Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
15 - 25 November 1965

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15 - 25  November 1965 ("A Rage for Justice")

Paul is assisting in the defence of a black soldier who helped him escape from Albania. Prosecuting the court-martial is Major Joe Rankin (Sam Wanamaker) who tells Paul that he relishes the opportunity to show he isn't guilty of positive discrimination, even though he has participated in Civil Rights marches.

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Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Monday, November 15

Tried to see what was happening with my motion to act as civilian defence counsel for Dave Corbett again, but still no word.
Met Katie at the airport, and she insisted on waiting until we got to the hotel to talk, then dropped the bombshell. Gerald Pierce had left both her mother and sister only reasonable incomes, no assets, the entire estate of millions going to Kate.
It was a shock, to say the least, and she was extremely upset, but The Will had been specific about the reasons for cutting the other two women out - Alice's infidelity, and Molly's irresponsibility. (Kate said Molly had already gone through a substantial portion of the quarter million Gerald gave her for graduation less than six months ago.)
It had been horrible and embarrassing to sit there and hear her father's words about religion being the only reason he hadn't divorced her mother, as well as the statements about the anguish Molly had caused. Plus his edict that the family house be sold to partially finance the womens' monthly payments.
Alex Ryder had been with Molly, and began screaming how he would break The Will, and that it was an outrage. Alice's attorney had also said The Will was flawed.
Though the women had all hugged afterwards, Kate had observed Nick's advice to say nothing. He sequestered her at my grandmother's over the weekend, the contingency plan we'd all agreed on.
Kate didn't know what to do. She'd consulted Armand, just back in Paris from the South Seas. He had offered his legal counsel in San Francisco, but suggested she also stay on with Nick - and me.
I couldn't advise any differently. It was certainly more than I could handle even on a full-time basis, with a complexity well beyond my expertise. But I could hold her hand - and did.

Paul learns that Kate Pierce has inheirited her father's multi-million-dollar estate, and that he left nothing but an income to her mother and sister.

Tuesday - Wednesday, November 16 - 17

We talked endlessly about the estate, and what Kate could or should do - or shouldn't. She wants to give a million or two to her sister and mother, but I think we need to wait and see how things settle in the short term.
For the first time since learning the diagnosis, I started experiencing feelings of guilt over my health - that I wouldn't be around as a husband for Kate. Knowing about her underlying instability, wondering if she could fall prey to someone unscrupulous.
From the beginning - even before knowing they stayed in touch - I had always resented Armand, not so much his phenomenal wealth, but for the passion I knew Kate still feels for him - even if they have agreed to stay apart.
Now, suddenly, I'm starting to think that, if she were to go back to him, he would be a safe and secure harbor - even though she says it could never happen as long as Odette is alive.
At the end of the day I finally received word that my motion to defend Dave Corbett has been tabled, so we decided to fly back to San Francisco tomorrow.

Thursday, November 18

Was in the process of trying to get us reservations for Paris when stopped by a military type who was first secretive, then finally told me that my application to defend Dave Corbett had been granted.
Went back to the waiting room, and asked Katie what she wanted to do. Rather than make a rash decision, she decided to go back to the d'Angleterre for another night at least, and I went off with the soldiers.
Corbett's situation isn't good. He's recovering well from the leg wound, but they're really going to throw the book at him. His military counsel, Major Fowler seems like a good guy, and will be essential in the defence, but I also met a  colleague, Major Rankin, a dark type, who is going to be trial counsel.
Got back to Katie as soon as possible, but the break, thinking of something else, had cleared my head. I've got to stay on here for Dave Corbett. Maybe without him, I wouldn't be around at all, but can devote the next days to Kate's situation.
Think she should fly to New York and see Peter Kenyon. I don't know a better expert on contested Wills. He can give her a lot of general advice. Furthermore, the legal staff Armand would have in Manhattan would be his most senior in the US.
Both of us made phone calls, and Kenyon will be able to see Kate on Monday, so I'll fly out with her, though I'm hoping to miss Armand who'll be joining his own specialist team for the meeting.

Friday , November 19

Corbett told me he didn't realize he'd be defecting, his wife having made the entire arrangement with persons unknown. An exchange of unlimited drugs for Linda against her husband on show as an “escapé from US imperialism.”
Incredibly, the mitigating circumstances of Linda's addiction can't be proven in Court. If I didn't have enough spying on my plate, found an intriguing letter in today's packet of mail from Marcella.
From Lisa Fortune, explaining that she'd been in Arizona on the trail of Nazi war criminal Ernst Mannheim - who'd been located running the gliding school.
I was her innocent cover, but just as her Shinbet colleagues moved in to capture the man, in order to put him on trial in Israel, he took poison - as explained in her cryptic note. And I slept through the whole thing.

Paul feels guilty about not being around to support Kate in the future.

Paul has put in a petition to defend Sergeant Dave Corbett on charges of theft, black marketeering, treason and aiding and abetting the enemy, but has just about given up waiting when his application is approved.

He meets Corbett's military counsel and the man who will be prosecuting the case, Major Rankin - who could present additional problems.

Dave Corbett tells Paul that he never knew that he and his wife were defecting to Albania.

Saturday, November 20

Col. Brush dismissed the charge of Aiding and Abetting the Enemy, but all the rest stand. Met Rankin at the Officers Club, and he said he planned to make a show trial of Corbett to display how there was no discrimination of him as a black man.
It was twisted logic, and I intend to ask for him to be removed as prosecutor. Katie is starting to feel better about her predicament - if that's the word for it.

New York City
Sunday, November 21

Was able to arrange an emergency meeting with Col. Delaney regarding dismissal of Rankin, but the Colonel took the military's side, so we've got nowhere to go.
Katie and I got a mid day flight to New York, and tried to pretend - for the night - that we were here for fun. It worked - a few minutes here and there.

New York City
Monday, November 22

Two years today. I wonder what the long-term political and social impact of the tragedy will be.
Morning appointment with Kenyon went very well, and I think Katie has a lot more confidence going into tomorrow's meeting with the de Martignac legal team, which Nick will be attending.
Before catching my flight back to Athens, went to see Linda Corbett's father in Brooklyn. He was totally uncooperative - in complete denial that his daughter was an addict. We are now just about at the end of our rope with Corbett's defence.

Tuesday, November 23

In an effort to pin down the name of one of Linda's Athens drug suppliers, Major Fowler read out names of any possible suspects to Corbett, and we decided to seek out the one he reacted to - Ward Cooper, dishonourably discharged from the US military, and wanted on a string of charges in the States.
Here, he's clean, but slippery and not easy to find - known to act as a guide as well as dealer. Used my Embassy contacts to get George Kerpantos to come over, and served him with a summons to appear at the trial as a witness.
We both know that he was aware of Linda's drug use only through hearsay, but he might be a bargaining chip. For the moment, I asked if he could help me locate Ward Cooper, and was able to be on the man's trail by evening.
Slick he was, and though I met him, and sought his services as a guide, he went away, then had me brought to a room by two thugs who searched me thoroughly.
I asked him to testify that Linda was an addict, but he just laughed. Then I tried the ploy of banishing the outstanding charges against him in the US, so he could go back safely.
Though he said he wasn't interested, I got a call from him an hour later, and we agreed to meet in a park - where I found him dead. Whatever was behind the killing, we are now nowhere.
Katie rang in the middle of the night, and said that the legal meeting went well, Armand already back in Paris. Her mother met her in San Francisco, and the two had a tearful reunion.
Soon as the women have finished going through the house, and each taking what they want, Alice is leaving for South America with her lover. I suppose, next to his wealth, Gerald's millions are chicken feed, and all Alice seemed concerned about was that Molly would not go astray - again
In a private conversation with Paul, Major Rankin says that he's going to be relentless in prosecuting Sergeant Corbett - to show that he does not discriminate against black servicemen.

Paul fails to get Major Rankin taken off the case over the statements made in the Officers Club, then flies to New York with Kate for a legal appointment.

Before leaving New York, Paul tries to get Linda Corbett's father to testify that she was a drug addict. Without such proof, her husband has no case, but the father denies the fact.

Back in Athens, Paul tries to identify one of the pushers selling Linda Corbett drugs, and pins down a name to which her husband reacts.

Enlisting the help of the US agent George Kerpantos - who engineered Paul's flight from Albania - the pusher is located, but the man refuses to be of any help.

Paul offers the carrot of Ward Cooper getting off the charges against him in the US, and after thinking about it, Cooper agrees to meet Paul again. But the man is then found dead at the location where they were supposed to meet.

Wednesday, November 24

Without any other witnesses in Corbett's defence, I took the stand myself to corroborate the mitigating circumstances. But rather than showing Dave Corbett as a hero who helped me escape Albania, Rankin twisted my testimony to imply that I stated that Linda was an addict solely out of gratitude to Corbett.
It had become necessary to play my last card, and I told Col. Delany I was going to call George Kerpantos to the stand - blowing the cover of a long-serving and valuable agent along the Greco-Albanian border.
Delaney's first reaction was (cool) outrage, but I tried to make the move look like the American ideal of justice instead of treason, and ….. just maybe, he bought it.
Long chat with Katie in the evening. Molly had come to her contrite, and acknowledged  that their father was right, it had taken her too long to grow up, and she probably still wasn't there yet at 26.
She admitted  that, owning the apartment she'd bought with part of the graduation money, she had more than enough to live on, and was extremely embarrassed by Alex's outburst at the reading. After what he'd said, Molly couldn't bear to even think of contesting The Will. Everything in America solved without a writ.
Told Kate she was right to assure Molly that she'd always be there for her sister, and that if the case on this side of the Atlantic is also over tomorrow, I'm going to do a bit of “wandering.”
Want to suss out a few snow resorts where we can spend New Year's. Meanwhile, the three women will have a week away for Thanksgiving to try and repair any damage from The Will.

Paul testifies himself about Linda Corbett's drug addiction and the assistance her husband provided to help Paul escape Albania, but prosecutor Rankin discredits the statements.

Using his last hope, Paul tells the head of the Court Martial that he is going to call the agent George Kerpantos to testify about Linda Corbett's drug addiction - thus exposing a valuable US operative.

Thursday, November 25

All charges but the blackmarketeering have been dropped, and Corbett received the lightest possible sentence. It was worth hanging on.
Major Fowler is handling the follow up, and I wished Dave good luck. He hugged me, and said he'd never forget. Told him I wouldn't either, and was so sorry that it didn't work out for Linda, but he replied that he knew a long time ago that she'd gone beyond hope.
Got an afternoon flight to Zurich, and then a train here. Will post these pages to the Paris apartment, and get a good night's sleep.

26 November - 8 December 1965 ("The Day Time Stopped")
Paul's ploy works, and the charges against Corbett are reduced to the most minor one.

Paul leaves for Switzerland