The Ultimate Episode Guide to the Run For Your Life TV Series
Starring Ben Gazzara / 1930 - 2012 / May He Rest in Peace

Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara
Run For Your Life TV Series Starring Ben Gazzara

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For long-time fans or those watching RUN FOR YOUR LIFE in reruns right now, this website is the complete guide to the series.

THE WHOLE STORY!  The month-by-month outline below chronicles Paul's life from his engagement to Kate Pierce in February 1965 to their marriage in December 1966 after he begins experiencing end symptoms of his terminal illness - all the adventures, all the episodes in one ongoing narrative. (Click the PAUL BRYAN'S JOURNAL button to read the day-by-day version of the diary.)

February - March 1965

Carol Lawrence and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life

At 34 Paul Bryan, partner in a major San Francisco law firm, is looking forward to running for California Attorney General in 1966. After dating art historian and gallery owner Kate Pierce for two years, the couple become engaged, despite Paul's concern over the friendship Kate appears to maintain with her former lover, married French billionaire Armand de Martignac.

When Paul takes a medical examination for life insurance, he learns that he has a rare incurable disease, and may have less than a year to live. In shock and panic he contemplates suicide, then decides to “run for his life.” Cashing in his sizeable stock portfolio, Paul takes a leave of absence from his firm, arranges power of attorney and asks his secretary to continue handling his mail and whatever else.

Still uncertain whether or not to tell Kate about the diagnosis or ask her to come with him, a decision is made for Paul when he learns that close friend, anthropologist Doug Haynes, has gone missing in the New Guinea jungle.  Taking on a mission to find him, and unable to burden Kate with the diagnosis, Paul says he is going away, and doesn't know when he will come back - telling Kate that she is free being worse than learning that he is dying.

April 1965
New Guinea - Bangkok - French Riviera

Journey Into Yesterday                            Who's Minding the Fleshpot?

“Journey into Yesterday”  (James Forrest)   

Almost at their destination after a grueling eight-day jungle journey, Paul's guide mistakenly shoots a boy from the tribe Doug Haynes was studying, and the pair are held prisoner - with a death sentence likely. Learning about the terminal illness, the guide suggests Paul claim he shot the child (who identified the guide before dying). At execution Paul admits the shooting, and the guide escapes. Paul is set free, and a sympathetic tribesman shows him the grave of Doug Haynes who died of a fever. On his seemingly hopeless journey back, Paul encounters the guide who escorts him to captivity.

Remembering his pal, racing driver Pete Gaffney, is in Bangkok, Paul flies there to present him with an idea he's been nurturing over the many hours of travel - forming a race team together.

Their fathers were law partners, the sons friends since their teens. Also at Stanford Law School together, Pete took up a motor racing career before finishing his degree. He is encouraging about a joint team, conjectures whether Paul might be interested in driving, and promises to come up with some ideas. With Pete in Bangkok is one of his girlfriends, June Bradley, trouble shooter for her father's massive industrial empire, and the three of them fly to France together.

“Who's Watching the Fleshpot?”  (Bobby Darin, Eve Arden)     

From Pete's Monaco home, Paul travels to a Riviera town to visit another Stanford Law classmate, Mark Sheppard, who's also quit a successful career - and started a travel business. They escort a mother and daughter, receive the women's sports car as a gift, then fall into intrigue with criminals over hot diamonds hidden in the vehicle.

May 1965
USA Midwest - Florida - Paris - Normandy - Berlin - San Fransisco

James Whitmore and Ben Gazzara  in Run For Your LifeBen Gazzara and Diana Hyland  in Run for Your LifeJill Haworth, Ben Gazzara and Henry Silva in Run For Your Life
Never Pick Up a Stranger                   This Town For Sale                              The Girl Next Door is a Spy                          The Savage Season

“Never Pick Up a Stranger”  (Brenda Scott, Barry O'Sullivan)      

Taking up Pete's suggestion to do some full-time driving on various roads, Paul returns to the US, and endures a confusing and wretched time in a Midwest town after trying to return a hitchhiker to her home. A former client who faked his death took on a new identity there, and employs the sheriff and his rough methods to get Paul out of town before discovering the man is alive.

“This Town for Sale”  (Mary Ann Mobley, James Witmore)     

A brief stopover in a small town leaves Paul prime suspect in the murder of the local mill owner's son. Though unlikely to be convicted, Paul reveals his diagnosis to cajole the actual killer into admitting guilt to avoid weeks of legal hurdles stealing precious time.

Freed, he visits the Bradley Family compound in Palm Beach where he meets financier Rachel Pike who invites him to a lavish party on her private island.

Paul then flies to Paris, meets Pete Gaffney about their proposed racing team, and moves into a room of June Bradley's apartment which she's offered him as a base during his travels. He goes rallying with Pete in northern France, aware that he'll have to sell considerable assets to finance his share of the partnership the driver has outlined.

“The Girl Next Door Is A Spy”  (Diana Hyland, Macdonald Carey)     

They fly to Berlin where Pete will be racing next, and on a city street, Paul spots his childhood sweetheart, Eileen. She pretends not to know him, but later phones, still mistrustful.

At his hotel, Paul is confronted by CIA agent Mike Allen who's learned about the diagnosis, and blackmails Paul into trying to discover whether Eileen's husband, a spy, is really dead and why she is in Berlin. Eileen's suspicions wane and heighten, so to prove his genuineness, Paul tells her he is dying. All nearly comes to grief before the CIA find what they want, and spirit the psychologically traumatized Eileen to a safe house in the US.

Asked to do a small job by his law firm, Paul flies back to San Francisco, trying to protect his emotions by making a date with the stewardess.

Knowing he must see Kate, Paul remains in turmoil, but is unable to locate her, despite contacting many people. He finally learns from her sister Molly that Kate is hospitalized after a breakdown following his departure. Kate has been informed about the diagnosis. Their reunion draining but helpful, the couple tentatively begin to rebuild their relationship.

“The Savage Season”   (Jill Haworth, Harold J. Stone, Henry Silva)      1    2

On his last night in San Francisco, Paul gets a panic call from the stewardess, learning she's been couriering cash for a Las Vegas casino owner - a substantial sum missing. A mobster goes to her apartment, and finds Paul, believing him behind the apparent theft, and he threatens both. Paul brings in Justice Department friend Jim Seabourne, but when they go to see the air hostess, the girl has left the safe hotel where Paul stashed her.

June 1965
Trieste - Llubliana - San Francisco - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Puerto Vallarta -
San Francisco - French Riviera

Ben Gazzara and Gene Evans in Run For Your LifeBen Gazzara & Katherine Crawford in Run For Your Life
The Savage Season                 Someone Who Makes Me Feel Beautiful           Rapture at Two Forty

Paul flies to Italy to navigate for Pete in Trieste, and is nabbed by thugs, severely beaten and questioned about the missing money and the stewardess, then dumped over the border, waking up in a Yugoslavian hospital where he is further questioned intensely by authorities.

Heavily drugged with crude pain killers, the experience is surreal and tormented, only saving grace being British journalist Sydney Crookshank who visits Paul regularly. On his return to San Francisco Paul is supported by Jim Seaborne whose mug books reveal the mobsters behind the Trieste abduction. Fighting them head on with psychological warfare, he knocks down the Las Vegas casino owner, then employs slight of foot tactics with phone death threats from a variety of cities.

“Someone Who Makes Me Feel Beautiful”  (Tippi Hedren, Fernando Lamas)      

By a circuitous route, he goes to Puerto Vallarta to fish with friends, but has to charter a boat when theirs is laid up. When the charter blows up, Paul assumes the Mafia had got him, but it's a genuine accident, and the hospitable boat owner, Ramon de Vega, saves Paul's life, the rescue including revelation of the medical prognosis to the man who turns out to be a fortune hunter from Andorra.

Paul recuperates from his injuries at the home of Jessica Braeden, a wealthy American who's just gone through a painful divorce and suicide attempt. He ends up romancing her to stop Ramon from taking advantage of the emotionally delicate woman. A friend of Jessica's invites Paul to participate in a motor race she sponsors in Acapulco, and Jessica offers him a racecar kept at her home there.

With Paul appearing to win Jessica's heart, as a tactic in their rivalry, Ramon reveals Paul's fate to her, and she ends up losing both men. Before leaving, Ramon makes a pact of faith to meet for a fishing trip in a year's time.

Paul's friends arrive with their boat, and aboard, he learns the casino owner was gunned down by his own people. Returning to San Francisco to make a deposition for the Justice Department, Paul is chilled by Kate's declaration that she doesn't want to use their relationship as a crutch in her recovery - wishing him many adventures in his travels - romantic and otherwise.

Pete, home on a visit, offers lessons on an old racer for Acapulco, and the two fly to France, where Paul takes a tip to experience the Riviera town of Actif.

“Rapture at Two Forty”  (Katherine Crawford, Michael Rennie)      

There he spots Leslie Thurston, a girl Paul judges to be indestructible. Yearning for this quality, he proposes a daring dive in order to get to know her. Vulnerable and feeling rejected by Kate, Paul falls in love with Leslie, but has to tell her about the diagnosis to explain why they can't stay together. He then heads to Mexico for his first solo race.

July 1965
Acapulco - Kansas - Texas - New Mexico - San Francisco - Zermatt - London - Berlin -
London - driving across Europe to Yugoslavia - London - Paris - Brussels -
San Francisco - Las Vegas

Cliff Potter, Ben Gazzara and Murray MacLeod
 in Run For Your LifeKim Darby, Ben Gazzara  and Jacqueline Scott  in Run For Your LifeJoan Collins and Ben Gazzara In Run For Your Life
Three Passengers For the Lusitania                     Hang Down Your Head and Laugh           Borders of Barbarism                          Committee for the 26th

“Three Passengers for the Lusitania”  (Murray MacLeod, Cliff Potter)      

When Jessica's Mastin road racer breaks down outside Acapulco, Paul hitches a ride from two young men who seem wild to an extreme, and very eccentric with money. One of them, Bud, turns out to be a master at driving, poker, singing, even cliff diving. They enjoy Acapulco together, and Bud takes pole position in the amateur race, but his car nearly catches fire, and Paul drops out to save him when he might have won. Back at their hotel, police direct warnings at the room, and Paul sees the two lads shot dead when they fire back - the pair having killed a policeman in the US.

It is thus a much-needed tonic for Paul to fly to Kansas City for a few days with the love of his youth, Eileen, at her “safe house,” following which Paul takes a bus going west to see a little more of America.

“Hang Down Your Head and Laugh ”  (Kim Darby)      

Paul becomes entangled with a fellow passenger, a young runaway whose overconfidence reminds him of Bud in the way that both were so out of control. For that reason Paul tries to be helpful, and has a difficult time with the girl all the way to delivering her to her father in New Mexico.

Returning to San Francisco to raise money for the racing team, Paul puts his home up for sale and disposes of his plane, boat and share in the law practice. He reconnects with Kate, pleased to see that she is now ready for them to resume their romance.

On his way to England to sign the racing contract with Pete, Paul couriers a package to Switzerland for the CIA, and is enchanted with the country. In London he meets an American physiotherapist working there, and the two go sightseeing.

“Borders of Barbarism“  (Joan Collins)      

In a Mayfair bar Paul meets another woman who, over mistaken identity, proposes a most fantastic project of going to the wilds of Yugoslavia for secret diamonds and valuable wartime documents. He is so fascinated that he keeps playing along, and accepts her photo to make a joint UK passport. When he puts the story to Mike Allen, the CIA is enthusiastic about the documents, and make the passport.

Driving overland to Yugoslavia, they have trouble at the border over a gun hidden in their vehicle. However, Paul's friend from the hospital in Llubjiana, Sydney Crookshank, bails them out with the help of the UK ambassador. Their time in Yugoslavia is fraught with extreme danger, but Sydney saves the day again, and they manage to escape the country safely with mission accomplished.

Paul attends Pete's race at Spa, learning their team will debut in Brazil - and Paul too will be driving. He flies back to San Francisco for medical tests, and Dr. Mason asks him to have a talk with another of his patients who is dying - in Africa.

Kate is under extra stress after learning her mother is having an affair. Paul tells her that his house is almost sold, and gleans she is the buyer. Though not approving, he is thrilled when Kate agrees to travel with him for a spell after the Brazil race.

“The Committee for the 25th”  (Brooke Bundy, Wendell Corey, Edward )      

 Paul's political mentor, former San Francisco mayor Dwight Sinclair, who's daughter has become a go-go dancer in Las Vegas, under the sway of a mobster there, is desperate with worry,. and asks Paul to try and influence the girl. Paul has some extremely nasty experiences in Las Vegas, and discovers Sinclair's daughter is hooked on a powerful cocktail of drugs. Her father joins Paul, and threatens the lover's boss with a constitutional amendment to outlaw gambling across America. The daughter is thus forced to go cold turkey - but not for long. She and her lover are both killed in a gun battle, Paul shooting the mobster.

August 1965
Milan - Rio de Janeiro - Paradise Island - Paris - Madrid - Seychelle Islands -
Zanzibar - Kenya - traveling in India & Pakistan

Ben Zazzara and Anne Helm in Run For Your LifeMichele Carey, Karen Black, Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life
Beware My Love                 The Carnival Ends at Midnight                       The Last Safari                              Tell It to the ead

“Beware My Love”  (Susan Trustman, John Van Dreelen)      

The physiotherapist he dated in London asks Paul to come to Milan, believing her sister's drowning there was murder. He poses as an insurance investigator, meeting all the people she suspects, including the sister's lover who also turns out to be a dying man. His own physiotherapist almost manages to drown Paul, but she is arrested for the sister's murder.

“The  Carnival Ends at Midnight” (Peter Lawford, Anne Helm)      

[ Due to considerable anomalies in this episode, much of its action is portrayed during Paul's delirium after a racing crash with all the characters from the episode being people he meets at the motor race. ]

Paul flies to Rio de Janeiro to take part in a new motor race that has attracted many of the top drivers in the world. Kate's sister Molly (ever unaware that Kate and Paul are back together) is visiting Rio, and wheedles her way into restricted areas to mingle with the drivers, setting her cap for team principal Larry Carter.

Paul has a crash in practice, and unconscious, a nightmare stream of irrational thoughts course through his mind in which Molly is trying to kill Larry Carter, who is the lover of her mother, a man she believes to have killed her father.) Not seriously injured, Paul is able to race. Though starting at the back of the grid, he gives a credible performance, and Pete finishes fifth. GB Racing is on the map in their first outing.

After the highlife of Rio, Paul meets Kate in the Bahamas for a few quiet days proceeding some active travel, and realizes that the path ahead is not one he can tread alone. Kate's suggests fund-raising ideas for the racing team - renting out Paul's house and art collection - proposing sale of some works for prices which stagger him.

They fly to Paris where she lived for several years. Having done her dissertation on the management of the Louvre collection, she makes the museum feel like home. They also spend a day at the Prado in Madrid before flying on to the Seychelles for two days diving, then after a get-together on Zanzibar, Paul says they're going to India after meeting Dr. Mason's patient in Kenya. Kate declines, admitting her nerves can't take the pace, and tells him that, while treasuring the week, she is convinced that he needs to travel on his own. Paul no longer believes that to be true, and has the sinking feeling he is losing Kate. Aware the predicament has severely affected his mind, he badly needs her presence and support.

While Dr. Mason prepared him to experience an array of early psychological symptoms - erratic behavior, bizarre nightmares, absence of judgment. over-quick temper, and putting himself in danger, Paul wonders if his often irrational actions and thrill seeking might just as easily represent a desire for instantaneous death.

“The Last Safari”  (Lesley-Ann Warren, Leslie Nielsen)      

Paul visits Julie Foster and her father, and is persuaded to go on safari with them. Wistful Julie has not been told of her fate, and this is a point of controversy between Paul and Mark Foster. While in the bush their group is charged by an elephant on the rampage, and Paul kills it - facing ongoing elephant nightmares thereafter. When Mark is mauled by a lion, he tells his daughter she is dying. Paul tries to comfort her, but Julie is hysterical.  Father and daughter are put on a plane for home, and Paul flies on to India - alone.

After some touring, he visits his spiritual mentor - a retired Stanford professor now living in the foothills of the Himilaya.

“Tell It to the Dead ”  (Karen Black, Michele Carey)      

Driving back Paul is stopped by rebels who confiscate his rental vehicle and documents. Many of them are killed when a plane strafes the area, and Paul is held captive in a temple with two American women competing for his attention in a night of bombing.

One is an academic who's seen in his papers that he is dying, and offers him “eternal life” in the form of a child she will bear him. Paul is overwhelmingly disgusted by the woman and her theories. In the morning UN troops get the captives to the airport, the rebel state having existed only a few hours.