Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
11 - 21 September 1966

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11 - 21  September 1966 ("The Naked Half Truth")

Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Sunday, September 11

A tonic to be back with my racing pals, but the news that John Taylor had died on Thursday from the burns left a sobering tone to any elation over being free or back in the car.
Pete has told Clive about his plans to retire at the end of the season, but Rhona has urged him to make no announcements until after the last race.
As it was only Clive, Pete and Rudy on the track, took the Mastin out first thing, and felt like I'd never driven it before. It's a totally different car now, and I knew after one lap that I needed serious advice before trying to handle her beyond that.
Pete said it was, after all, Sunday, and I should take a rest after my harrowing experience, so I came back to the hotel to enjoy an afternoon by the pool. But first tore open the letter I found from Kate, fearing she had gotten wind of my trouble in the South.
Instead, it was an invitation, she said from Armand, to come to Zermatt and discuss the foundation and thank me personally for my fund raising. How ironic, and I'm not so sure I'm ready to see Kate after the affair with Nicole.
My time by the pool was quickly enough interrupted by none other than Andy Dawson who claimed to have an assignment for me from HSD. However, it turned out not to be from the law firm, but a personal favor he wanted - to find his long-lost daughter from a student-days liason.
Maybe later, but I want to finally get in some time with the car while I can. After dinner with Clive and Rhona, suddenly felt the exhaustion coming on from the past week's ordeal, despite the fact that Pete had lined up a date for me. With June absent, he seems back in playboy mode.

Wealthy Andy Dawson asks Paul to find his long-lost daughter in Andorra.

Monday, September 12

Spent some time with Pete and Clive before tackling the Mastin again, and by mid-day, was actually able to be of help with the latest gismo they've added to the car.
At lunch Pete disappeared with the girl from last night, but Clive ordered sandwiches and remained in the garage with the mechanics, so I took Rhona to lunch. She was bubbling over her “Christmas baby” when Andy “just happened” to pass our table, and she invited him to join us.
Rhona was entranced by Andy's romantic tale of his love affair at the Sorbonne, and urged me to help him find his daughter, but I could see that he was playing on her expectant motherhood.
Had a sensational afternoon on the track, and wondered how I could have let this fabulous opportunity to drive a Formula 1 car pass me by all this while.
But by evening, Andy's constant appeals had broken me down, and since his lady love was Andorran, on Andy's generous budget, I've sent telegrams to a slew of deluxe hotels in hopes of getting Ramon de Vega to assist me.

Paul agrees to look for the daughter.

Malaga - Barcelona
Tuesday, September 13

A sensational and exhilarating day with the Mastin, and I feel on top of the world, having received compliments from the mechanics which I trusted more than the encouragement of Pete and Clive.
Flying now to Barcelona on Andy's mission, and if Ramon shows up, will turn it into a bit of fun, even if we don't find the girl.

Barcelona - Zermatt
Wednesday, September 14

Ramon arrived in Barcelona, just after I rang Kate to say I'd come to Zermatt, so we're flying there now, and I've told him I want to experience glacier skiing in summer.


Switzerland in September is beautiful beyond belief, and were I alone, I'd just ride around on trains all day long.
It was a tricky bit of business to dislodge Ramon, but I was in luck when he spotted “a perfect sparrow” when we arrived at the top of the glacier, and am only hoping that he'll still be willing to help me with the Andorran caper.
Must admit having had an enjoyable time going up to the snow with him. He's always good for a great laugh.
But then I was plunged into reality, meeting Kate and Armand. His “chalet” (mansion) is in one of the most beautiful locations outside town, and we had tea out on a terrace with an incredible view.
The conditions seemed to have refreshed him in appearance, but Armand somehow seemed different in a deteriorated way. His mood was reflective, and I was surprised at how intimately he spoke in the presence of someone he hardly knew - as if I were an old friend.
Ostensibly together to discuss his views on the clinic research, he managed to cover his wishes for it in a few sentences, then talked mostly about Odette, and I wondered just how much space in his heart could be left over for Kate - but when he looked at her, it appeared that she possessed it all.
The light dinner in front of a huge stone fireplace was quiet, and Armand retired early, saying he looked forward to seeing me in the morning. It felt like he really did.
Kate suggested we go for a walk, and before getting back, informed me that the doctors had revealed to her that Armand's condition is deteriorating steadily. “Dying of a broken heart,” she quoted them as saying.
A healthy and energetic man all his life, there was simply no other cause for the medical state he was in.
We sat in one of the most romantic spots one could imagine, with the snowy peaks towering above us, and lights twinkling all around, the air like chapagne, and all Kate was allowed to feel in her soul was sorrow.
Too deeply in love to be unfaithful to either of us, she was isolated and alone.

Paul meets up with Andorran Ramon de Vega in Barcelona.

Paul and Ramon travel first to Switzerland
Thursday, September 15

Armand seemed determined to be in pleasant spirits today, and Katie responded with smiles and good cheer. We spent the day in the garden, each of us taking turns reading Anna Karenina out loud to the others.
The substantial library has copies in numerous languages, and it was interesting that all three of us felt it to be our favorite novel. Armand's Russian valet began the famous opening lines in the original, with each of us then taking turns from our volumes in three other languages.
So simple, but were a miracle to happen, and I were to live a long life, this day was one I would have to regard at the summit.

Friday, September 16

Dr. Soule, who looked after me at Reims, is in constant attendance.  He said that it was better for Armand to stay in bed today, and we spent some time with him on the terrace of his room, then went for a long walk. Kate was circumspect, and I, confused.

Paul visits his fiancee Kate Pierce who is with the ailing Armand de Martignac.
Zermatt - Arinsal
Saturday, September 17

We are on our way to Andorra now to meet Maria Alonzo's daughter, and the mission seems hopeless to me, but Ramon is confident, and after the last days, I'm just going through the motions.


With the fright of the South and the mixed emotions of Zermatt having taken their toll, I think this may just be the kind of activity I need.
After confrontations with what Ramon calls the “Rockefellers of smuggling,” (with whom Maria Alonzo's daughter is living), and their arch rivals, (who raised the girl), I'm glad to have his expertise to guide me in the ways of Andorran culture.
Neither family was cooperative in the least, and the head of the Romeros showed no interest in the fact that Suzanne might be coming into a fortune.
But the girl overheard our conversation, and managed a brief clandestine contact just before the Romero limousine took me back to town. We have arranged to meet at Mass tomorrow, her only opportunity, apparently. All this cloak and dagger stuff is, according to Ramon, just business as usual around here.

In Andorra Paul and Ramon meet the families the possible daughter of Andy has been living with. Both are engaged in smuggling, and neither is cooperative, but the girl agrees to a secret meeting in church the next day.

Arinsal - Barcelona
Sunday, September 18

The girl is precious. I doubt that Suzanne is Andy's daughter, but she will surely be a constant entertainment for him, so I've decided to let him be the judge.
Have done what he asked - produced the daughter of Maria Alonzo.  But all is not yet secure, and we've had some scary moments since she met me in a side room off the church, and we managed to spirit her away with both families on the other side of the vestry wall.
Ramon drove up in a truck, and we took Suzanne to his ranch - yes, the famous ranch that is always falling on hard times.
After some of his sheep were loaded on board for transport to Barcelona, Ramon put us into a space at the back of the cab, and it looked like we had a long, dull ride ahead of us.
Until Ramon sensed a change in road, and figured a way to get the driver to stop, sure that he was going to hold us hostage. All of a sudden, there was chaos and a struggle in which both Ramon and the driver were shot - the latter dead.
I couldn't believe it when Ramon said to just leave the man there, but that's exactly what we did, proceeding here to Barcelona. But Andy is no longer here, but in Tokyo.

They spirit the girl away from the church, and make their way to Barcelona secretly on a truck full of sheep, only to face an attempted kidnapping, not by the feuding families, but by the truck driver who is killed in a struggle over his own gun.

Monday, September 19

A long day of waiting, and catching up on my mail from the last weeks that arrived at Malaga.
We have the two warring families parked down in the street below our balcony, and I think Suzanne has realized that I'm going to do nothing to indicate to Andy that she is genuinely his daughter.
Now, she's working on Ramon, but adore her as I do, this has to be Andy's decision. He won't be arriving until Wednesday morning, and then I can get on with my life.
The mail included a letter from April/Margaret and an invitation to stay with Peggy and Tom Ambler. That's something I really want to do before running out of time, and I can see April before going up to their place. Her letter encourages me that she has made a breakthrough, but I would like to see for myself.

Tuesday, September 20

Knowing that she'll need a visa if Andy is going to take her to the States, we took Suzanne to the Consulate - but not through the front door.
With the Alonzos and Romeros watching the front and side, Ramon arranged a police escort via the back entrance, and I told him to tell them I was an American movie star.
Should have used it as my first ploy, but the red tape at the Consulate was cut through when I mentioned Andy's name. Visa in hand, we high-tailed it back to the hotel, and just made it inside before the families got a hold of us.

The feuding families wait in the street outside their hotel room as they wait for Andy to come to Barcelona.

They obtain a visa for the United States for the daughter - though Paul rather doubts the girl is actually Andy's daughter.
Barcelona - Paris - en route to Boston
Wednesday, September 21

Pulling the police escort for a movie star got us out of the hotel, but the families were soon after us, getting in the doorway of the airport just after we did. Surrounded on all sides …. except the one from which Andy and his new bride appeared.
In a flash he took out a picture of his mother, and declared Suzanne to be her grand-daughter. Even the Alonzos and Romeros appeared happy.
Ramon wanted me to go with him to the Riviera, and I was considering the possibility when he spotted a woman in our hotel lobby.
He was with her in the bar when I came down with my bags, and his salute indicated he was at work. That settled things, and I'm on my way to Boston.

22 - 26 September 1966 ("The Rape of Lucrece")
They meet Andy at the airport, and he is convinced that the girl is his daughter.