Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
14 - 30 April 1966

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14 - 30 April 1966 ("The Cruel Fountain")

Willy Hatch (Don Rickles) is a comedian accused of statutory rape, and approaching a nervous breakdown when Paul comes to help him in the small town which has turned against the entertainer.

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Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
en route to South America - Rio Santos
Thursday, April 14

We took off for South America with my mind a little more at rest over Pete, now at home, and the judge with every criminal lawyer in the firm vying to be on his legal team, plus a big floral arrangement delivered to Nick Cooper's wife for allowing the team to borrow her husband from their vacation.
First class is nearly empty, with no one near us, so Katie and I have been able to talk over the time we were apart without concern about being overheard, dozing a bit, and just glad to be together again.


Warm reception from the greeting committee. I had no idea that this race was such a big deal, but it's apparently the major event of the year in Rio Santos, people flocking here from all around South America, and there is a sense of festival everywhere.
But the largest surprise was that Pete had entered our team as Bryan-Gaffney Mastin! My last drive, and he gave me top billing. Tony Bell was also on hand to meet us. Living in Rio de Janeiro, he spends most of his time doing these kind of races around Latin America, and we've hit it off well.
Kate and I decided to skip the round of parties tonight, but one of the first things I want to do is visit Claire Mallory. All that for another day.

Paul arrives in South America to participate in two weeks of racing.

Rio Santos
Friday, April 15

Rudy's #2, Marco Portini, is here representing the factory, but has still brought a decent team of mechanics to look after the cars.
 Absent were the regular improvements I'd gotten used to noticing through the season, but the machines were in best shape, nevertheless. Kate came out to watch us at the morning test session, and there was a huge crowd of spectators.
After we had lunch I went to see Claire, and there was something very strange about her. She's apparently become a recluse, but though she treated me warmly, I sensed she was miserable.
It hurt me to see her this way, as it had been painful enough to watch her marriage end. Claire thanked me for turning her into a rich, independent woman when all I did was to recommend a good divorce lawyer.
Mayve hold her hand through the proceedings too, but the end result doesn't look the best. Her situation was on my mind all through afternoon testing, and took some of the festive atmosphere from the racing.
Tony mentioned a great seafood restaurant, and Kate and I enjoyed a little private time away from the bustle, then attended a couple race parties before she decided to turn in, still catching up from her busy week in Seattle.
Before calling it a day myself, sought out Tony to discuss what we were doing tomorrow. He said that Marco was going to let me tinker with the car after the morning session.
Was almost as excited about being a racing mechanic for a couple hours as driving. It was an honor that Clive would trust me under the machine.
When we sorted out our schedule, I noticed a woman staring at me. Tony's date knew her, and took me over to the table where a couple were sitting, and introduced me to Bell Frazer and her brother Allan.
Belle said that they'd been watching me drive, and I then found out that she was confined to a wheel chair. When Allan expressed interest in the car, I invited him to join me at the garage tomorrow.
Katie was still up, reading auction catalogues when I got back to our suite, and having finished these notes, I'm going to take them away from her.

Paul visits his old friend Clare Mallory who has been resident in Rio Santos since her divorce.

In the evening he becomes acquainted with a brother and sister, Allan and Belle Frazer, both race fans. Belle is confined to a wheel chair.

Rio Santos
Saturday, April 16

Kate was in the pit as I managed a top-ten qualifying spot for tomorrow's two-hour race, and after lunch, she decided to have a look around at the craft shops and galleries.
Under Marco's supervision I was allowed to make a routine part change on my car, Tony teasing that he wouldn't let me near his.
But besides concentrating on the races, I'm going to have to put my focus into passing the examination for the Formula 1 test driver's license. Since we'd organized this time for Pete to tutor me, I'm going to have to depend on people who would never have his skills.
When Allan Frazer stopped by the garage, he told me Belle was dragging him around the world, visiting quacks and faith healers, rather than undergo dangerous surgery to try and fix the nerve damage she suffered in a skiing accident.
Apparently, she's presently seeing some kind of healer who is resident in Claire's hotel, and Allan implied that he'd like me to either dissuade Belle or speak to this Dr. Raphael, but I'm slowly learning sense, and don't want to get involved.
Rang Claire, and asked if she'd like to join Kate and me for dinner, but she declined politely. Using that as an omen, we decided to also skip the razzmatazz tonight, and have dinner in our room.

Paul learns that Belle is in Rio Santos seeing a healer whom she believes might cure her, but her brother says the man is a quack.

Rio Santos
Sunday, April 17

A decent result for the team in the first test race with Tony finishing fourth and me eighth, but I was disappointed that Claire didn't come to watch me drive.
However, there was someone else on hand who came all the way from Buenos Aires - Alice Pierce and her English boyfriend who appears to own half of Argentina. Kate's mother dropped the bombshell that the two of them were getting married.
 Of course, it's upsetting for Katie, but her congratulations were as warm-hearted as she could manage, and she's resolved to detach herself from the situation. We therefore intend to take in every party tonight, and soak up all the atmosphere going.
The first race takes place.

Rio Santos
Monday, April 18

The most awful development today. I learned that Claire is suffering from a deforming condition that has left her hands badly twisted.
After morning testing, decided to take up the offer to go out in her sailboat this afternoon, and with Katie wanting to see a local Franciscan whom Father Bart had recommended before she leaves tonight, asked Allan and Belle along.
Going to pick up the keys, I told Clare about the young woman's condition, and she was surprisingly testy when I said I thought it would do Belle good.
Though I'd accepted it when Clare had indicated not being ready to see Kate, I was rather taken aback when she seemed so indifferent to Belle's predicament.
That was when she showed me her bent and semi-paralysed hands, and everything became clear. I was shocked, and felt so bad for her, wondering how she'd managed to hide this from me on my first visit.


The sailing didn't work out well at all. Allan fell overboard, unable to swim, and I went in to save him. We almost lost the boat then, but Belle managed to reach and grad the tiller - something which should be impossible with the damage to her back.
The day on the water shortened, I was grateful that Kate had returned when I got back. We discussed her conversation with the priest, and talked intently past dinner time, then grabbed a bite in the hotel restaurant.
While Kate finished last-minute packing, I connected with Belle and Allan to see how they were. Neither seemed worse for the wear. In fact, Belle was confident that the movement she'd made on the boat demonstrated the benefit of her treatment here
On the way to the airport, Kate suggested that it might not be a bad idea to check out this purported quack, even challenge him over whether he could cure my own illness.
I'd made up my mind not to get involved, but it seemed good sense to find out what the man was about. I hate to see a charlatan taking advantage of these nice people.
Within an hour I miss Katie's presence. This suite seems so empty now, but at least we were able to make the most of spring break, and have these good days together.

Paul is disappointed that Clare is not more sympathetic about Belle's position, then finds out that Clare herself is suffering from a dreadful condition in her hands.

When Paul takes Belle and Allan out in Clare's sailboat, the latter falls overboard, and the boat is nearly lost when Paul jumps in the water to rescue him, but Belle manages just enough movement to grab the tiller.

Rio Santos
Tuesday, April 19

Today was the first in a series of fun races, with all kinds of speed trials. Mainly aimed at the spectators, the variety of track events were a great pleasure to participate in too, and Tony was a master at most of them, either winning or coming in the top three.
It was all a little beyond me, but I had a great time, nevertheless. After the races ended  went to see Dr. Raphael, the man treating Belle. He was full of mumbo jumbo about “psychedelic suggestion” and using traditional native drugs, but stepped aside from claiming that he could cure my own disease.
He said that it was physiological, and he believed Belle's to be psychological. But I think my visit may just have made him nervous, and he said that he would cease treating her. At least, I've accomplished something.
Afterwards I rang Gwen to see how her father is doing. “A new man,” she said, having turned from a cardigan-wearing grandfather into his crack criminal lawyer mode.
Now back in his own home on the Peninsula, Gwen indicated that the judge was completely energized by the case against Jerry Haynes - as he sees it, eager to proceed along the lines I'd been hoping to pursue.
After the call went out on the track in an old Formula 1 car under Tony's supervision. It's like driving a rocket ship, compared to the machines I've been handling, and I'm going to have to put a lot in to be able to drive it well enough to pass a test.


At one of the parties for fun-race days, Belle proved to me that she didn't think my intervention with Dr. Raphael was a favor by coming over and giving me a slap.

Paul visits the man who has been treating Belle, Dr. Raphael, who looks at the description of Paul's illness (that of a friend, Paul says), and admits that he can't cure it, but claims that South American psychedelic drugs will assist him in enabling Belle to walk again.

Nevertheless, Dr. Raphael appears to be worried by Paul's concerns, and agrees to discontinue Belle's treatment.

However, when Belle learns of this, she gives Paul a hard slap of anger over his intervention.

Rio Santos
Wednesday, April 20

Visited Claire, and she was in a little better humor. When I wondered if my actions against Dr. Raphael might have been wrong, she disagreed strongly, saying that the man was obviously a fake.
Her own specialists had tried treating her condition as psychosomatic, using orthodox methods, and Claire considered the whole thing a waste of time.
Nevertheless, instead of taking part in the afternoon fun races, I went to Dr. Raphael, and  asked him to do me the favor of resuming Belle's treatment. Though he's agreed to start immediately, he's upped his fee considerably.
Afterwards, put in a good session with the Formula 1 car, and am beginning to be able to handle it, at least, and get the hang of the controls.
When I phoned Kate she asked if I'd been in touch with my contacts at the SFPD, and I'm going to do just that. Bunco must surely have a record of this Raphael.
Also rang Kay Mills to see how she's doing. The lady at her rooming house gave me a new number, and Kay told me that she was starting a secretarial course on Monday to refresh her skills.

Paul goes back to Dr. Raphael, and asks him to resume Belle's treatment. The doctor agrees, but raises his fee. Clare expresses distress that Paul seems to have some faith in the man she considers a fake.

Rio Santos
Thursday, April 21

Just couldn't get my racing head on this morning, and skipped the early fun events, Tony being so much better at this stuff than I am. After lunch he chided me gently about my lapses, and I could barely concentrate on what he was saying.
Went up to Dr. Raphael's where he was treating Belle under some Indian halucegenic. It was fascinating. This is her second day of treatment with a stronger drug than he used before, and though he was confident, Belle didn't appear to respond at all.
Rang the judge, and he regaled me with plans to go for Jerry Haynes' jugular at the trial, having a research team actively compiling data for this. Everything Gwen had said seemed true. He was a new man.

Paul observes Dr. Raphael treating Belle under a psychedelic drug.

Rio Santos
Friday, April 22

Decided to put this thing about Belle out of my head, and devote myself to today's rally. One of our mechanics, Ted Knowles, acted as my navigator, and while having a great time, we also managed to finish eighth, ahead of Tony's #10 spot.
Allan came over to congratulate me, but his news about Belle was not good. All of a sudden, these three days since Dr. Raphael has resumed her treatment on the new drug, she's just been going around like a zombie.
Felt more confident with the Formula 1 car today, especially after “distance learning” sessions with Pete on the phone. It's a pretty convoluted way to do things, but he says the test will be basic.
Told Clare about the developments with Belle, and she reproached me for starting to believe in Raphael.
In response to her outrage about the fakery, informed her about my telegram to the San Francisco police, adding that I'd asked Jim Seabourne to put a little muscle into the inquiry, then managed to persuade her to join me for the race events tonight.


Was savoring the fact Claire came out, and even seemed to be having a good time, when we were both struck by the most amazing sight.  As if in a trance, Belle Frazer walked falteringly into the room on her brother's arm.
After attending the dinner and two parties, I took Claire back to her hotel. She didn't stop talking about Belle for one moment.

Clare continues to express dismay about Dr. Raphael, but Paul tells her that he's contacted friends on the San Francisco police about the man.

She agrees to join him at a race event that evening, and while they are enjoying themselves, Belle walks in on her brother's arm. Clare is fascinated.

Rio Santos
Saturday, April 23

Feeling so positive after what she'd witnessed, Claire actually came out for the start of the endurance race. Even though Tony and I only have pick-up drivers doing relief, we're both well placed at our breaks.


For all my slack attention in the days before, I managed to come in second in the 12-hour event with Tony fifth. What a way to cap off my driving career. Even if I don't manage to finish the big race, this moment will be with me …. forever.
To my surprise Dr. Raphael congratulated me, then returned Allan's check, and said the Frazers owed him a thousand less, Belle having responded so quickly to the advanced treatment.
As we parted, Dr. Raphael said he knew that it was I who had the terminal illness described to him, not a friend of mine, adding that he deduced this watching me drive. I always wonder if Pete sees that too.
The festivities were going on all night, but Claire didn't show up, so I went to her hotel, and she was still in a dither over Belle's miraculous recovery.
The more she thought about it, the less she believed Dr. Raphael was a quack, and in her mind, he'd metamorphosed into some kind of saint. Against my better judgment, promised to take her to him in the morning. Tonight, however, will be for drinking champagne.

Paul comes in second in the endurance race. When he goes to see Clare to find out why she didn't come to the celebrations, her only concern is getting a chance to see Dr. Raphael about her hands.

Rio Santos
Sunday, April 24

With much alcohol consumed last night, the only track events today being amateur races, and the cars tied up in the garage, I expected to sleep till noon, and spend the rest of the day between sauna and pool.
But the phone rang at 8 - Claire asking me when I'd be coming over. So we saw Dr. Raphael at 9, and he gave her a big run around about how he couldn't treat her due to commitments in North Africa.
It went on and on, Raphael almost scornful about Claire wanting him now, but never having approached him while he was in residence at the same hotel as she.
In the end, she ground him down - or was it the reverse? Against my advice, Claire has given Raphael a check for $100,000, and he's agreed to begin treatment immediately.
Feeling there was no more I could do, I hit the sauna, and took a nap, then went for an informal test run with a FIA instructor. He was most encouraging, and pointed to a few things I can brush up on, but said he felt certain that I'd get the license.

Rio Santos
Monday, April 25

The cars are back in shape after the endurance race, and after a morning of testing, the first of the finale qualifying sessions was staged.
Who didn't place in the top 40 in the one-hour race goes home. Fortunately, both of us made it through for tomorrow. Now, it's a matter of whether the cars will stay in health.
When I called on Claire before dinner to check on how the treatment went, her maid said that Dr. Raphael didn't want her seeing anyone.
Did another test run for the FIA license, and felt more confident this time, but it's still a difficult and sensitive machine to handle. We are probably crazy, thinking I could do this for real.

Paul takes Clare to Dr. Raphael, but he says that he's about to leave for a full year's assignment in North Africa to treat the son of a wealthy oil baron there.

He is unsympathetic about Clare's desperate appeals for his services, and says that he cannot take on her case, adding that she should have come to him earlier.

In the end, he agrees to stay and treat her for a fee of $100,000.

Clare's treatment begins.
Rio Santos
Tuesday, April 26

The cars were still hanging on in morning testing - for that matter, mine even seemed a little better than yesterday, and we've lived to see tomorrow, the idea being just to place, not to drive the life out of the car.
A whole different kind of driving, and what I've learned about racing at this diverse track festival could fill volumes!
Tony is so skilled at each and every one of the arts, and has been amazingly patient, teaching me all the rules of the road, despite my mind being somewhere else so much of the time. Best of all, I'm starting to really get the hang of the Formula 1 car.

Rio Santos
Wednesday, April 27

Both cars were kind of scrapey in morning testing, and I had the feeling that our race just might be over, but we finished 19th and 20th, just good enough to make the final qualifying session.
Still no news of Clare, and that's taking a little off the glow of Katie's return. Going to the airport now to pick her up, more than glad that she was able to double up her Tuesday and Thursday classes on a field trip yesterday.

Paul is unable to find out how Clare is doing.

Paul becomes even more distressed about Clare as he proceeds with racing events.
Rio Santos
Thursday, April 28

The last big race has certainly been a test of mechanics as much as machine or driver, and thanks to Marco's diligent team, Tony and I have qualified fifth and sixth on the grid for Saturday's big race.
I'm still trying to come to terms with Kate's news that Molly has become engaged to Alex Ryder. I asked what it was all about, and she said the only thing she was able to get out of her sister was that Alex made her laugh.
We tried not to let the matter put a damper on our time together, and Kate attempted to get in to see Claire, but no luck. On the other hand, Belle seems better every day, though still on her brother's arm whenever she walks.
Kate met her for the first time today, and said that she found Belle insincere, but I would guess that it's all that messing with her mind from Dr. Raphael's drugs.
As good as the qualifying felt, the best part of the day was having Katie watch me drive the Formula 1 car - which I did with competence, finally, and am going to take her to every race party tonight in celebration.

Paul continues to wait for news of Clare as the cars do well on the track.

Rio Santos
Friday, April 29

Katie was still asleep when a bellboy knocked with a telegram for me from Jim Seabourne, announcing that Dr. Raphael was indeed a con man, and his accomplices were none other than Belle and Allan - her husband, not brother.
When I checked to see if they were still in the hotel, of course, they'd all left. But chance seemed to be on our side, as Tony came by with his race car, wanting to take her out for a spin on the road.
Knew just which road to try, and though we made it to the airport, the machine blew a tire just as Raphael's private plane took off before our eyes.
Crushed that I had let Claire down by being completely taken in by the con, I found it difficult to face her, and went back to tell Kate what had happened so far this morning.
She agreed the important thing was to get on the trail of Raphael, and see if Claire could make a statement that might aid in his capture. Having already notified the police at the airport, the time had come to face Claire.
Her initial reluctance to swear out a warrant or even give an affidavit against Raphael bewildered me, and then …. she took the pictures of the three cons, and tore them up. Her hands were perfect again.
It left me shaky for the Formula 1 test driver's examination, but I think I've passed. Will find out tomorrow morning after the written part has been gone over.
Kate and I've decided to spend a private evening, and roam around the town aways from the racing crowd, just for once.

Rio Santos
Saturday, April 30

Claire was in a spectacular mood - who wouldn't be? - and even decided to endure the bustle of the pits to watch the big finale to the racing festival.
With so much attrition during the week, only four machines went past the checkered flag, and it was a great tribute to Mastin engineering to have both our cars complete the course.
Tony's podium finish gave a flourish to the footnote that will be the Bryan-Gaffney Mastin team, and in the afternoon, the FIA inspector casually came over to me, and lit all the candles on the cake when he handed me my Formula 1 test driver's license.

1 - 16 May 1966 ("The Company of Scoundrels" / "Night of the Terror")
Paul receives word from the San Francisco police that Dr. Raphael is indeed a con man, and "Belle" and her husband "Allan" are his associates.

However, they've all just checked out of their hotels.

Using the race car, Paul attempts to intercept them at the airport, just missing their departure.

When he goes to Clare to get her to sware a statement against Dr. Raphael, however, she is unwilling. Her hands are normal again.

The Bryan-Gaffney Mastin team includes two of the four finishers in the final race.