Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
11 - 23 June 1965

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26 May - 7 June 1965 (Savage Season, part 2:  beaten in Trieste / a plan put into action)

Paul becomes a target of the mafia when a stewardess transporting cash for Las Vegas gambling interests asks for his help when her cargo disappears. Mob boss Angie Zeno and his henchman Frank Torre believe Paul has stolen the money, and have him beaten up. But Paul fights back with threatening phone calls that have Zeno spooked

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Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
San Francisco - Paris
Wednesday, May 26

In the morning, Judy had disappeared from the hotel room I'd gotten for her. Reported this to Jim Seabourne at Justice, but I had bigger things on my mind, and just had to hope she was all right. Now, I had to leave Kate again, and it wasn't easy, despite the understanding we're developing.
Though the hours she and I spent together this week were dominated by what we didn't say, this artificial environment somehow brought us to a place we could have found no other way - even if I'd acted differently in the beginning.
Thought I would curse myself to the end, that I put her through this hell, but she made me realize that it was fate that had dealt the bad hand to both of us with a note she gave me when we parted this afternoon. It said, “when you left, that seemed the worst possible thing I could ever face, but now I know it wasn't.”
“God speed, Paul,” she whispered as we embraced. “I could never bear you having to live through any more of the pain we've shared this week. You need to be somewhere else.”
While my flight from San Francisco two months ago was done in a state of jumbled madness, fear and blind determination, I realized, as soon as I breathed in the foggy air on my return, that all the instincts of self-preservation which initiated it had been valid.
The moment I came back, I started to break down. It wasn't just Kate. It was the sense of loss that everything in the City represented. But what I've experienced in the last seven weeks has reformed my thinking, and I believe that the flood of feelings on coming home and seeing Kate again was really just a delayed reaction of emotions never allowed to be expressed, not really a permanent state.
From now on, think I'll be able to go home again, be with her, and take sustenance from our relationship - even if it may not be a romantic one. In subtle ways, she has indicated that might not be possible any more. I have to accept that.

Paul confers with Jim Seabourne at the Justice Department about threats from a Las Vegas casino boss, and says goodbye to Kate before leaving to drive in a rally in Italy

Thursday, May 27

Pete met me at the airport, and took me out for a spin along the route where we'd be testing the new machine tomorrow. Before he disappeared under the hood with the mechanics, we exchanged folders, mine containing some notes and suggestions about the partnership, his full of maps and charts for the Adriadic Road Race.
After I took a nap at the hotel, we had dinner with some of the other drivers, and I put in an early night.

Paul arrives in Trieste for a rally with Pete Gaffney.

Trieste - Llubljana
Friday - Monday, May 28 - 31

I remember little of the race testing or its aftermath, only that Pete was very friendly with an Italian woman, so I decided to walk back to the hotel from the nightclub we were in.

Two men jumped me, worked me over, and questioned me incessantly for hours about where Judy had gone and where the $200,000 was. Knowing nothing, all I got was more blows.
Eventually, they dumped me over the Yugoslavian border where some samaritan got me to the hospital. Then I was moved here to Llubljana to be questioned even more by multiple layers of police and government people, rather as an intruder than a victim. Or so it certainly felt.
Finally, after intervention by the US Consul, they seemed to decide I wasn't an international criminal, and have left me alone.  At least the questioning passed the time and kept my mind off the pain a little.

Tracked to Italy by Angie Zeno's organization, Paul is beaten and interrogated in order to locate Judy Collins and the missing $200,000.

Llubljana - Paris
Tuesday - Thursday, June 1 - 3

I have felt so isolated, as if cut off in some kind of bizarre nightmare, the time moving at the pace of a swimming pool being filled with a teaspoon. The heavy-handed pain killers and tranquillisers have left my mind in a perpetual fog, my dreams lurid and frightening.
If the Consul hadn't assured me that everything was fine, I'd be certain of having been imprisoned - because I've felt well enough to leave for days. But the doctors kept insisting “a little while longer.”
My only salvation - what a friend! - was Sydney Crookshank, a British journalist who was writing an article about the Univerzitetni Klinièni Center Ljubljana, and came to see me every day.
After what seemed like months, I was released, uniformed men escorting me on a train back to Trieste. An official from the US Consulate was there with some books of mug shots from Jim along with my things from the hotel. He put me on a flight to Paris, saying how intensely he'd been bombarded by Pete Gaffney to have me found, then produced the optimistic note Pete had penned days earlier, “welcome back, old buddy.”
Never could I have realized how welcome June's apartment could ever be when I opened the door of my wonderful suite, and felt I was in a place of my own. Rang Pete in Monte Carlo to thank him for all he did, but like everything else, good or bad, he made it seem like a casual thing.
What a different man appears on the race track! Told him that I was going back to San Francisco tomorrow, and he said he might see me there on a flying visit to his Dad.

Pau spends tormented days, recovering in a Llubliana hospital, his only encouragement coming from British journalist Sydney Crookshank

San Francisco
Friday, June 4

Met at the airport by Jim Seabourne who said he'd take me to the Justice Department to look at more mug shots in the morning. He even got his own doctor to come to my house, and check me over to make sure I was OK.
Felt like a child who'd woken from a bad dream, grateful for a parent's reassurance. Jim had a man put outside the house for protection, and even offered to stay himself. I accepted gratefully. While he left briefly to get an overnight bag, I tried Kate at home, and got a real lift to find her there.
Promised to visit tomorrow and tell her my adventures. Do I start lying to her? Supply a sanitized version? It's amazing how quickly one can acquire a mentality of being institutionalized. I've got to snap out of this in the morning.

Paul returns to San Francisco.

San Francisco
Saturday, June 5

Looked at more mug books, and struck gold fairly quickly, finding the man who'd come to Judy's apartment. Jim said he was Carl Torre, a partner in a big Las Vegas casino.
Head man of the operation is mafia boss Angie Zeno, and Jim felt certain that he's the one who had me followed and interrogated. With $200,000 at stake, he's a man with a mission, and I know he will be after me wherever I go. Jim agreed, and said that there was little he could do.
Asked if he might find a chink in Zeno's armor or something else I could use as a prop to get the man off my back, and then went over to Kate's.
Seeing how dreadful I looked, she embraced me warmly, but wincing noticeably from the hug, I knew that it was going to be impossible to hide the truth. Explaining that it was a case of mistaken identity, I told her that I ran afoul of some underworld types in Trieste - all true - and was really OK now.
She gave a wry smile and asked if she was allowed to be sympathetic on this one, and I gave away how sore I still was when I laughed, and told her that I welcomed all sympathy right now.
Asked her to come along on a boat trip to Mexico with Dick and Maria Phillips, and was surprised when she declined instantly. Perhaps in the time that is left to me, we will never become a couple again, but I have to understand all that she has gone through, and how slow her recovery may be.
Molly arrived as I was leaving, and let slip how Armand was at Kate's side within hours of her breakdown, and spends hours on the phone with her every day. She never mentioned this.
Despite my confusion over Kate's seemingly ambivalent attitude, being with her has restored my mental balance, and I feel ready to take the Zeno affair head on. At the Justice Department Jim had a juicy tip. Zeno's girlfriend is cheating on him.

With the assistance of Jim Seabourne at the Justice Department, Paul devises who has been tormenting him, and comes up with a plan to foil Angie Zeno.

Las Vegas and San Francisco
Sunday, June 6

After making notes for my journal last night, I caught a 9 pm flight to Las Vegas, found Zeno's girl, and got her to let me in by threatening to expose her extra-curricular romance to him. Then I made her ring him to come over.
When he stepped into her place I confronted Zeno and told him to leave me alone. With a mixture of painkillers and footwork, I was able to knock him to the ground, and told him not to dare make another move against me ever again, or I would be coming after him, and his life would be worth nothing.
Maybe it was all those Humphrey Bogart movies I watched, but I was so high on the pills that I must have thought I was the man himself. But before I was able to get out of Vegas Zeno got me picked up by the police, but didn't identify me in the line up.
Whatever mischief he had planned, my Justice Department guard foiled it by spiriting me away to an office in the airport departure area where we waited until he saw Carl Torre board an early morning flight to San Francisco.
I swallowed another painkiller, and got in a seat across the aisle. During the flight I went over to him and said that Zeno should have believed me - and Torre should pass that message on to his boss.
Jim sent a car to meet the plane on the tarmac, and we drove across to another machine which was about to take off for Las Vegas. Staying in an office of the arrivals hall until my guard observed Torre returning, I then put on a bit of a disguise, and rang Zeno.
To make sure that he knew I was in the city, I asked him to ring me back, and when he did, told him that I would get him - in my own time. We then took off for San Francisco in a private plane, and I spent the night in a comfortable room at the Justice Department, catching up on some much-needed sleep.
Worried that I might be involving Kate in something dangerous, or at the least, possibly upsetting, I rang her to put some distance between us for a while. But I was shocked when that appeared to be her own wish.
She told me that things had moved a little fast with us, and she needed some space at the moment. Without putting it into words, she implied that she was stronger now, and didn't want to be more than friends.

Paul devises a plan, and confronts his tormenter, Angie Zeno, threatening to kill him if he ever comes near Paul again.

With a lot of careful moving back and forth, he convinces Zeno that he is lurking in the shadows of Las Vegas, about to spring on the mafia boss.

Puerto Vallarta
Monday, June 7

Trying to come to terms with what Kate said, her clear implication that I am free to have other relationships. But at the moment, my life is dominated by Angie Zeno.
Advised Jim of my plans, and wearing a disguise, took a private flight to Los Angeles to hook up with Dick at his hotel suite in Hollywood. However, he informed me that they were having big problems with the boat, and wouldn't be able to take off for a couple days.
It all seemed too dodgy for me to hang around, and I made another call to Zeno - making it clear that I was hovering in the Las Vegas shadows, and might strike at any moment. Then I chartered a flight from Burbank, donned my next disguise, and landed myself on the balmy Sea of Cortez.

The continuing journal now covers another episode, "Someone Who Makes Me Feel Beautiful,"  before resuming the end of The Savage Season story.

8 - 15 June 1965 ("Someone Who Makes Me Feel Beautiful" /
"The Savage Season" part 3: undoing of Angie Zeno)
After making one more phone threat, Paul leaves for Mexico.