all the prize money we'd won.
It was a good feeling, and with so much to look forward to, the round of parties tonight should be great, and Neil will also be joining us. While I'll surely be flaunting my prize finish at every one of them, it's still Kate's unexpected presence that is the icing on the cake.
Paul is entranced by the boat

The Gaffney-Bryan Mastin team doeds well in qualifying for the Bayou Grand Prix.
at sea aboard the Sea Trotter III
Monday, March 28

Neil and I made an early morning start with a sleepy eyed Katie waving goodbye from the dock. The wonderful sensation of being at sea is one of the best I know, and this great vessel provides the most incomparable feeling.
Had expected to go down to my LUXURIOUS cabin, and spend hours in soul-searching conversation with this journal, but it's just too fabulous up on deck.
Neil and I talked about Formula 1 at length, and he's seems ready to commit to joining as an investor. What an asset he will be!

Paul joins Neil on a trip to Trinidad

at sea aboard the Sea Trotter III
Tuesday, March 29

Another wonderful day at sea sparked by Neil's interesting company. Originally educated as a lawyer, but never having practiced, we have many things in common, and the conversation never lags.
But there has also been plenty of time for the expected introspection - analyzing where I've fallen down in following Father Bart's valuable advice.
Also had a sense of bereavement, knowing that there are only three race meetings left, and then, I won't be driving any more. Maybe, if I hadn't done so well, it might not matter as much.
Originally, I'd only wanted to be involved, but the thrill driving has given me has certainly been a lifetime's worth. As the days start to wind down, I must think more about savoring these occasions with satisfaction, rather than long for more.
If the strange circumstances hadn't come upon me, I'd never have had the opportunity to taste these incredible experiences, and must keep that in mind. Everything in life is a trade off.

at sea aboard the Sea Trotter III
Wednesday, March 30

These two days at sea have felt like a well-lived month. Not a  watching-the-clock kind of time passing, but a wonderful sense of fullness.
A whole year gone, and I never engaged in one of my most fulfilling pastimes. There I was, looking for a way to expand time, and seemed to have forgotten the richness a day sailing in the bay always brought.
If I were looking for a heightened sensation of being alive, what I've felt on this boat couldn't be matched by any of my travels. Even the motor racing is one dimensional in comparison.
It has been interesting. My sense of time on board seems so expanded. In the past year, I'd tried to make life fuller by increasing the volume of places, people and events in my life.
But here I am, as such, doing nothing at all, seeing much the same view around me from one “static structure,” with only one person around for company, and it feels like I've lived so completely - even without Kate around.

31  March - 4 April 1966 ("The Man Who Had No Enemies" part 2)
The sea trip gives Paul time for reflection.

The voyage on the grand yacht proves beneficial to Paul.