Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Paul Bryan's Journal
10 - 20 March 1966

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10 - 20  March 1966 ("The Grotenberg Mask" )

On a transatlantic crossing, Paul accompanies Dena Fuller who has a crush on him, but is also in love with a man whose brother is on board. Determined to get at the brother for breaking up her romance, Dena lets alcohol get the best of her.

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Journal Entry
Chronology of Events
Thursday, March 10

We left Gstaad for Paris, and I went to the apartment to pick up mail, and put journal pages in my safe while Dena went shopping for her Richlieu wardrobe. After a meal we went on to Cherbourg for the night. Whatever her problems, I notice that Dena drinks excessively at every opportunity.

at sea aboard the Richlieu
Friday, March 11

Early morning tender to the Richlieu, and who was also on board but the brother of Dena's ex boyfriend. Having started drinking in the bar of the shipping terminal, Dena displayed bad manners to him once again, shouting at him as embarking passengers shuffled all around us.
She also seems full of expectations about “our relationship.” But Dena certainly did buy some great clothes, and showed up beautifully decked out for dinner.

Dena Fuller, a girl Paul's known since she was a child, accompanies him to Cherbourg to catch a transatlantic liner.

When they embark, Dena sees her boyfriend's brother, a man who recently insulted her, and she shouts rudely at him.
at sea aboard the Richlieu
Saturday, March 12

Quite sure now that I had the wrong idea, inviting Dena along on the crossing. She's impairing me from meeting other passengers, always wanting to pull me away with her.
Had hoped to sit at a large table in the dining room, but she insisted on one for two. Even if I stay in my cabin and read, before long, there's a knock at my door. Maybe I'm just irritable after that encounter with Portaz.


Dena has two obsessions, her lover Johnny …. and me. And when she's not talking about him - or his brother - she's getting herself drunk or out to seduce me - really overwhelming my ability to remain courteous at all times.

at sea aboard the Richlieu
Sunday, March 13

Tried to get Dena interested in some of the shipboard activities, just to get her mind off the Other Three pursuits, but she uses every opportunity to drink, and the less that I'm with her in public, the more she wants to play house.
Tonight she was going on about suing Charles Cadell for causing the break up of her romance with his brother, and for corrupting him. I had been so looking forward to this crossing, but it's turned into a mini nightmare - only lacking elephants.

Dena tells Paul that the brother, Charles Cadell, married an heiress for her money, but the marriage went bad when his wife learned his motives.

A tipsy Dena tells Paul that she wants to sue Charles Cadell for causing the breakup of her relationship with his brother.
at sea aboard the Richlieu
Monday, March 14

Every day Dena drinks more, and despite her parade of beautiful gowns, makes herself less attractive by the hour. Tonight, she even barged into Charles Cadell's cabin, locked the door, and assaulted him.
For a moment, I thought she might have killed him, but what she did was bad enough, to scratch his face. At least there was a great antidote to the incident at my cabin - a message from Pete that he'd won the Malaga race with Clive coming third!

New York City
Tuesday, March 15

Another clinging scene with Dena this evening before we docked. Thoroughly fed up with self-righteous women like herself and Laura Beaumont, I finally was able to extract myself from Dena's clutches, and get over to my hotel.
First thing, had a long, long phone call with Kate, bringing her up to date on the last two weeks. What a balm it is to speak with her after these ultra-difficult females.
Remembering Dena's reputation as a problem person, and saying how much she sounded like Molly, Katie was concerned about the drinking, and said I shouldn't drop Dena and go straight on to Florida for the race.
So I took her suggestion, and rang to see if Dena was OK. Despite the hour, she immediately insisted that I come over to her apartment as she had big news.
I was shocked to learn that Charles Cadell's wife had been murdered last night, and Dena is sure that her husband did it. My reminding her that he was on the ship with us didn't seem to deter her, and she rabbited on while I was nearly falling asleep on the sofa.

Still drinking a lot, Dena goes into Charles Cadell's cabin, and attacks him both verbally and physically.

When they arrive in New York, Dena reads in the newspaper that Charles Cadell's wife was murdered on the last night of the crossing.
New York City
Wednesday, March 16

At Dena's insistence, first thing in the morning I accompanied her to Metropolitan Police headquarters, and spoke with the detective on the Cadell case. They've apparently arrested a dancing teacher for the crime.
Not wanting to miss my appointment with Pete at Baker and White, I parted with Dena at the police building, after which she apparently gave an inflammatory interview to a journalist who'd heard us speaking to Arthur Neely, the dance teacher's lawyer.
The attorney insisted I come and talk to him about the case, and I found myself now involved in two pursuits against my will.
Pete flew in this morning, and met me in a coffee shop to talk in advance of the meeting, saying he felt the law firm we were going to consult might be the best for us, being American.
Despite the years I'd been handling his affairs at a lower level of racing, it was obvious that Bob Ging at Baker and White had his finger on the pulse of racing at its highest level in a way I never could, and already had a cordial relationship with Pete.
When I met Dena for the appointment, we were also introduced to the arrested man's wife who understood her husband to be a gigolo, but not a murderer. I was quite taken by her courage, and disgusted by Neely, starting to feel more involved.
When we left I saw Kate's face glowing in a corner of my mind, and found myself asking Dena out for dinner. Not only did I get drenched getting to her apartment, but she presented me with a letter from Charles Cadell's lawyer which had been hand-delivered an hour earlier.
When her journalist friend called to get a reaction to her comments, Cadell threatened to sue both the paper and Dena. She got drunk again over dinner.
When I called Kate afterwards, she could see where all this was going, and reminded me of a similar incident with Molly that nearly went to Court. So I promised to go to Cadell in the morning, and see if I could assuage his will to litigate.

After Paul and Dena split up, she gives an inflammatory interview to a journalist who then seeks Charles Cadell's comments, whereupon Cadell threatens to sue the newspaper if the story is printed. He further has a letter delivered to Dena by his lawyer, threatening to sue her for libel.

Before receiving it, she and Paul visit the lawyer's office and meet the wife of the man whom he's defending in the Cadell murder. Paul is impressed with the woman, and is now more concerned about the case than previously.

en route to Switzerland
Thursday, March 17

The streets were already starting to fill for the parade, so I went to see Cadell as early as he'd allow, and think I got him to accept Dena's apology. Even so, something bothered me, and so I went back to “say thanks,” and saw clearly that the scratches I'd seen at disembarkation were absent.
Click click click went all the tumblers. It was Johnny on the Richlieu, and Charles who committed the murder, having flown back from Switzerland. Calling to invite her to lunch I told Dena my theory, but she was in total denial, and even said that she wasn't hungry.  Thirsty, though, I'll bet.
Genuinely concerned now that the Cadell brothers were going to get off, and the dance teacher might be tried for a murder they conspired on, I made the circuitous journey on foot through the crowds and sought out Lt. Flaherty.
He had just returned from the parade, and listened to my theory sceptically at first, but then said he'd at least check flight records. Rang Kate to tell her of the developments, and we ended up talking for an hour or more.
Soon as we were off the phone, got a call from Lt. Flaherty. Apparently, neither brother had made any good attempt to cover his tracks, and the police were gathering evidence as we spoke.
When I was finally able to get over to Dena's to tell her, however, she had already left for Europe. I could only guess what she might be up to, and got the first flight to Switzerland.

Paul visits Charles Cadell to plead that no suit is brought against Dena for libel, telling the man how sorry his client is. But Paul also notices that the scratches he witnessed at disembarkation are missing, and comes to the conclusion that it was his brother on the ship - meaning Charles was in New York the night of the murder, not at sea.

Paul goes to Dena with his conclusions, but she won't believe that her boyfriend was in any way involved with the murder committed by his brother. Paul then contacts the police with his suspicions, and the detective in charge says that he'll look into the possibility, but when Paul returns to report on his mission, Dena has gone back to Europe. Paul then catches the next flight to Switzerland.

en route to Florida
Friday, March 18

Made decent connections to Gstaad, and sure enough, both Johnny and Dena were staying at the Palace, and she'd just left for the slopes when I arrived.
There was also a message for me at the desk, saying that Charles Cadell had been arrested for his wife's murder. Hurried back outside, and was at the bottom when I saw Johnny and Dena skiing downhill at breakneck speed.
It looked like he was pursuing her, but there was nothing I could do but ask someone to alert the police. Then I saw Johnny take a horrific fall, and Dena continue down at the same dangerous speed.
Positioning myself to meet her, I was horrified at the look on her face. She was in total shock, and I got her over to a doctor as soon as I could. Others had seen Johnny's fall, and the ski patrol went out to get him.
Dena kept asking if we couldn't leave him there, and let the snow cover him. As soon as I could, called her father, and asked him to fly over. Dena is in a bad way, probably something that's been building up for a long while without anyone bothering to take her condition for what it was.
When I went to see her in the hospital before catching this flight to Florida, she looked right through me. Two weeks ago the couple was among the jolliest in Gstaad.
ow both are paralysed. He physically and she mentally.

Dena finds her boyfriend on the ski slopes, and sees that his face bears the scratches she caused. He admits to masterminding the murder, and Dena skis away from him. While pursuing her, the boyfriend is seriously injured, and Dena goes into shock.

Saturday, March 19

Arriving on the morning of qualifying wasn't perhaps the best idea I've ever had, and Pete was genuinely cross with me for the first time I can ever remember.
How much that hurt me was almost a shock, and what I put out in qualifying must have been the most I've ever given a car. 1.2 seconds behind Pete's pole.
Things were better between us in the evening, as he was elated with his achievement, but put it straight that, if I wasn't in a position to give up wandering around when qualifying was imminent, we should make arrangements that might suit me better for the last four races.
There I was, flying on spec to Switzerland. Dena could have been anywhere - and Johnny somewhere else. I am nothing but contrite.
Whatever funding I might provide, we won't be on the Formula 1 grid if we don't have sufficient points this weekend, and I shouldn't be surprised that Pete was both tense and angry.

Sunday, March 20

My best was only worth fourth place, but Pete won again, and we're now firm for Formula 1. But what if I'd blown it?  Did I get nothing lasting from the talks in Mexico with Father Bart? Or the subsequent phone conversations and meeting at Riverside?

21 - 30  March 1966  "In Search of April" part 2 /
"The Man Who Had No Enemies" part 1
Paul flies back to Florida and qualifies in second place.

The Gaffney-Bryan Mastin team wins the race, and qualify to drive in the upcoming Formula 1 season.